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  1. Mars THT

    Pokémon Wars - The Hoenn Tale

    Hello everyone, I'm Mars. Currently assisting in a side project (Pokémon: Seasons), I am primarily working on my own fangame. The Hoenn Tale is my theorized story/game where we view one of the possibilities of the fallout from AZ using the weapon. I have created a map of the Japanese regions...
  2. PurpleSpectre

    FireRed hack: Pokémon Kanto Complete

    Pokémon: Kanto Complete Base ROM: FireRed BPR 1.0 Language: English Creator: PurpleSpectre Intro This is the result of a side-project with the goal of remaking and expanding FireRed to make it possible to complete the Pokédex, progress to level 90+, and have access to most game mechanics and...
  3. Lockheart

    [Completed] Pokémon: RBGenesis+ - Open to community updates! [More custom shadow pokemon, events, Johto, NPCs]

    RBG+: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hhys4x2wkc0mq4p/Pokemon_RBGenesisPlus.zip/file Version 1.5.1: https://www.mediafire.com/file/19b77zw9qkyumxz/Pokemon_RBGenesis.zip/file Discord Server: https://discord.gg/j7fjQ6CBke Pokemon RBGenesis has it's last official release, and I'm opening it up to...
  4. pokemon fan person

    generation 1 pokemon!!! (by a random pokemon generator)

    drowzee abra chansey alakazam dratini seadra horsea primeape rhydon machamp porygon flareon rhyhorn slowpoke ditto muk poliwrath nidoran ninetales also i like how it generated seadra and then right after, horsea
  5. Dr. Seuss

    FireRed hack: Pokémon GS Chronicles - [Build 2.7.4 Released 05/18/2024]

    About the Project Hello everyone, I'm Overlord Kaktus/Gold/Ruki Studios. Probably you remember me for other projects like Pokémon Ragnarök (Or maybe not hahaha). I'm a Spanish-speaker romhacker and a former GBC romhacker (from 2010 to May 2014). This time I'll show to you guys an old project...