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Dust RP random Brawly-based character

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    • Seen Feb 20, 2024
    Well.... the story behind this randomly created character is as follows: Casual day in the RPT Skype chat when suddenly, this amazing PC member posts a picture of Dewford Gym's very own Brawly and says "can someone make a character based on this?" and he wanted it specifically for As the Dust settles (great RP btw, they're accepting new members so go join ^^).

    Being the bored person that I usually am (especially when I have lots of things to do...), I took the challenge. And so, Knox Wescott was born.

    You can read more about him in this blog xD

    Knox Wescott

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human


    Having to look after himself nearly his entire life, Knox grew into quite the fiery person. He is generally impatient, impulsive and overall hyper. People will often feel that he is tiresome to have around. To top it all up, the young man is also stubborn as a mule and is the kind of person who would rather do the punching first and ask the questions later… or not at all.

    Brimming with confidence, Knox will forever attempt to take on challenges and opponents bigger than he can handle. Should he fail (a rather common occurrence), he will keep on trying and pushing until collapsing from exhaustion. "There's no such thing as quitting." He always says before charging right back in the heat of the action. In spite of all of his faults, the young man seems to be kind and compassionate and especially protective of those younger than him. There aren't bridges and mountains he wouldn't cross for someone he holds dear.

    When he is not "exploding" all over things, Knox can be quite laid back and carefree, especially when surfing and swimming, activities that he enjoys maybe even more than getting in trouble.


    Standing at merely 5'2'', Knox is shorter than most of his male peers and even some of his female ones. His hair is long, messy and spiky and his preferred styling involves simply tying it in a ruffled ponytail. A pair of sporty looking sunglasses hold what looks like the man's messy bangs back, making them point upwards. A confident grin is forever painted on his face and his blue-grey eyes have a strange fiery passion in them, deeply contrasting with their colour.

    Knox prefers sporty attires and waterproof clothing items. He's nearly always seen wearing a surfing wetsuit and shorts. He often wears fingerless gloves that serve as protection for his palms when surfing and also "look cool". His footwear is custom made to facilitate swimming and give him good adherence to his surf board.

    Semblance: Underwater breathing.

    In the early stages, Knox's semblance allows the young man to hold his breath slightly longer than his peers, making it possible for him to swim underwater for longer periods of time. As his semblance level increases, so does the duration of his holding his breath. In addition, once mastered, his semblance also increases his resistance to changes in water pressure, allowing him to reach depths otherwise impossible to mankind without suitable gears.

    Weapon: Dust empowered, mini torpedo launching surf board.

    When activated, Knox's weapon allows him to reach greater speeds whilst surfing. It also shoots dust-empowered mini-torpedoes, the element varying based on the type of water and overall environment. The man can also use it as a shield if needed and, at the push of a button, he can split it in rather oversized dual swords. Due to the size of his weapon, Knox needs to maintain a strict training regime.​
    Hope you enjoyed the random read <3

    And seriously, go join Dust! JOOOOOIN IIIIT!