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N o

  • I'm doing a lot better at saying No, and that's good for the social front. That might also be because it's 2AM now and I'm super tired.

    But anyways, thursday nights we have Queers & Allies club and a lot of people go to IHOP afterwards (this is like 11pm). So I go with my friend and she asks if anyone needs a ride so you have three freshmen who want to go and they climb in the back seat. Horrah we get there, they sit somewhere else, and we eat.

    So along the night someone left another person without a ride and us being the last ones there, the faculty kindly asks if we could squeeze her in. My friend accepts because we don't want to leave someone stranded at IHOP.

    On the way to the car, we know we're going to have 6 people in a small 2 door 5 seat car. They're all either going to Dyson or Turner, the freshmen dorms which are connected by a bridge. A tiny tiny bridge so they're all the same pretty much anyways.

    One of them asks me "Hey, do you think I could have shotgun since I'm getting out first?"
    and surprising myself I say without hesitation
    "No." Then "You're all getting out at the same time."

    You see that there are your friends + 1 in the back and you don't want to squish with them. So you're gonna 'politely' ask me if I would like to squish in the back with total strangers. Also you can probably see I'm the driver's friend. (BEST friend)

    No. Nope. Nu-uh. Non. I have every right to assert my dominance to the front seat of this car. Again, you're all getting off in the same place so "I'm getting dropped off first" is a load of bull.

    It's a really good feeling. Just saying "No." for me. No I DON'T have to accommodate everyone in the world just because they asked nicely when they're just doing it for their own gain. It feels really good to say no.

    Also it's late and I need to sleep I have things to do.

    But have this composite photo of a baby alligator I took (as in took the photo as in the alligator was there and I got to touch it and if I wasn't a pussy I would have been able to hold it if I wanted) and put together today in scientific illustration class.



    rest after tomorrow
  • I wish I was as confident as you when it came to the social front of things. I can never say no, because I try to please everyone - even those I don't particularly favor.
  • Minzy;bt80436 said:
    I wish I was as confident as you when it came to the social front of things. I can never say no, because I try to please everyone - even those I don't particularly favor.

    That's usually 100% me, but it's taken three years of living on my own in college to muster up a little resistance, as some people who start out on their own have no concept of how selfish they are/ask you to do absurd things. Combined with the realization that you are paying money for school so you can actually say "No" to things professors ask or the school asks you to do (within reason) without the world blowing up or someone calling your parents.
    You want a $200 art history book professor? No. I'm getting one edition behind for $5 on amazon. And nothing happened.

    Kura;bt80437 said:
    Good good! Glad you could stick up for yourself! Good on you