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GT11 Pokemon Challenge

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Eye of the Storm
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    • Seen Oct 3, 2016
    Wow, lots of activity right at the buzzer. Curious what this upcoming challenge will be, but I think I'm seeking out a breeding club now. I'm actually pretty good at that stuff, maybe better at it than challenges (saying that even with my quick performance here).


    fake your death.
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    GT11 Pokemon Challenge
    Wish lv. 62 @ Amulet Coin
    Quiver Dance | Bug Buzz
    Psybeam | Shadow Ball

    GT11 Pokemon Challenge
    Keira lv. 62 @ Eviolite
    Giga Drain | Sleep Powder
    Leaf Storm | Leech Seed

    GT11 Pokemon Challenge
    Aubade lv. 70 @ Everstone
    Flamethrower | Sunny Day
    Psychic | Hypnosis

    GT11 Pokemon Challenge
    Fallarbor lv. 71 @ Flame Plate
    Rock Slide | Flamethrower
    Solar Beam | Psychic

    GT11 Pokemon Challenge
    Yato lv. 69 @ Absolite
    Swords Dance | Ice Beam
    X-Scissor | Night Slash

    GT11 Pokemon Challenge
    Jarrett lv. 65 @ Mind Plate
    Psychic | Morning Sun
    Shadow Ball | Dazzling Gleam

    Let's just say that training this team while dealing with the busiest week at work was not an easy task. The Elite Four wasn't too much for me. I made it difficult on myself by choosing two NFE Pokemon as well as something weaker like Butterfree, but it all worked out for the best. Except Siebold...yeah ♥♥♥♥ him. lol I actually lost to him and had to retry. My MVP was definitely Espeon, even though his level doesn't reflect it. But I was really rushing at this point. Challenge complete, birds!


    Out of 33 participants, 3 were super moderators, 3 were moderators, 6 were crystal tier supporters, 3 were gold tier, and 2 were silver tier.

    17 participants played in Kalos, 9 played in Unova, 3 played in Johto, 2 played in Sinnoh, 1 played in Hoenn, and 1 played a hack.

    Out of the favorite Pokemon chosen, four Pokemon tied for the most picked. Umbreon, chosen by Jak and TeunCornflakes, Pikachu, chosen by CyclonGU and Griffinbane, Crustle, chosen by Sammi and Anna, and Absol, chosen by Yato and ScoSoap.

    Three players found a shiny Pokemon, those being Keiran, Sammi, CycloneGU, and MIAU.

    Orrefan8888 was the fastest to finish and in less than 24 hours of signing up. Jak was the slowest, signing up on day 1 and finishing at nearly the deadline.

    This was Necrum's first time to run an event and he did great! Make sure you all thank him!
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