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[General] LF Zarude. FT Check the list.

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A lover of Foxes
Hello there. I'm offering the rest of my extra Legends and Mythicals that I've had stored away in Gen 7 in exchange for a Zarude, I don't care if it's cloned as long as it passes the 'HOME check', mostly because it's the last 'unobtainable' Pokemon I don't have. I'll need it in either Gen 8 or 9, whereas the ones I'm trading are in Gen 7, so please make sure you have access to the ability to trade in both. *Most* of them I either caught myself or received in an official Mystery Gift drop during the big '20 Year Anniversary' thing many years ago, the rest I got from trading the excess of those away in Gen 6, so I can't 100% guarantee authenticity on them, but after doing some basic checking on them online, there were no red flags, but if you'd like to check up on it yourself, PM me and I'll send you all of the 'mon's info. In the event you're wondering why I'm offering so many, I had a copy of X, Y, and OR during the event, so I got three of each Mythical that they released (starting from June), so I had plenty of extras to get the ones I missed, these are just the leftovers from that time long ago.

Edit: Should also mention that any that aren't wanted will get released after this is done, as I'm tired of them taking up extra space.

The ones I'm offering are: (legends) Tornadus, Reshiram, Raikou, Suicune, Cresselia, Lugia, (mythics) Keldeo, Victini, *Genesect, *Manaphy, *Celebi, *Arceus.
(*means it wasn't originally mine)

Let me know if you have any interest.
Not open for further replies.