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I'm still advertising!


one more time
It's what I do best here. Besides music blogs I guess.

Anyways, more of you should still join in the Writer's Dex! While the selected Pokémon have changed (now the focus is Shroomish and Breloom), you can also still write about Helioptile/Heliolisk if you so wish. It's a group project where we basically try and compile a bunch of writing for each Pokémon, one line at a time! And they can be short entries too. For sake of example:

These were 100 words each - only took me a short and relatively painless amount of time! Be a cool kid and join in! Yes that is preciously what cool kids do

And if you want a music blog gimme some challenge themes to tackle, although the next entry may well be already decided upon on a whim.


But that would take like, effort, maaaan. I don't like writing any more, much as high school has taught me wonderful words (which i've probably forgotten over the holidays), it has also leeched any enjoyment from the art, even small creative pieces are a chore, and I hate washing dishes :P

Damn the 25 character limit, I could've just said "No". However, I do hope more people see this and do join up!