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My attempt to get Pokemon Platinum


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    So I decided I would go to JB Hi-Fi, which is about 15 minutes walking distance, to get Platinum. There's a trade-in deal where you get the game free if you trade in 2 other DS games. I was going to trade in Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championships 2007 and More Brain Training.

    I got dressed wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I sort of jogged there in excitement. I've actually played through the whole game using the US ROM that was leaked ages ago. When I got to JB Hi-Fi, I went to the counter and requested the deal. She told me I needed the game cases and manuals. So I ran home because I forgot to bring them with me. You'd think I learnt my lesson after this incident but noooooooo; I'm an idiot. >.>

    By the time I got home, I was sweating like a pig so I ate an ice block and changed from my jeans to shorts. I actually didn't have the game case for More Brain Training (because of this) so I had to sacrifice another game for it instead. I set out once again. This time I decided I would take the bus. I waited around 10 minutes for the bus. I didn't think it would actually take that long.

    When I got there, I went to the counter once again. The woman recognised me right away and asked "trade-in?" I answered back and she requested for the staff who did the stuff for trade-ins. The guy comes to me and points out that I need to be over 18.


    So I ran home because I'm so pissed and don't want to waste more money for the bus far. (90c isn't much but meh). I arrive home and I find that the lift is stuck at level 2. I assumed some idiot's kid was playing a joke so I started hammering at the lift door thingy with my fists. Nothing happens after 5 minutes. Then some guy came down and told me it wasn't working so I had to call my sister down to let me in with the keys since the fire stairs require keys to get access to.