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[Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl] Outfits

I like that BDSP features customization, as it was a bit of a sore point to have it missing from ORAS. Feels like the way forward now that we're in 3D all the time. But I wish it was full customization, and not Let's Go style customization with entire outfits. To be fair though, all of the options look pretty great! I suppose I just wish there were a few more generic options, rather than committing to wearing a Pikachu/Eevee/Gengar hoodie. I'd prefer clothes in those colours rather than clothes outright referring to specific Pokémon.

My favourite is probably either the Overall or Spring style. I like the aesthetic of the Cyber Style, but it's funny - Lucas is overladen with a big jacket, backpack, hat, etc, and Dawn basically gets a towel to wrap around herself.
I wore the Platinum Style for the majority of my SP playthrough, but when I found the Eevee Jacket Style I switched to that.
The clothes are okay. I love the contest style clothes though and wish you could wear them outside of contests as well.