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[Intro] Idk what to title this LMAO hi.

Hi. It's been quite some time and I would like to announce my return. I'm good, first and foremost, I'm well, just busy. Immensely so. I'm moving shortly, beginning a new job, have a very active social life, my life has changed drastically in the past few months. However, in spite of that, I will do my best to check in here. I'm at a place where I'm more capable of being present. I think an important part of adulthood (and yes, I am 20 now) is learning how to navigate my responsibilities and developing time management skills (which is something I'm actively working on). But, anyways, hi, I feel SO out of the loop because I have not been keeping up with any recent announcements involving pokemon. However, I am SO EXCITED for Gen 4 remakes!!!

I hope everyone here is well and I have missed you guys so much! <3
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Princess Era 🎀
LINA!! <3

Welcome back! I would lie if I said that I have not missed you, even if I have made new friends lately and still feel like I've changed a bit since we last talked. You're still my pair after all 😇 I'm very glad that things seem to be looking up even with how busy you still are, and I'm glad that you have many friends over there, irl, to rely on! And don't worry, adulthood is something you're already better at compared to me, you're doing so well already in my eyes~