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  1. L

    A Follow Up from "I Can't Believe This!"

    Great news everyone! I went ahead and checked my account and it is all clear! That charge is gone! That person will never get their shoes! I stopped it in time. Omg, thank goodness I checked my account on Monday morning. They made that transaction on early Monday morning. And I stopped it on...
  2. L

    I Can't Believe This!

    Omg, today wasn't a great day for me. Someone apparently got into my debit card from online and purchased over $400 worth of shoes! And I am wondering...how did this dumb person get a hold on my infomation?! I swear it isn't safe to order online anymore. I am not using my check card to order...
  3. Mario The World Champion

    Finally online with Vista!

    If you see this, this means I am online. But not on my XP computer upstairs in my house. Nope. I am currently online with my Vista computer. You remember it, don't you? The one I had so many issues with? The bad install? The new power unit, the better graphics card? Yes, this one. Well...