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  1. M

    Free Game Monster MMORPG weekend event with updated 14 monsters

    Alright people another weekend news and event for you :) Home page of F2P Browser MMORPG Game MonsterMMORPG similar to Pokemon https://www.monstermmorpg.com/ MonsterDex https://www.monstermmorpg.com/MonsterDex Monsters https://www.monstermmorpg.com/Monster Register...
  2. Kip

    Playground Battling Club Launches

    Just over a year ago, I posted this to my blog about alternatives to the Competitive Battling standard that's dominating online Pokémon battling, which I dubbed 'Playground Battling'. For those of you who can't be bothered to read it (you lazies :P), Playground Battling is essentially designed...
  3. M

    10 updated high quality monsters along with weekend event @MonsterMMORPG

    Hello gamers once again another week news for MonsterMMORPG https://www.monstermmorpg.com/ 100% Weekend Gold & EXP bonus event is on Also thanks to our volunteer and talented artist Henrie 10 more monster images updates Redrawn By Henrie
  4. M

    10 new super cool images & event MonsterMMORPG

    Alright people hopefully another nice weekend 10 monster images are updated with better versions Also 150% EXP & Gold event is active :) Have fun https://www.monstermmorpg.com/ https://www.monstermmorpg.com/Register https://www.monstermmorpg.com/MonsterDex...
  5. M

    Weekend event for MonsterMMORPG with new super awesome updated monster images

    For weekend 250% EXP & Gold event started. And 5 more monster images updated at the game. At the monsterdex page images not updated yet. https://www.monstermmorpg.com Redrawn By Henrie Do f5 if you are still seeing old ones.
  6. M

    MonsterMMORPG - updated monster images - new monster - weekend event

    Free mmorpg game MonsterMMORPG news https://www.monstermmorpg.com/ For weekend 200% EXP & Gold bonus is online 1 new monster 11 updated monster images
  7. M

    25 Awesome new monster images and special weekend event in Monster MMORPG

    Hello dear players. Monster MMORPG once again making a special weekend event with nice bonusses. But the real suprise for this weekend is updated 25 monster images. You can catch them in the game. Also the process of developing MonsterMMORPG 2.0 started. Stay tuned. Official site ...
  8. M

    MonsterMMORPG new ancient monster & special weekend event

    A new ancient class Monster added to the free to play browser based MMORPG game MonsterMMORPG It is available to catch Also you will gain 200% more gold and EXP from wild monster battles during weekend And finally the new incoming maps of MonsterMMORPG is completed There are 520...
  9. M

    20 New Super Monster Images And Extra Special Weekend Event At MonsterMMORPG

    Well here we are again with dear gamers. MonsterMMORPG once again making an awesome weekend event. This time event is very special. The boost amount of EXP and Gold is 250% . So training will be more benefical than anytime else. Also we have updated 20 monster images with a lot better quality...
  10. M

    Special weekend event started for MonsterMMORPG.Also there are 20 new redrawn monster

    100% Gold and EXP from monster battles are on. This is weekend event. Also there are 20 new redrawn monster images. These monsters are super awesome quality. If you are pokemon fan check out MonsterMMORPG. Register right now and start playing immediately. Redrawn By Henrie...
  11. M

    Incoming monster list of MonsterMMORPG - 59 monsters so far - awesome quality

    Alright f2p mmorpg game monstermmorpg continue improving the game quality. So far the hired pro artist drawn 59 monsters. Hopefully they will be available in the game this summer. The incoming monsters are not the only improvement. Also there is going on massive map project. So far 160 / 520...
  12. M

    MonsterMMORPG updating its Monsters with new high quality more realistic ones

    Alright people. First of all the new special event started for best of addicting games F2P MMORPG MonsterMMORPG which is better than Pokemon Online games. For this weekend 200% EXP and Gold bonus is on. And now the better part comes. As our talented volunteer players redrawing our current...
  13. M

    MonsterMMORPG incoming new maps - Awesome quality

    Alright people. F2P Browser MMORPG game MonsterMMORPG is working very hard to provide you a better gaming experience. We are working on new monsters, maps and other cool new stuff. I will release the new map images as they are done. The images below are the ones completed so far. They are...
  14. M

    Best Of Addicting Games MonsterMMORPG For Pokemon Online Games Fans New Maps

    Alright people. First of all F2P Browser Game MonsterMMORPG special weekend event is on. So you can farm :D Now we recently started releasing our new map images. I am pretty sure you will love them :) Hopefully there will be total 520 maps. We also continue drawing our new monsters. They are...
  15. M

    MonsterMMORPG Version Beta 1.0.6 Patch Released

    Top trainers ranking algorithm completely changed. www.monstermmorpg.com The new algorithm source : https://forum.monstermmorpg.com/Thread-How-does-top-trainers-ranking-system-work-Detailed-information The new ranking system works like this: Different Monster Score (DMS) =...
  16. M

    MonsterMMORPG Special New Year Event And 3 New Rare Monsters

    Happy New Years Everyone. Special event for https://www.monstermmorpg.com/ starterd. 500% EXP 400% Money Will last about 40 Hours. MonsterMMORPG is a free to play Pokemon style but all rights reserved indie Monster MMORPG game. New 3 incoming rare monsters. Arctle (Ice & Water): -...
  17. M

    24 New Incoming Starters To MonsterMMORPG - All HQ With Drop Shadow

    Al-rights reserved to the https://www.monstermmorpg.com The images below are hopefully coming new starters to the MonsterMMORPG with new 520 maps :) It will take a while though Hissoil (Ground): > Pythamp (Ground & Electric): > Terracoil (Ground & Electric): Chikiddie (Flying): >...
  18. E

    Wow, and I thought GTS was Stupid

    I've been filling up my Pokedex recently and a few days ago I requested for a Meowth on GTS. I went on today to have a look if I'd received it yet and indeed, I had obtained one. PokéPark Meowth! YEAH I'm not bullcrapping when I say this but I actually attended the theme park in 2005. I was...
  19. L

    Going Online and Typing With iPod Touch

    Hello everyone. I am online using my iPod touch. It is pretty cool. The hard part is trying to type. I have thick fingers. XD So this is a challenge. I am getting better though. The keyboard is actually on landscape mode to it is easy for me to type. So yeah, the iPod Touch is awesome. I am so...
  20. L

    Entered A Weight Managment Contest

    Hello everyone, I am back. Sorry for the inactivity. I been busy with work, and I needed some time to myself. But I am back for now. Anyway about two weeks ago I went to my work website and entered myself a contest they are having. Basically I told them what is my starting weight and if I...