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My Favorite Pokemon Girls!

Elite Overlord LeSabre™

On that 'Non stop road'
  • From a meme on deviantArt that I posted there the other day...

    Without further ado...

    My personal 10 favorite Pokemon girls:


    Leaf: She's arguably the best protagonist ever in a Pokemon game. Her design is simple yet very, very effective. Her cute looks have been a source of a "mild" obsession and the inspiration for my own OC.

    Jasmine: My second favorite Gym Leader, and my favorite who doesn't have a second job as a major crime boss xD I've always liked her design.

    Dawn/Hikari: I don't like what the English dub did to her, but I do like her overall design.

    Lorelei: My favorite Elite Four member, I like the cool, calculating type and Lorelei is all that.

    Bianca: Yeah, she's a bit of a space cadet, but she's a lovable one. Plus she's (kinda) wearing the colors of my alma mater, so bonus points for that.

    Candice: She breaks the "cold Ice-type Gym Leader" stereotype and she says some really awesome things when she visits your villa in Platinum.

    Mars: My favorite Galactic Commander, something about her makes me think she would've been a nice girl had she never met Cyrus...

    Whitney: Cute, bubbly, and armed with a terrifyingly tough Miltank? Yep, there's definitely more than meets the eye with her lol

    Elesa: My favorite of the Unova gym leaders. You can't beat her roller coaster Gym even if paralysis is always annoying when facing her...

    (oops, I refer to her as an "Elite Four" on dA xD)

    Lovrina: She is like, so totally a scientist who like doesn't behave like one. Like, totally xD

    As for the guys... only three make my list: Miror B., Giovanni, and Cipher Admin Ein.