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[Event] Monthly-Mini Challenge - September



Welcome to PokeCommunity's Monthly Mini-Challenge!

What's This?
Every month, we will hold a mini-challenge that can be completed on an existing save, or in conjunction with a challenge you're working on. There will be prizes, bragging rights, and hopefully some fun to be had as we all attempt things that are not normally part of a casual play-through or typical full-game challenge.

General rules:
- All main series games are allowed, but no hacks may be used
- All pokemon and items used for the challenge must be obtained without hacking or trading
- You do not need to start a new game, all mini-challenges can be completed using an existing save
- All pokemon used to complete the challenge must have been obtained on or after the start date of the challenge
- Image or video proof is required if you want to claim your points, but is not required if you merely wish to be listed as having completed the challenge
- This challenge will run Sep 1st to Sep 30st 2017

Prize will be reveal during September...

This month's Mini Challenge is:

Hatching Mania

Main Challenge: (Can be completed more that once)
- Hatch a Pokemon - 5 points

One-Time Challenges: (These can be completed only once)
- Hatch Pokemon from every Type - 15 points
- Hatch pseudo-legendary Pokemon - 3 points
- Hatch Pichu with Volt Tackle - 3 points
- Hatch every baby Pokemon - 10 points
- Create your own Breeder outfit - 1 point
- Hatch Pokemon in every Kanto Ball (except Master and Safari Ball) - 5 points
- Hatch Pokemon in every Johto Ball (except Sport Ball) - 5 points
- Hatch Pokemon in every Hoenn Ball - 5 points
- Hatch Pokemon in every Sinnoh Ball (except Cherish and Park Ball)- 5 points
- Beat E4 with team of 6 Baby Pokemon - 10 points

Side Challenges: (Can be completed more that once)
- Hatch perfect Pokemon - 2 points
- Hatch Shiny Pokemon - 5 points

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Quick question: how are you counting types? Would a dual-type pokemon count as hatching a pokemon from both types? Or does only the primary type count?
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First egg! I'm just going to keep updating this post as I go along

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The Lv. 100 challenge was a bit eh for me due to lacking time, but this is one I can get behind. I'll probably edit this post when I get my first one done.

So when I was checking my copy of Moon to see what I wanted to start with, it turns out I already had an egg ready for pickup. A few days later (today), I found out it was actually a Gible egg. I actually ended up getting a second one while I was trying to hatch the first one.


(I used my Vita to take these pictures, so quality isn't 100% amazing.
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