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Disillusioned Thoughts on GT11.


This year's Get-Together was kind of... Sad. For Prettiest Profile, mainly.

There were a lot of events, and everyone was so joyful. From what I've heard, many events achieved unprecedented success this year.

As the host of PPC, the Prettiest Profile Contest, I was more than a little disappointed. There was initially a lot of hype for the event, and I even thought that the thread looked okay. Many members signed up for the event, and I genuinely thought that PC would be surprised with an assortment of beautiful profiles this year.

It was unfortunate that I was on vacation halfway across the world for the duration of the event. I even stayed up until past midnight sometimes to make sure that things were okay.

But then things went sour. At the end of the Voting Period, the day I arrived home from Japan, I was greeted with five posts on the event thread saying that participants either forgot to change their profiles or forgot to vote.

I stared at the thread with eyes wide, still.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Each post was like a blow to my persona.

And then I said something that I deeply, deeply regret from the bottom of my heart.

"But please, you're ruining PPC's reputation. It has more history than a lot of the other events do."

I must have been in a state of depression. I wouldn't ever, in my right mind, say something like that.

To all of the participants, I apologize. Especially to AWsquared, who must have thought that I was talking about him. I'm sorry.

On the Shinkansen (bullet train) back to Tokyo, acatfrommars, our vote counter, told me that he had just left for vacation, as well. He wasn't able to access the internet much recently. The results of the contest came in just yesterday, one week after the conclusion of this year's Get-Together.

I'm very sorry for the delays and setbacks this year.

I think that next year, I'll let Sora take care of the event again. Merely a to-be 10th grader, I still have much to learn.


⟡ dig down, dig down ⟡
we live and learn

and let me tell you what i've learned is that polls are ♥♥♥♥ing majestic tools for any event you can use them for
i know ppc has the tradition of tallying PM votes but god that is such a hassle why do it? i'd put up a multi-chioce vote and have everyone vote for one staff/supporter and one regular member and just keep an eye on the poll to disqualify anyone who votes for anything more. so convenient.

gotta say tho this year there were a lot of events going on and many many people had offline stuff happening that collided with GT somehow (better put pick the date back into cq&f next year i guess). so dont be too frustrated at the backputs- it happened a lot across the board as far as i could tell
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hey, it was your first time, right?

Some of us (especially in RPC) are always hosting contests and quizzes and polls and games - trust me, they rarely go to plan. Unfortunately, on the internet, real-life does tend to eat away at the majority of participants. Just like you, I've also missed crucial things as a host due to holidays or events or just generally being too busy.

Don't fret - it's by no means your fault. We live, we learn and we hopefully get better at it!

(Gotta agree with Anna that the timing was a bummer, especially for me/UK in general I'm guessing).