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Music Mince 18 [Dish #73]

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    Music Mince

    Well I can hardly call this a weekly series anymore, but I think a Music Mince is long overdue. If you don't know (or remember) what this series is about, I introduce you to ten songs that I've been particularly enjoying the past week in the hopes that you'll enjoy them as much as I do. Time to dig in!

    Number One
    Song: Leave Your Lover
    Artist: Echoes

    Info: This is a simple song, with simple but well constructed lyrics and a fairly sparse lineup for the music too really. The story of this song is also quite simple, someone wants to leave their relationship for someone who also already has a lover, but only one of them is actually prepared to do that. Simplicity can be beautiful however and captures the melancholy of this particular tune perfectly.

    Number Two
    Song: Haze
    Artist: Amber Run

    Info: Amber Run always put together very artistic and clever music and this song exemplifies that. Like the song above, this is a sad song. It's about being trapped in a depression or similar, where nothing seems to be good in the world and you feel lost, alone and confused. The band use a heavily layered vocal to give form to the "haze" described in the song, giving an aesthetic to the lyrics (which are also very well written). Of course, the vocals and minimalist musical arrangement are also both wonderful.

    Number Three
    Song: Paint Me Gold
    Artist: Oh, Be Clever

    Info: I won't claim to get the exact meaning of this song because I have no idea what it means to paint someone gold. However, I can tell that this is a song about frustration of sorts which comes across quite well through the heavy, dramatic music and powerful (slightly aggressive) pop-style vocal. It's a very catchy tune and the performers do an excellent job with it.

    Number Four
    Song: Too Much is Never Enough
    Artist: Florence + The Machine

    Info: I haven't been that interested in actually playing Final Fantasy for a while but the amazing soundtrack for the series' latest installment has me thinking I just have to try it out. This song is just beautiful with gorgeous orchestral music backing Florence Welch's killer vocals and poetic lyrics. It's one of those songs that you can just get lost in.

    Number Five
    Song:Out of Line
    Artist: Device ft. Serj Tankian & Geezer Butler

    Info: I have liked disturbed for a while so I have no idea how I have only just now discovered Device, David Draiman's side project - not to mention this song which features Draiman as well as Serj Tankian - a meeting of two of metal's greatest vocalists. This is an intense and very well constructed song calling out the corrupt and powerful people that drag the rest of the world down, happy to burn society to the ground as they line their pockets. Basically it's almost everything I could ever want from a metal song.

    Number Six
    Song: Rooting for You
    Artist: London Grammar

    Info: Maybe I'm just liking the minimalist arrangement thing right now but this new song from London Grammar also kicks a lot of ass. The lead singer has always had a beautiful voice and incredible control over said voice and this song gives her a great chance to showcase it. Quiet, simple but lovely music gradually comes to life from silence behind the vocalist's brilliant delivery of extremely emotive lyrics making listening to this song a soothing experience. A very pleasant listen.

    Number Seven
    Song: Under the Pressure
    Artist: The War on Drugs

    Info: Speaking of soothing, this may well be the chillest song I have ever heard. Under the Pressure combines all the best elements of Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits and Bob Dylan and combines them into this relaxing, freeing song. Most impressive however is that despite the extreme length and it's incredible chillness, this song is another you get lost in. You don't get bored and barely even notice that nearly ten minutes have passed when the music stops.

    Number Eight
    Song: Million Reasons
    Artist: Lady Gaga

    Info: I have never been a Gaga fan. In fact, I hate most of her music. It's always annoyed me that she's wasted her obvious vocal talent on mass produced garbage and stupid attention grabbing gimmicks under the false label of "individuality". Her most recent work is redeeming her somewhat in my opinion though, this track in particular being the main reason. There's no stupid gimmicks, no assembly-line sounding garbage. This is just an honest country (yes country) track delivered with powerful vocals that haven't been overly interfered with. It's even real, old school country not Florida Georgia Line or 2013 Taylor Swift "country". The woman has earned some respect with this one.

    Number Nine
    Song: Common Ground
    Artist: Our Last Night

    Info: Our Last Night are mostly known for their skill at cover songs, but they do fantastic original work as well. Common Ground is proof of that. This song captures the essence of many of the problems in the world, an inability or unwillingness for two (or more) parties to find common ground leads to everything going to shit instead of being able to improve or remain stable. The music and vocals in this song perfectly capture the feelings expressed by the lyrics. It's good work as expected.

    Number Ten
    Song: Stand By Me
    Artist: Florence + The Machine

    Info: I usually try to avoid including the same artist more than once, but I often fail and tracks like the ones Florence + The Machine perform for Final Fantasy XV are largely why. The caliber is just too high not to mention more than one song. It is not often that a cover song surpasses the original but on rare occasions it does happen. It happened with this song. A beautiful musical arrangement with a gradual and perfectly timed build up to the crescendo backing up a powerful and emotional vocal delivery from Florence? This song is pretty much perfection and I can fully understand why some people I know quite literally broke down into tears hearing it.

    Well that's it for my first Music Mince in a long time. I hope you enjoyed these songs as much as I have. If you have any thoughts on my selection, I'd love to hear them.



    [i]memento mori[/i]
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    Lady Gaga has definitely changed in her brand new album. Her tone is much different than her previous albums. When I heard Million Reasons I was absolutely captivated! I really like her this way better.
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    Meganium;bt106047 said:
    Lady Gaga has definitely changed in her brand new album. Her tone is much different than her previous albums. When I heard Million Reasons I was absolutely captivated! I really like her this way better.

    My thoughts exactly! If she keeps this sort of thing up I might even be able to forgive her for Just Dance.