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Icarus Chapter 1: Harsh Beginnings [Daily Bloggity Entry #135]

El Héroe Oscuro

IG: elheroeoscuro
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Date: 29 July 2014
Time: 1:03 PM ET
Mood: A little tired but feeling productive

Editor's Note: If you haven't already noticed by my past theme and avatar, I'm a pretty big fan of the anime Sword Art Online. I really enjoy the concept of it; a person being able to immerse themselves in a video game reality and live out the life of a video game character. That being said, I wanted to combine my two loves: that show and blogging. So, in an inept attempt to combine the two, I've decided to create my own fan fiction entitled Icarus. Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Harsh Beginnings

Frantically, I ran. I ran with every ounce of strength and stamina that I could muster. Screams were echoing off of the damp and moldy corridors that enclosed around me. Sweat beaded from my face and frantically fell to the ground as I swiftly swiveled around another corner of the mind-boggling maze. I knew that this was a terrible plan from the get-go and that my friends should never had trusted me with leading them into this catacomb of death. It was all my fault. If only I had spoken up that we just weren't ready for such a mission, my friends wouldn't be in such peril right now...or worse, dead. My sword clanged against the wall as I tripped on a stone protruding from the cobblestone floor and heavily fell to the ground. In pain, I tried to physically get myself up but there was absolutely no way. A sprained ankle, damn it all. Could this finally be it for me? The footsteps of my pursuer crept louder and louder on me as I awaited my inevitable demise. Looks like this will be the end of me. I'll never be able to forgive myself or save my friends and even worse...never be able to see her again. The footsteps were getting even closer now as the walls began to shake under the tremendous force of the beast tailing me. I'll never be able to see my family again; the life I could have lived, all my dreams and aspirations...they'll all be gone. I could feel the heavy breathing of the beast directly behind me. I closed my eyes for the inevitable doom, and with swift justice the beast's war axe fell down on top of me.


Almost on command my body erected itself from the sandy beach I was lying on as a small but ear-piercing bird glided overhead. My eyes slowly adjusted itself to the bright sun that's rays glistened off of the waters that crashed against the shore. It was only a dream. I hit the command button on my visor to check my attributes. Full health. With a deep relief, a heavy sigh passed through my pursed lips. Even though it's only been a few days since Judgement Day, players have already been player killing each other...which honest, I don't blame them. To get to the 100th floor and clear this damn prison, one's going to need as much equipment and experience to clear each floor's dungeon boss. But still...all those lives lost in the process...

Another bird flew overhead as I slowly got up from my slumber. As I looked around at the gorgeous shoreline encompassing my surroundings, I allowed everything to finally sink in. Yes, it has been two days since Judgement Day; the day in which the Admin of this online server declared an ultimatum that there was no way to escape this virtual reality. Or rather, no way to physically log one self out of said VR. There was only one way in which to escape this cruel fate: to clear all 100 floors and beat the game. And if you die in this realm....you die in real life. Unwillingly, I wiped the sand from my slacks as I turned my back to the shore, walking slowly back to the spawn point in town. What a cruel irony this all was. I always imagined being able to live out the life of a video game character, but I never thought it would go to these extremes. My mother had always told me that video games will be the death of me...well, it might well be possible that this could happen. But still, who could blame me? I was always an introvert when it came to interacting with people at my high school. All the names I had to endure, the anxiety that built up every time just walking from each class in fear of being shoved into another locker. None of that mattered here. In this world, I could be a somebody. A person that people will admire. A hero...so to speak.

A paved road appeared before me as I traversed slowly over the rock, my knapsack that was hanging from my hip gliding gracefully over the smooth rock. Well, that's what I had hoped to be at least. Now, none of that matters. This isn't "fun" anymore; more, this is life and death. As such I must be wary of each and every person I meet, as everyone will be having the same mentality: kill to survive. I shook my head at the very thought of it. No, that can't be true. We're humans, we're not going to just be puppets to the Admin's game. Rather, we should all be working together to minimize as many casualties as possible. But still...


Frantically, I swiveled my head to the direction of the scream. A woman. Immediately and unconsciously, almost as if my life depended on it, I darted straight into the foliage, branches snapping under the weight and ferocity of my boots slamming against the earth with each step. I don't understand why my body is moving like this. This is completely reckless and stupid...but that voice...the same voice from my dream.I need to find out who this person is. I must find out. Another scream echoed off the trees of the forest I was running through, and I could see birds flying off into the distance from around where the shriek seemed to occur. Half a mile. Could I make it in time? Without thinking of the implications, I immediately did the only think I could think of: hyper thrust. Thrusters flared behind me as I activated my hidden ability, my body now weaving in and out of the trees at lightning speed almost like a leaf dancing in the wind. Trees and foliage all became a blur around me, the only thing I could make out being a bright light that emanated from a small hole in the thick foliage. Focusing my mind solely on that pivotal location, I aimed right for it...and immediately regretted that decision.

Once again the shore line became visible to me, only this time I was suspended 400 feet in the air. I frantically deactivated my ability and jumped back toward's the cliffs edge. With a loud thud my body crashed against the earth, tumbling over the sea soaked grass due to my inability to calculate the exact speed at which I was going at. A few seconds passed before I decided to roll over on my back. With each heavy breath my body took in, a little more I began to relax. What was I even doing? I don't even know this person and I risked my life using hyper thrust? I still don't have complete control over it...why am I being so stupid all of a sudden? The sunlight danced on the waves as each one broke on the side on of the cliff. I crawled over to the edge of the cliff and instinctively I wanted to vomit. That would have been a huge fall, almost 600 feet give or take. Jagged rocks protruded proudly and menacingly at the water's surface, it's surface covered with garments of what looked to be unfortunate travelers who stumbled across this edge of the world. However, it wasn't the rocks nor the beautiful site of the shore that really caught my eye. Rather, it was the flashing reflection of a dagger attached to a dark blue tunic that belonged to a young woman who seemed to be clutching on for dear life. As if a jolt just ran through my body, I put two and two together: that was the woman who's screams I heard earlier.

A sharp jarring noise protruded a distance away. As I adjusted my gaze from the girl to the almost endless ocean, my eyes widened at the site of a huge wave that was heading right in the direction of the girl. Frantically, I looked at my surroundings, anything that could be of use in such a dire situation. Sweat beaded from the jet black hair that ran across my forehead as I realized the implications of what had to be done. I had to hyper thrust again. However, I had never activated my ability twice in such a close time gap between one another. Who knows what could actually come of it? But I have to act now or this girl will die, and I'll never get the answers to why she keeps appearing in my dreams. With a little hesitance, I activated my HUD one more time to check my attributes. Lv. 7 with 500 hit points. If this doesn't work, I don't know if I'll survive the fall. However, it's a risk I'm willing to take. With a little bit of hesitance, I looked one more time over the edge before making probably the craziest thing I've ever done: I jumped.

My body free-fell as I rapidly made my descent towards the girl. I only had one shot at this. It would take quick and rapid reflexes on my part, but it could be done. It had to be done. Fifty feet away, I could start to make out the outline of her body. Long brown hair covered the top of her head that ran all the way down to the hip, but her face was covered by her body being directed towards the face of the cliff. I reached out a hand and grabbed the side of her tunic, yanking her from the cliffside and into my arms. A muffled yelp came from her, but I barely heard it as I focused my mind on activating hyper thrust. Shockingly without delay, it activated on cue and we both shot upwards as the impending doom of the wave seemed almost trivial at this point as it crashed into the face of the cliff where she used to be. My arms started to become heavy under her weight and the moisture from the air collecting on my tunic, but almost as if there was this hidden strength built deep down inside of me I kept pushing on up the side of the cliff until we finally reached the top.

With as much grace as possible, I landed next to a tree and laid her down against the side of it. She was alert and awake, but obviously a little bit shell shocked by my actions. She had a perplexed look on her face as she stared right at me. Her brown eyes almost seemed to send daggers right at me, as she harshly said these words.

"Who are you?"

Taken a little bit back by the sternness of her voice after clearly saving her life, I collected myself and as smoothly as I could, I mustered out the words that I had been thinking about saying to the dream girl if I ever had a chance to meet her.

"My name is Rodan," I said as I pushed my hair from out of eyes. "And don't worry, your hero has arrived."

Chapter 2 will be coming at a later point in time.

‡ As always, the "Daily Bloggity" is self written by myself and includes just some of my opinions on different mediums. If you have a subject that you might want me to touch on, feel free to PM me or comment below! I would love to hear some of your ideas! Tune in tomorrow at 5PM Eastern Time for the next edition of the "Daily Bloggity!" Cheers! ‡

- elheroeoscuro

  • Seen Feb 5, 2023
I sense romance! Very nice Matt, I enjoyed reading the first chapter and can't wait for the next. Love how the resemblance to SAO too.