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It's been fun...


So I've decided to step down from my position as a moderator of New Users / Welcome, and I thought I might as well tell everyone so there are no embarrassing questions or anything. :x

I also just wanted to say that I was honored to have had the job, and I really enjoyed it while I had it. I'm gonna miss working with you regular welcomers in making PC feel like the friendliest Pokémon forum out there, and I'm gonna miss the ability to really help out this community in a hands-on way. For so long I wanted that, and it feels pretty weird to just let go of it like this, but it's for the best. It's not fair for me to keep the position if I'm not doing it justice by being inactive

Still plan on lurking around PC though, so it's not like I'll be gone completely.

Thanks for the opportunity of letting me be one of your forum leaders for almost two years. I do hope I did some good while I had the job. :]


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Thanks for always being there, Hiidoran. I think you were the first person I started looking up to when I came back because of your handling of NU/W. Not that that's going to change. :> You were a fantastic mod and it is sad to see you step down. Have fun being a regular user again. :3

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  • Seen Dec 23, 2021
You did a pretty good job when I was still new XD I think lots of people love you, right? XD
What. the. Hell.

In a way, I am disappointed and kind of upset...but in a sense, I knew it was going to happen. .___. I really wanted you to stay, Larry...but nonetheless, you will always be my NU/W rolemodel, whether I frequent the area there or whether I sink into the abyss of inactivity. You'll always be that person that I look up to, yknow?

Either way...I hope things go well for you, dude. I...I really do miss you already, and I feel kinda bad now, to be honest. But I completely understand your reasoning for stepping down and I respect that.

I hope that you have an awesome future, Larry. I wish you godspeed on your future decisions. :3 And hopefully, they'll work out for the better.