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I missed writing if I'm being honest.


Silence is Purple
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    I suppose for those who don't know, when I was 17, I wrote a horror novel. I was depressed at the time, so I guess it was an outlet for me, at the time. Still is, in ways. I won't deny that.

    But, I suppose, after I finishing writing my novel, I got...stuck. I wrote a few side stories after I finished my novel, and tried writing something that wasn't horror, and some poems here, and there. But then, nothing.

    Nothing at all. Except a few RPs with a friend, here and there.

    To be fair, though, I was going through a lot after I finished my novel. Went through a lot of issues with my gender, entered a work program, and all that, so I guess in ways, I had less time and energy for writing. But, I still would say that I missed it from time to time in the periods I only attempted to do rps with my friend, but for awhile, I fell off. Or, maybe I was feeling mentally in a place where I couldn't write.

    But, then I guess, Genshin Impact happened. Got into it. And people were doing this fun thing with this character maker called Picrew. So, I decided to join the bandwagon, something of which I rarely actually do when it comes to these things.

    I watched my friend do genshin rp and considered joining, and made a Genshin oc. He'll go unnamed for now since he's my main oc, but I started prototyping him, and immediately, somehow got attached to him and wanting to get deep into his lore and story. I even have my own entirely intricate fanon lore, and made even more ocs after that, and will eventually post the fanfiction oc PC here.

    I made another oc before my main oc existed a few months before, and attempted to get into the swing of writing again with that. But, I didn't really care for that particular character.

    Getting back into writing made me realize how much I missed it. I picked up acrostic poetry right before getting back into prose, and I now will never write any other type of poetry. I don't know if anyone here will read my fanfiction when I drop it, but I plan to by either the end of March or end of April. We'll see. I am planning on teasing my main oc here in my oc thread, too.

    And hope I don't fall out of writing immediately when I'm done. I hope not, but we'll see.