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[Showcase] PaperFire88 TCG Sprites


I make Digimon rom hacks
  • Age 33
  • Seen yesterday
Hi PaperFire88, I didn't know if this is the best place to reach out to you (I don't have a DeviantArt) but I figured I'd give it a try. First of all I want to say I am a HUGE fan of your work. You have an incredible talent for pixel art and I hope you keep making Pokemon card sprites forever.

I wanted to ask for your permission to use these two energy cards you made...

...for a romhack of the TCG I'm doing. You'll be given full credit in both the game itself and on the front page of the post once the hack is done. Please let me know if this is acceptable and how you would like to be addressed (PaperFire88 or just "PaperFire," etc.)

(P.S. With your talents, you should really look into making your own TCG hack. The Disassembly is super easy to use and with all the amazing art at your disposal, you could easily make the best TCG Hack on the net! Idk just thought I'd suggest it. Get back to me soon!)
  • Age 24
  • Seen yesterday
Well, it's been a while since I've uploaded anything here xd, In the last 4 months I've been busy making my Own Rom Hack using my Sprites.

Beautifly from the Lost Origins Set Illustrated by Yuu Nishida
Mismagius from the Crimson Invasion Set Illustrated by Chibi
Tsareena from the Chilling Reign Illustrated by Yuu Nishida
Duskull from the Boundaries Crossed Set Naoki Saito

The truth is that During these 4 months I was not very excited about making more Sprites and well, it is Normal, I have been doing this for 11 Months now Being tired would be Quite Normal xd, but it's still a hobby that I love.
Oh and if you're wondering, I've been talking to Guzeinbuick about the Sprites (I still feel a little bad for having responded 1 month late xd).
:O That's amazing! i love your pixel art so much it brings so much join haha
glad that it's still a hobby after all this time <3 we love to see it!