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Event: A&M's Biggest Fan RP [M][IC]

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    Biggest Fan Roleplay

    Rated M

    You awake. Confused, perhaps, or riddled with any other number of emotions or questions as to how you wound up in the situation that you are currently in. It seems as though despite whatever it was that you had been going through before, whether you were fighting a battle to decide the fate of the universe, or were simply brewing a cup of tea for your love interest, you have found yourself in a foreign world. The Theater, as it has now stricken you with its desire to be called as such, seems to be a disjointed sort of world where various different places are connected by tracks of light.

    At the moment, you are standing alone, or perhaps with a companion that you managed to be spirited away with. Before you lay three white lines, each leading far off into the distance. Perhaps you ponder your circumstances or consider the choices in front of you… or perhaps you simply take a step forward, flung along that white line that you've decided upon. Whatever the case, you will eventually find yourself in one of three scenarios that The Theater has deemed to present you with.

    Tasks and Locations

    A Beach Episode

    Ah yes, a beach episode - it happens to the best of us. Regardless of where our characters find themselves, it seems that one of these always pops its head up to ease the tension. A tropical island, surrounded by water as far as the eye can see. A few watermelons lay scattered across the beach, and vendors for shaved ice and fresh coconuts litter the beach. A few filler characters fill the background, grilling meats and cracking jokes.

    Task: It seems someone has spotted something lurking in the water surrounding the island. A few people have mentioned seeing tentacles, while others have said they saw a shark, a dozen surfer bros performing cheerleading routines atop surfboards, and even a number of people running across the tops of the water. Whatever the case, someone needs to investigate further and find out exactly what it is that's out there and help ease some worried minds.

    A Battlefield, Featuring an Enemy From Your Past

    Yup, that's right. Another type of fanservice seems to be well detailed fight scenes. Even better, fight scenes depicting old foes come back for another round so as to build up nostalgia. However, it seems there's a bit of a clash going on with this battlefield as thousands of people seem to be pouring in from a number of different eras and genres and the tonal dissonance seems to be putting a fair few of the standerbys off. Someone should definitely do something about one or two of the groups so the spotlight doesn't have to be split quite so much anymore.

    Task: Well, this one should be simple enough. As you can see, an enemy from your past seems to be leading a small group of armed men and women across the battlefield. I'm not sure if that's something they should be doing, but I'm sure you'll be able to handle it. After all, you've probably already done so once before… right?

    That Time I Got Hired at a Maid Cafe

    Woah, okay, I guess that's fanservicey too. Cute girls in cute maid outfits, cat or bunny ears, or even better... men in neko maid attire. This seems to happen fairly frequently in slice of life anime where one character ends up needing some money on the side for something and winds up taking that sketchy job at the local maid cafe... but hey, at least they pay well?

    Task: It seems there's some unruly guests trying to disrupt the dining experience for the rest of the patrons. Whether you're here as an employee yourself, or just came to check out what poor sod had to take up such a job, you shouldn't sit idly by and let these people be so rude!

    IV. Player List

    1. Janp as Ichigo Kurosaki
    2. Sonata as Saitama
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    I'm going to split my post in two, because it got somewhat large... I hope that's okay. Also sorry for no fancy css, I'll try to put something together once I'm on my PC.

    Ichigo Kurosaki goes to Neko Café - Part 1

    The chair almost breaks, when an orange-haired teenager materialises on it. The small coffee table is almost flipped, when the pitch black vortex opens and invites the traveller in the unexpected location. If a waiter just didn't clean dirty cup and plate few moments earlier, they would be falling to the ground. Just like menu prepared for another customer.

    The boy's instincts kick in before his other senses can even process what is happening. His hand almost automatically follows and catches the falling menu. He puts it back in the middle of the table. It covers the logo of two cats - one black and one white, playing with each other.

    The boy has finally a time to look around. He's in some kind of Café. It's not huge, he can see another 5 tables and guesses that no more than 3 are around the corner, where he can't see. Every table is full. He can see various customers - families with kids, single adults enjoying a cup of coffee and friends having a good time. He also notices few waiters in black and white uniforms running from table to table, the bar and the kitchen hidden somewhere in the back. He also doesn't miss a cat ears and tail that are part of the suit. There is smooth Jazz music playing in the Café, with some kind of ringing being heard from time to time.

    But where is he? How did he get here?

    Think, he said to himself. You were on the way to the Soul Society. You went in Dangai and then...

    He remembers a crossroad. 3 different paths. And a voice. Or was there someone with him? He took one of the roads. And then, he appeared here.

    But he's missing something. Some critical detail. It's like it's pounding on his back. It tries to get to him. No, wait! That pounding is real. Something is trying to get his attention. He gets up a little bit and zašatrat (přeložit) with his hand behind his back. There, something is there. Something soft. He pulls it out.

    "What the hell, Ichigo?" an orange lion plushie is glaring at the boy. It quickly frees itself from the grip and jumps on the table. "Do you want to kill me?"

    "What are you doing here, Kon?" Ichigo asks, clearly annoyed that his companion hid in his robe.

    "I couldn't stand an injustice that is leaving me out of seeing Rukia again." Kon answers as he's looking around. "So, where is everyone?"

    "I have no idea. I don't even know where we are." Ichigo grabs Kon and tries to shove it back to his robe. "And it doesn't matter. Hide before someone sees you." It's only now that the boy realize he's no longer in his robes. He's back in his grey school uniform.

    "Wow, are you ventriloquist? That's so cool." an unknown voice suddenly asks with excitement. Ichigo looks to a person standing right next to his table.

    Wearing a black and white uniform, designed to look like maiden uniform, with shorter-than-expected skirt, three ribbons - white on left shoulder and black on right one and one huge black and white right under person's revealing chest, completed with long white tights and black shoes. Waitress' long blonde hair added even more contrast to black headdress with cat ears and black tail she was wearing. She was standing with her hands along her body, holding a plate in one hand and a notebook in the other. She was smiling, but when she saw how horrified her customer is, her smile changed in similar expression.

    "I'm sorry I didn't want to scare you. It's just I didn't even notice your mouth moving, when you were doing your puppet's voice," she says quickly, almost blending all words into one.

    Before Ichigo can react, she turns away. He can heard her saying words like calm down and breath. She quickly turns back.

    "Welcome to The Two Cats, the best Neko Café in the world," she says, smiling again. "What can I get you?"

    Ichigo, bad in interaction with the other gender as always, can barely get one word out of himself: "What?"

    "I'm sorry madam for my master," Kon saves the situation. He turns in Ichigo's hand so he faces the waitress. "My master will have cappuccino. And you can give me one one hearthful hug." Kon stretch out his hands and waits.

    The waitress finds the request entertaining. "You're pretty good. I'll get you the cappuccino. And something for you." She looks at Kon, pats its head and leaves.

    "What the hell was that?" Ichigo asks Kon once the waitress is out of sight.

    "I'll need you to hide me under the table. I want to see what's under that skirt." Kon says, completely ignoring Ichigo's question.

    "Forget it," Ichigo ends the conversation and hides Kon in one of his pockets, before it can protest.

    Ichigo thinks for a moment. What should he do now? Should he leave? And leave where exactly? Before he can decide, the waitress is back.

    "Here's your cappuccino," she puts a hot cup of coffee on the table.

    As Ichigo is thanking her, she continues: "Are you having a show in the town? I would love to see it."

    "No, sorry. I'm just passing by. To my friend's birthday party," Ichigo answers.

    "I'm jealous of your friend, then," she says. "Anyway, if you need me, you can always call and I'll take care of you." She puts a small black bell on the table and leaves once again.

    Ichigo sips the coffee and goes back to recollecting what happened before he appeared here. Suddenly, a name comes on his mind. The Theater. That what this place is. Or the crossroad. He's not entirely sure. But more and more memories bubbles out on top. He could choose, where to go. But he didn't. It was Kon, who run in one of the roads. He was the one, who led them here. That little...

    Before he can finish his thoughts, a screams cut through the whole Café. Kon!

    "What are you doing?" Ichigo asks, but Kon is already gone.
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    I swear this is how I meant to finish this and it's not cut off weirdly because I'm lazy and don't have time to finish it properly.

    Ichigo Kurosaki goes to Neko Café - Part 2

    "What are you doing?" Ichigo asks, but Kon is already gone.

    The scream attracts the attention of every customer. It comes from behind one of the corners. Ichigo gets up and successfully gets past everyone.

    To his surprise, he doesn't find Kon. He sees a somewhat unexpected scene. A boy in suit similar to the waitress before is lying on the ground. He's holding his head and Ichigo can clearly see blood coming out of the wound. The blonde waitress was bend over him, helping him to get up. Some other employee was cleaning up a broken cup. Three more created a improvised circle to block anyone from getting closer. There were also three male customers, two laughing at the boy and one arguing with what seemed like a store manager. She was wearing classic business suit, yet it also had a motif of cats and ribbons. She had short dark hair, but Ichigo couldn't see any cat ears on her head, nor cat tail on the back.

    "It was just a joke," one of the males said. "He's our friend, despite being such a useless prick."

    Ichigo couldn't hear the manager's response. Even if he would, man's words sent him in the indescribable rage. He quickly made his way through opening in the barricading employees and got to the arguing crowd. He was just in time to catch a flying fist of the man, which was probably hus answer to manager's last sentence.

    "What do you think you're doing?" Ichigo asks.

    "Let me go!"
    the man demanded, but Ichigo wasn't paying attention to him.

    "Yo, miss," he turns to the manager. "Do you need help with getting them out?"

    "Be my guest," she answers, completely calmly. "But try not to destroy anything, please."

    *Clank* *Clank* *Clank*

    Three clicks makes Ichigo turn back to the man. He's holding a knife in his free hand. His companions also prepares their knives.

    The man attacks first. Ichigo easily dodges the blade going for his face. He swings his hand holding man's arm and makes him hit himself. Before he can vzpamatovat se, Ichigo shoves him away. The man hits one of the tables, lets go of his knife and falls down.

    His companions attack both at once. Ichigo kicks one down and dodges the other. The man stops and almost loses his balance. He turns to face Ichigo again. But before he can do anything, he's hit in the head. Not by Ichigo. The manager takes one of the chairs lying around and smashes his head with it.

    The man Ichigo kicked down gets up quickly, but when he sees that he's in weak position, he flees. Ichigo wants to follow him, but is stopped by the manager.

    The other two slowly follows the suit. One of them tries to pick his knife up, but is stopped by Ichigo stomping his hand down.

    When everything is quiet again and everyone is slowly returning back to their seats, Ichigo doesn't waste any time and starts leaving the place too.

    "Well, I guess you can take care of the rest by yourself."

    "Wait!" the manager commands. "Aren't you going to stick here a little bit longer? You really helped us over here. What about..."

    "No, I have my own business to take care of," Ichigo lies. He has to find Kon. Quickly.

    "Umm, sir?" the hurt boy tries to get Ichigo's attention, as he gets up. The blonde waitress has to support him. "I would like to thank you for the help with my friends."

    "After all this, you still call them friends?" Ichigo is surprised. "Maybe you should think about what friendship really is about."

    "They..." the boy starts, but is unable to find right words.

    "Take care, kid," Ichigo says and turns once again. He leaves the boy to his own thoughts. He has to get to the right conclusion on his own.

    So, What now? he thinks. He returns to his table to finish his coffee, but before he can, the weird vortex that brought him here appears again. Ichigo can't even react and is taken back to The Theater.

    No one seems to notice. Few minutes after that, the blonde waitress steps on something soft. She looks down and sees the ventriloquist's puppet lying on the ground. She picks it up with intention to return it, but can't seem to find the boy...
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