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Day 4: Collections; One man's junk is another man's treasure


Konbanwa, PC!

I am aware I am now currently a day out - have been home alone with a very broken Gramma today so I've been subject to the joys of...



So that been said this will also be a fairly short one as unlike the others I am posting this at 1AM on what is a work night.

Today's entry is covering a hobby of mine which has taken a lot of both time and money. That hobby is collecting, specifically Magic: The Gathering cards.

Not sure what MTG is? Check it out on the here and here!

MTG is something I started getting into since the Darksteel set, so roughly around 2004. I've never looked into it competitively as there are a fairly solid group of regular players between us who like to play casually.

Ever since I played my friend's blue and white training decks (white weenie and blue control) I've been hooked to those two colours. My decks tend to winning in the most passive way possible, essentially holding out until unleashing a massive combo to remove an entire library in one turn or it will be a gradual process in which I have elaborate setups with about 5 cards all proccing each other.

That said, I have around 100 decks with a variety of colours/themes, ranging from beatdown to control to mill; I tend to make alot of tribal (Merfolk/Rats/Goblins/etc.) decks although I am not sure why...

My favourite deck? Currently it will be the one below:

Milling is probably my favourite way of winning and I've about 15 mill decks alone with a variety of themes and methods of victory; my favourite one out of these is one I made recently, running a mono-blue which essentially uses spells and creatures to make 4 of my creatures unblockable which remove cards from the top of an opponent's deck and out of the game. A few other cards featured in this combo to make it so essentially in one turn I can swing for around 65 damage! (In comparison, standard life total is 20).

In terms of the collection itself: I'm nearing around 10,000 cards and have probably invested around £2,500; perhaps I should start going to events, but really as it's a hobby I definitely don't want to start making it a bit more serious and then find I'm not enjoying it anywhere near as much as I am now!

Cutting it short and sweet for now PC, any questions just pop them below.
Until next time!