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[Developing] Essentures (Best Indie Games channel video and various updates!)

Which starters will you choose?

  • Fortuna family (the lucky rabbits)

    Votes: 15 30.0%
  • Cannis family (the "bull dogs")

    Votes: 9 18.0%
  • Mustelo family (the cunning ferrets)

    Votes: 25 50.0%
  • Nimbus family (the cloud cats)

    Votes: 14 28.0%

  • Total voters


I'm a talking dog

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A journey to the past!
Essentures is a game that takes inspiration from great games of the 90s and late 80s era, but not forgetting the quality improvements and practicality of today's standards! An adventure through 4 kingdoms where you can use creatures as allies or weapons! It's your choice how you will travel this whole world, defeating the Ancient Gods and discovering the universe's mysteries.

You can simply resume Essentures as Pokémon + The Legend of Zelda, however, there's much more!



This is just a small portion of the over 250 creatures avaiable

In Essentures each creature has one infant stage and one adult stage, the infant stage is shared among members of the same family, each with one respective color, while each adult stage is unique. 250 is the number of adult forms, considering there are 70 families with 1 infant stage and 3 or 4 adult stages, there are about 320 creature sprites in the game.


- Over 250 new cool, cute, bizarre, and beautiful monsters to collect, each with a weapon form
- Mix of action like Zelda, and Turn-Based battles like Pokémon
- Customizable Skins of the Portable Game
- Epic Storyline with many plot twists and characters
- New battle mechanics that make this game unique
- A very faithful experience of GameBoy without missing the quality of today standards
- And many more!

Evolution is Adaptation


... Basic lesson of science: Evolution is adaptation...

To fully grow up, a creature must fully adapt to its Habitat, this concept is called Fully Adaptation.

However, a creature can use a special place in the Essentures World to have a time skip of thousands of years of adaptation cycle and reborn ready to adapt to a new Habitat, this process is what we call Evolution, the literal concept. A creature that passes many evolution cycles can remember its past forms and change to them any time in battle!


Weaponize your creatures

In Essentures World, creatures can transform themselves into weapons, this is really necessary in exploring mode, where the game is top-down action like Zelda games, each creature can support you becoming one weapon, boosting your stats and giving you special moves, also in full battles, where the Turn-RPG takes place, you can use the creature as an ally, it's up to you decide what fits better in your strategy weapon or creature, but put in your mind: Essentures are not your slaves or meat shields! You have to fight too!

By charging your Gauntlet you can beat the weapon out of any creature, making it your ally as well, you can get the creatures even from other warriors too!



Follow Essentures!

Access essentures.com for more, or follow us in the social media:"

Project Background

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I'm a talking dog
Oh my, your intro text made me cry :'), I loved the idea, its pretty original! So many features! Keep doing this great work!

Thankyu very much Brendam, Everything I wrote was pure and sincere, was how I felt when young, and I wanted really to recover this time, and ofc share among other people ^^

This is pretty interesting~ How the battle will work?

I would love to give you a detailed explanation of the battle system and how I'm concepting it, but the battle system is still in-development, and maybe it will need many polishes before I can annouce it completly. Well making a perfect balanced battle system isn't an easy task, it takes many steps, I'm working hard to deliver a battle system without flaws or unbalanced design. A system where all Essentures can be used (even the young ones) for specified tasks, and that the objective isn't find the best combination, but instead where you can choice your own battle style and you create your own strategy.

But I can give you a preview of what I'm concepting:

- Each team to battle in field are made of 3 members, 1 member is a armored human and team-leader positioned in the middle, while the other two members are Essentures
- Defeating the leader ends the battle, however it won't work so fine if you only aim the opposing leader directly, the leaders takes less damage for each active ally Essenture
- The targets of the moves follow the visual logic of the battle, The leader can attack everyone, but the Essentures can attack only the opponent they are facing, if this oponent is defeated they can attack opposing leader
- Humans has a wide versatility of strategies, but their are less powerful than Essentures, while Essentures are more limited in their movepool and strategies but can bea lot more effective taking and giving damage.
- Battles have no 'common' strategy, you can focus in many different ways to defeat opponents, ranging from brute force of one member, or a coordenated strategy of all members, whats to do its only up to you!
- And lastly, there's no luck factor! This is pretty experimental, cause I never saw any other turn-based rpg without any luck factor, but I want to try this, I want to praise players that use mind, I want they know exactly why they lose and what they need to win. Games like Checkers, Chess, Go, Othello/Reversi involve no-luck and are still enjoyable. The bad part is it won't work so easy for kids, and young audience, but my plan is create a game more focused in a more mature audience, from the story elements, visual and gameplay, still the game can be enjoyed by kids in a non competitive point.

Also about moves I can say there's no moveslot-limit like pokemon, you can distribute your Essence points to all moves your Character or Essenture can learn, however the move can grow stronger if you give more points to it, so you can choice between versatility or raw power

Loving the screenshots already, Loving the whole concept as well. You are going so hard on this. I can't wait to see how this progresses.

I still apreciate your support here, Is very rewarding have people who like the project and suport it, you have my eternal thanks

You are going to change the game with this. Im interested to see how well it is received and if it flows as good as it looks

I hope match all of your expectations, any suggestions, critics are welcome don't hesite in show your opinion, I love to listen, I hope to make this game a great game for you and for everyone that are giving their support to this project, that's said, Thankyouvery much Voutronix, I hope still see you around in my topic ^^

This is AMAZING, when will be avaliable the download?

Thankyou very much LyonSyonll, seeing users like you, using words like 'amazing' to describe my project is what keep me moving on, this makes me really happy ^^ I have no idea how or when I'll distribute it right now, There's a problem of time and money I have to look at after, but still I hope not last so much, it'll depend on how many people support the project.

Now I want to give you some changes on the topic and some news,

First recover the sprite of one Essenture already revealed in the Facebook page:


Emperor Lupus
- keep an eye on the family 'Emperor' they are a pretty special group

Also I want to show new tiles, and the diagonal movement like Zelda:

Also i will open two new sections in the topic, one for a featured Essenture, that will be a place to give informations of a specified Essenture, like stats, artwork and inspirations, and changing it over a time and another for the 'pokedex' of the project, liked to each post of the essenture was featured, obviosly I will open the dex section only when I have a good amount of Essentures and armors to show of

The First featured one will be The Fortuna Kuniklo

Fortuna Kuniklo
Young Beast

Str: **
Def: *
Spc: **
Agi: *****

Kuniklo and its family (Fortuna) are based in concepts of luck(here, the clover and rabbit's foot), even Essentures battle mechanics having no luck factor, speed is important for a speficic technique that let's Essentures evade moves, this is why Kuniklo is a speed professional.

Element: Earth
Main Techniques: Punch, Dash, Energy
Armor part: Fortuna Arms (+1 agi)

Evolution Family: Fortuna
Leporo (low training in Fields)
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I'm a talking dog
I loved the nice new graphics,the artwork is fine too.
I have a question,does all monsters have 4 evolutions ?

not all, the minum for commons Essentures is 3 stages, the maximum is 6 stages (counting the 'young' stages), some special ones have just 1.

Two new Essentures:


Day Kolibro

Str: *
Def: *
Spc: ***
Spd: *******

Taxon: Fields Bird
Armor piece: Day Arms
Main techniques: Beam, Wings, Drain

Day Kolibro is based in Hummingbirds and lower hierarchy angels, hummingbird are birds that simbolise grace, kindness and other good things. The Day family are all based in concepts of angel hierarchy and sacred, adorable or biblical birds. Kolibro element is WIND and LIGHT

Night Pteropo

Str: ****
Def: **
Spc: **
Spd: *****

Taxon: Fields Beast
Armor piece: Night Arms
Main techniques: Slash, Bite, Reaper

Night Pteropo is based in Bats of Pteropus genre, popular knowed as 'flyng-foxes' and are the biggest kind of bats. All member of Night family are based in kinds of demons and bats. Pteropo element element is DARK and WIND


I'm a talking dog
New Essenture: Solid Glaciurso


Solid Glaciurso

Str: ******
Def: ******
Spc: *****
Spd: ****

Taxon: Artic Beast
Armor piece: Solid arms
Moves examples: Ice Power, Blizzard Rush, Ice Punch

Solid family is composed by bears with a very hard body made of solid minerals. Glaciurso is made of pure ice. Ideal for use as a tank. Glaciurso essences are WATER, WIND and EARTH
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Now THIS looks sleek and creative. Love it!

(and it captures the Gameboy Classic feel so well!)


I'm a talking dog

-New family added
-Added features tab


- Even being a pokémon-inspired game, its a indie game with a lot of different features and gameplay
- The game focus on a more mature audience. The narrative focus on man vs nature/man/gods dilema.
- The game is a semi-open world, there's 5 kingdoms, each with lot of explorable and opitional areas, you can chose where to go
- No random encounters, instead wild creatures are fought in action RPG(like zelda games) and important battles in turn based RPG
- To have more synergy with the 2 mechanics above. theres no levels, however theres lot of ways to become stronger
- Creatures become weapons, you can chose to use them in weapon form or use them as allies
- Medieval/fantasy setting
- Every creature can be found early in-game, you don't need to cross the whole game to find your favourite creature
- Humans are Essentures as well, althrough with some diferences
- Battles are 3x3, humans are also battlers, if the human loses the battle, the battle is over
- Battles have no luck factor
- Creatures are separated in families, and they are named after a scientific notation (ex: Fortuna Kuniklo)
- Creatures have a 'young' stage and depending of the habitat they adapt to, they become different species
- Essences are a kind of 'atom' thing that you can combine to teach creatures elemental attacks
- Theres some minigames
- The seven wonders are similar to gyms, however they are full dungeons and some of them are opitional, at their end theres usually a God
- Gods are the fusion of human and creatures
- Gods of Roman/Greek, Egyptian and Babilonian mythology are present in this game
- The five kingdoms are based on some kingdoms of Helenistic era around the mediterran Sea( today: Egypt, Greece, Syria,Greece, Turkey)
- Theres a post game with some aditional story and a arena with survival battles
- Titanic Creatures that ocupy the whole screen!
- Theres an armor to collect (similar to megaman X) that will upgrade your character
And a lot more!