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Anyone still sticking with Destiny 2 after all the layoffs?

  • Age 19
  • Seen Nov 30, 2023
I've around since year 1 of D1, but it kinda hurts sticking around and playing this game knowing so many people lost their livelihoods because of greedy suits. I wanna buy final shape to see how everything plays out, but at the same time I know that by buying the DLC I'll be effectively supporting the direction they wanna take the game since the only thing they listen to is the money. How do y'all feel?


♡ Setsuna Scarlet Storm!!
I never played the first Destiny, but Destiny 2 was something I poured about 500 hours into and enjoyed it a lot!

It's just... it really started to lose me when Beyond Light came out. I tried to stay with it but it just feels like it's been going downhill more and more as time goes on. The idea that so much is removed from what the game used to be to the point where you can't fully experience the story of the game you're playing first-hand just kinda hurts, and I wasn't even too invested in the first place.
I played Witch Queen and while I thought the story content was alright, I don't think the game itself is solid enough for me to want to continue playing, and I dropped off after I finished it.

I haven't been following the news too directly, but just knowing that they're pushing more full-price expansions while removing content and laying off their workers, I personally wouldn't dream of ever going back. I'm sad to see it go.


Endless pain and suffering
They've lost me ever since D2 launched, still had times where I played the game, mostly during Beyond Light, after that I just straight up stopped.
The layoffs is just another nail in an already pretty closed coffer, Bungie has made so many questionable decisions that I cannot believe it was Activision that held them back any longer.