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  1. O


    I might have been extremely ignorant during my runs through HG, but a single question kinda pops up every single time I play, and I cannot seem to find an answer for it, so help me out, /p/okecommunity! I'll present it in a limerick; When the pokemon that follows you around finds something like...
  2. Timbjerr

    PARAS!! D:<

    So I'm doing the bug-catching contest, trying to catch myself a Scyther, right? I eventually run into one and manage to catch it at about half health. I'm happy with myself and even though the Scyther itself is a good prize (it ended up being Jolly with Technician), I was convinced I could...
  3. Timbjerr

    Fscking Croagunk

    I just spent the past week, about three hours a day, in the Safari Zone trying for a good Croagunk to breed for my Poison monotype team...I also wanted a couple of Black Sludges for my team as well. For one thing, even of I set up the decorations right, I have to wait twenty days for croagunk...
  4. Timbjerr

    I just got HeartGold today. :D

    ...well, it was really yesterday, but my laptop was being too lame to turn on, let alone log into PC to post yesterday. XD ...but that's beside the point. The point is that I love this game. The only thing that's kept me away from it in the past 24 hours is work. D: Speaking of which...the...
  5. Timbjerr

    Guess who's finally acquiring HeartGold soon...

    ...with a Pokewalker and everything for only $20 on ebay...here's hoping it actually works. Despite the fact that the seller had unanimously good feedback, you can never be too cautious. XD *goes off to design a silly signature template that will showcase my progress*
  6. Sydian


    I'm mental! No but seriously. I caught a Smeargle on HG and HIS NAME IS BYSSHE AND HE'S ADORABLE AND I LOVE HIM. But if you've seen my sig, I have my full team assembled. But as we all know, Smeargle is a favorite of mine. I already planned on restarting SS later and using my favorites, but...
  7. E

    WHEN WILL IT ALL END? (HG/SS Blog, obviously)

    OK, just a few things I'd like input on: What levels should I train my Pokemon to before taking on Green/the redone E4? I can take down Green whenever I want, and probably defeat him easily, but I doubt I'd be able to defeat the redone E4 easily, which is why I'm holding back. My current team...
  8. E

    Terms in English HG/SS I refuse to use

    Title is explanatory. Pokéathlon- OK, I KNOW there's a one letter difference, but really, why couldn't they just keep it as Pokéthlon? It sounds so much better, anyways. And while we're at it, I really don't like the new medals. Sure, they're somewhat cute, but I preferred the originals more...
  9. E


    Wow, n00b title is fail. BUT I FINALLY BEAT LANCE. NOW I CAN GO ON TO KANTO :D And the best part is, I managed to take out his Gyarados without my Espeon fainting as usual and my Crobat taking over, and then I didn't lose ANY Pokemon to his damn Aerodactyl. Though, in that case, it was a huge...
  10. E

    HeartGold Update, yay!

    /I swear I'll stop once I get all 16 badges and pwn Red, really though by then I'll probably have my SS OK, well, I've taken down both Jasmine and Pryce (who has the most annoying Dewgong ever; stupid Rest >.>), I'm at Goldenrod Radio Tower (if anyone knows if there's an American AR code that...
  11. G

    An egg against an Army of Ghosts

    Ecruteak, a city of the Legendary Dogs, "history", hawt dancers, and a burned tower. Also, its home to Morty, some dood who digs ghost types (aka pursuit bait). He also fails to have any sort of "stragety" what-so-ever. Enter Togepi. This cute, little, seemingly harmless egg comes with (don't...
  12. E

    Another annoying HeartGold entry, yay!

    Just for a progress thing. /brick'd So far, I can take on Jasmine if I want to, and I probably will. I've been taking my time and wasting it on Goldenrod's Game Corner, despite my saying I preferred the slots so I could be further if I wanted to. Anyways, team: Corona ~ Quilava, level 30...
  13. BeachBoy

    Azalea Gym Leader: Bugsy

    I'm going to be the first (probably) to say this, and proud of it: I lost to Bugsy. I lost back in Gold, I did it in Heart Gold. I guess times never do change. I walked all over his trainers with Murkrow and was ready to demolish Bugsy. Assuming this would be a cake walk, the rest of my team...
  14. G

    The Obligatory HG/SS Blog.

    I love HG/SS so hard. Usually games that are as hyped as it was are awful. But I say it was a 9.5/10 if it had the vs seeker it would be 10/10. So how do you guys feel about it?
  15. E

    Regarding the Revamped Game Corner in HG/SS...

    Everything in spoilers for those who don't have the game (not including the ones released in Japan, obviously). Mostly rants opinions ahead. Not gonna describe the game too much.
  16. Sydian


    HGSS gets release the day I have to make a roller coaster and read cliff notes for Frankenstein. Of course. Can't get it anyway. My anniversary is this month and my money is right at enough for HG (at least I think so) and if I spend it all on HG, then what am I supposed to get mon amour? :( Not...
  17. E

    I need someplace for me to remember my desired HG/SS/Diamond teams ._.

    Because I hate having to search my posts in DLTMSA every so often just to find the teams I've thought up. So, anyways... Keep in mind I'm not trying to get the BEST teams for competitive battling or anything, and also keep in mind the translations for the Diamond team's nicks aren't the best...
  18. Y

    HG/SS: Elite Four Bruno

    Elite Four Bruno German: Top Vier Bruno Updated: 07/01/2011 Detailed information about Bruno's Pokémon. Everything is in German, so you might need to translate some of the info. (Bulbapedia...)
  19. Y

    HG/SS: Elite Four Will

    Elite Four Will German: Top Vier Willi Updated: 07/01/2011 Detailed information about Will's Pokémon. Everything is in German, so you might need to translate some of the info. (Bulbapedia...)
  20. Glaceon_

    Yay! Frozen Water!

    I know most everyone will have read most of this stuff somewhere else before, but I'm bored and feel like putting my own impressions down somewhere. Still in the mood for HG-blogging, I got my Lapras yesterday! Which also means I beat Cainwood Gym! With this, I'll also take a moment to mention...