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Jbsundown's March(April) Mafia


Mafia is a game that uses social deduction skills to determine who are the mafia members within your community. A certain number of people (depending on signups) will be assigned to mafia roles, the others will be villagers. The mafia members must work together to kill off the villagers whilst the villagers must try to determine who are the mafia members and vote them out at the end of each day. To read more, go here: Wikipedia (Mafia)

I'll be running signups for the entirety of next week (until the 3rd April) to allow people to sign up. The day/night cycle will rely on the players involved to get back to me with their actions. But I'll hard cap it at 3 days for each in-game day/night so we can get the game moving along.

All 'innocent' discussion about the game is to take place within this thread. However, your actions will be pm'd to me on the forums. The mafia members will also be able to communicate about mafia related activities through their pms to each other.
When signups have closed, I'll message all the participants individually their roles (for mafia members, you'll also be told who the other mafia members are).
Note: using your powers each night is optional, you can of course abstain from any action during the night if you wish.
The roles available are:
Villager Roles
  • Doctor (able to heal one person per night, this makes that person unable to be killed)
  • Detective (able to determine the role of one person per night)
  • Jailer (jails one person per night and can interrogate them personally. This is communicated via me)
  • Journalist (picks one person and is told who that person visited during the night)
  • Vigilante (picks one person to kill)
  • Veteran (sets a booby-trap so anyone entering their house will die, only useable twice)
  • Villager (just a standard villager)

Mafia Roles
  • Forger (chooses one person to visibly change their role. So if a detective looks at this person they will appear either innocent or mafia depending on what they were originally)
  • Ambusher (choose a target, if they leave their house then they die)
  • Mafioso (vote with your fellow mafia members on who will be 'taken care of' during the night)

Neutral Roles
  • Jester (it's your job to get yourself voted off by acting suspicious. You'll be a winner if you can achieve this)

These roles may or may not all be assigned depending on the number of signups this game gets. I'll balance numbers and role assignments as I see fit during the game. I've not hosted a forum mafia before, so it may be a bit clunky at first so please, bear with me!
Everyone will know exactly how many mafia members there are. However, it will not be announced if a Jester is in play or not.

The votes will all be public at the end of each in-game day. The chosen person will then have their role publicly revealed to all as they are exectued. This will be updated on this post.

If you're dead, you're dead. No posting in the thread!

People signed up:
  • Alex_Among_Foxes - ???
  • Sheep - ???
  • Fact Checking Gardevoir - ???
  • ReKoil - ???

Any questions? Reach out to me and I'll do my best to answer them!
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I kinda wanna see how this goes first before joining, as I'm unfamiliar with this sort of thing.

But I'll join if you need one more player.
Morning breaks above the village and you find that Alex has been murdered in their sleep!


You may now discuss who you think the murderer is before casting your votes in public on the 3rd day!
Won't it pretty much be just the Mafia left alive with a vote on day 3 with 4 people playing? 🤔
Assuming there's only 1 Mafia in the first place...
Let's just say a certain Sheep might've mistaken a Fox for a Wolf and possibly exacted some karmic retribution... 😏

Anyway I saw Sheep walking away from Alex's house.