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Launchpad: Project PKMN-EB


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    Hi guys, Alexis here. I was thinking about fusing a RPG into a Pokémon core series game. I was playing Pokémon Paper Mario Redux until an idea sturcks into my head. "What if I do that the same?"

    Since Pokémon and EarthBound had the same developer or publisher, Ape Inc./Creatures Inc., it will be easy. But EarthBound had rolling HP meter ala odometer, changing tones, depressive story (Mother 3), weird creatures, baseball bats, aliens and Pokémon had 807 Pokémons, bug catching (I mean Pokémon catching), Collecting all Pokémon, defeating Pokémon League, the Elite Four, and your Rival, you know, usual stuff

    What if we can fuse that? That's how I created this Project. Well, I need volunteers to help and some tools.
    I gonna release it in two platforms, GBA and NDS. The only difference in the NDS version is this is an expansion of the project to save space on the original GBA ROM file, and transferring leftover features to the NDS, which is we gonna use Pokémon HeartGold (U) as the base, then the legacy features to Pokémon SoulSilver (U). The base of the GBA version is Pokémon Emerald (U) where the main features go in. This project will trying to replicate Mother 3 as possible. If you want to volunteer, leave me a DM.