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Dr. Seuss Was A Hardcore Political MOFO [Daily Bloggity Entry #373]

El Héroe Oscuro

IG: elheroeoscuro
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    Dr. Seuss Was A Hardcore Political MOFO

    Date: 01 December 2016
    Time: 12:23 PM ET
    Mood: This year really flew by

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    For many, Dr. Seuss is a common name yes? His classic children's books are famous in younger education school systems, or rather you may have just grew up on some of his books like Green Eggs & Ham, Cat in the Hat, and Horton Here's A Who (side rant: fucking horrible movie, don't watch it.) However, did you know *anticipation builds* that he was a quote unquote hardcore political motherfucker when it came making political comics? This, my friends, I did not know until I stumbled across a few of them the other day.

    Backstory: being of German and Jewish decent, the man known as Dr. Seuss wrote comics for his college newspaper, where there he was fired for his realness that he exuded in his comics. However, this didn't stop him. Going under the pseudonym "Dr. Seuss" - this is where he actually created the now famous name - he continued to submit his comics to the papers. Most of his comics centered around WWII or around issues around that period of time.

    It goes without saying, but read these at your own discretion:


    For more of his comics, you can click here.

    What do you guys think of these comics? Does it change your opinion of him at all? Comment below as I'd love to hear and discuss with you what you have to say about this topic!

    ‡ As always, the "Daily Bloggity" is self written by myself and includes just some of my opinions on different mediums. If you have a subject that you might want me to touch on, feel free to PM me or comment below! I would love to hear some of your ideas! And remember, rate each entry so I can know what you guys like and what to improve on! Tune in tomorrow at 5PM Eastern Time for the next edition of the "Daily Bloggity!" Cheers! ‡

    - Matt, Tracer/El Héroe Oscuro