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✓ Monster MMORPG 6 August 2014 update change logs V 2.5.1 Beta


Monster Game Developer
  • Monster MMORPG 6 August 2014 update change logs V 2.5.1 Beta

    ✓ Please read previous version change logs as well from here:

    ✓ All Monsters and NPCs on maps are re-assigned

    ✓ All Monsters default abilities that comes with donation re-assigned

    ✓ Previously Monster Id 1516 Quinnlong added to the game as a new legendary

    ✓ 12 Monster images updated to improve their quality

    ✓ 75% EXP and Gold bonus event started till next Monday (11 August 2014)

    ✓ Vote links updated - the number of vote links will be decreased after we investigate how useful they are

    ✓ Updated monster images (click F5 to see)

    ✓ Updated monsters links

    #422 Rutori#423 Faidari#424 Komovin#594 Dipyro#595 Dipochet#596 Dipusling#697 Furryclaws#698 Icepiercer#705 Wookey#706 Fertamam#707 Tikdra#1516 Ryuu#1807 Quinnlong

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