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Medical stuff >.<


The Savage Nymph
So earlier today, around 11 or so, I went out of my room to get food. As soon as I did, my dad called me over to the master suite to help with my mom. She'd fainted in the bathroom and hit her head on the floor, and I had to help walk her back to their bed. About thirty minutes later, my dad called me back to help walk her to the bathroom again, but then she said she was feeling bad, and she started to have a seizure. o_o My dad told me to go call 911 and then get ready to go down to the hospital, so I did.

First, a fire truck came, and then the ambulance came. They carried her down and out to the stretcher they had outside, and told me to wash all the clothes I'd worn today and take a shower, so I did. My dad then told me to stay here, and he went with them to the hospital.

About... 20 minutes ago he called and said they think it's food poisoning, but it's rare for people to have seizures from that (apparently my mom had another in the ambulance) and so they were going to take a lot of tests on her and stuff :| And now I'm not allowed to sleep until my dad gets back, for some reason. Baaw u__u;


S P A R K of madness
Wow, I hope everything turns out alright with your mother Jeff, sorry to hear that. D: That must've been crazy. x_x


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Man, that must be scary. D: I hope your mom is alright, but wow... food poisoning with those kind of symptoms? What on EARTH could she have eaten? o_O; I've never heard of anyone getting it so severe.

...I've never called 911 before; what's that like? :x

Percy Thrillington

The Mad Hatter
  • Seen Jan 1, 2023
Whoa, that must have been pretty freaky.

You said your mom hit her head on the floor when she fainted - is she suffering from that as well or did she manage to evade concussion?