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HeartGold Update, yay!


☆ E N T E R T A I N E R
/I swear I'll stop once I get all 16 badges and pwn Red, really though by then I'll probably have my SS

OK, well, I've taken down both Jasmine and Pryce (who has the most annoying Dewgong ever; stupid Rest >.>), I'm at Goldenrod Radio Tower (if anyone knows if there's an American AR code that gives you the Rocket Uniform, lemme know since Kotone looks pwnsome in it), and I'm mostly satisfied with my team. The "mostly" being there because there's something that I'm not satisfied with, and that's the movesets.

Anyways, team so far:

Corona ~ Female Typhlosion
Level 36
Lava Plume
Notes: Might've taken out Leer for something else, but I forgot already >.> I definitely don't need it since Corona's a special attacker. I'm really hoping to get Flamethrower and Eruption eventually. And maybe Sunny Day, although when I get that, it'll go to a Pokemon who needs it more.

Tara ~ Female Lapras
Level 27
Confuse Ray
Rain Dance
Body Slam
Notes: When she gets Ice Beam, I'll be really happy. She's also proven to be rather useful against quite a few types, and helped me take down Pryce's annoying Dewgong >.>

Millie ~ Female Crobat
Level 30
Confuse Ray
Notes: I need two Heart Scales (only have one at the moment) in order to complete her moveset (Fly, Confuse Ray, Cross Poison, Screech). PLUS more if I wanna switch out Screech for Mean Look in order to stop those wanderers in their tracks.

Gardia ~ Female Espeon
Level 28
Shadow Ball
Light Screen
Notes: Headbutt's going bye-bye as soon as she picks up a strong Psychic move. She's also been very helpful in my battle with Pryce, and her Shadow Ball packs a punch, that's for sure.

Kanon ~ Male Umbreon
Level 24
Hyper Beam
Quick Attack
Notes: Yeah, most of his attacks came from TMs that you can buy in Goldenrod's Dept. Store. But unfortunately, he has terrible Attack (it's his hindering stat), so for the time being, until he learns other moves (like Dark Pulse and Confuse Ray), he's stuck with that moveset. And if I decide not to have Millie as my Mean Looker (highly unlikely, though), Kanon will be the Mean Looker, though he'll have to have a Quick Claw, just in case. Oh, and he's proven to be really good against stronger Pokemon. He can Quick Attack them (he has a Silk Scarf equipped at the moment, which helps), and then Hyper Beam them in the end.

Lilith ~ Female Vileplume
Level 27
Mega Drain
Stun Spore
Poison Powder
Notes: Remember how I said there's a Pokemon that needs to learn Sunny Day more than Corona? Well, Lilith is that Pokemon. Now, I've been bugging people about helping me get a Leaf Stone to evolve her, but realized that I could get certain evolutionary stones on certain days if I had enough points from the Pokethlon (I refuse to call it by its American name, even if it is a one letter difference). You can get a Leaf Stone on Saturday, so, much like I changed the date to Friday on Monday to get my Lapras, I changed the day to Saturday to get my Leaf Stone :>

I have seven badges and would love an AR code that lets Kotone wear the Rocket suit infinitely (unless, of course, she changes for the Pokethlon, which then might cancel out the cheat until used again). My team includes Typhlosion, Lapras, Crobat, Espeon, Umbreon, and Vileplume, which is my desired team.

And now time to get back to playing my HG. Later.