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So today, I participated in my Guild's Elite 4 challenge. I was the one who used the Water-type, and man did I suck XD.

It wasn't that bad. I did have some fun, and got a taste of what Competitive Battling is like. I managed to get one guy down to one Pokemon, ther others...5 XD.

My team was pretty much Politoed and Co., used Cloyster (WHICH DID NOTHING.), Jellicent (Best Ferrothorn counter, with Taunt.), Empoleon (AGAIN DID NOTHING), Milotic (I now love RestTalk. Combine that with Dragon Tail, flipping sweet defences, awww yeah baby.), and Sharpedo (an amazing lead, OHKO'ed a Roserade with a LO Crunch.).

But I still lost 3 times, in a row. We had more, who just wanted friendly battles.

But my pain will not be in vain. I'll be rewarded for my efforts...but my pride is gone ;;.

Here's the thread: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/2000449-pokemon-black-white-battling/59425749

I'm the guy known as Hydreigoon!

Also, hunting for Shiny Mienfoo. Wish me luck!


i make this look easy tik-tik boom like gasoline-y
I was reading nicely, until I saw Gamefaqs; that made me cry. ):