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[Discussion] I got ripped off of 200$ worth of cards :'(


Zye Throwin
So, this is my first post on this site and also the first forum I have been on, so I'm new to this stuff but I will talk about how I got ripped off on 200$ pokemon cards, This kid in my summer school had a tin of pokemon cards full of V pokemon and he said he needed to get rid of them, and me seeing an amazing opportunity to expand my pokemon collection I buy em! So fast forward to me spending about 3 hours putting them in my Pokemon card price tagger (TGC app on Play Store) I am happy because I made about 50$~ off of that purchase, so I started selling them and about 3 of them came back to me and told me they were fake... Now they came back to me about 1 month later so the money they gave me IS GONE! IDK what I'm supposed to do! They were purple back V cards, how do I get my money back?!


They were fake if they had purple backs, in which case they had the right to a refund. Best you can do is try to get a refund yourself from that kid from summer school.
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No, you're gonna face ME first!
Yeah he's right, pokemon cards always have the blue back with the pokeball, although japanese card backs look a little different.