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Pi Day 2015

  • 13,131
    Hello blog, been a while since I've talked to you!

    So I'm actually writing this the day after said day in title (in my time zone anyway), but that's pretty much because I was gone the entire day and was way too tired after to do much. Whoops.

    Not only was it a date I've been looking forward to for years (since it meant my birthday fell on an especially cool Pi Day date), but I actually ended up spending the day celebrating Pi Day. In a way, anyway. My husband and his brother have a former college roommate who invited us over to his place (that's three hours away whew) to celebrate such a day by...eating pies.

    Lots of pies.

    Now there was an interesting start to this day. Right before we were about to leave, the fire alarm in the building went off. While there didn't seem to be any kind of fire, and other people seemed confused as to what was happening, I still wanted to play it safe, so we scooped up the cat and decided to take him to my in-laws' place for the day. He was not a happy cat after, that's for certain.

    Anyway, three hour drive to there (uneventful), and oh let me tell you about the various kinds of pies there.

    We got there in time for lunch, and what greeted us were:

    - Shepherd's pie
    - Chicken pot pie (and one that was a gluten free version, but I didn't bother touching that)
    - Steak and ale pie (supposedly made with venison instead of steak)

    And then after that, the dessert pies:

    - Apple pie
    - Peach pie
    - Banana cream pie
    - Shoo-fly pie
    - Chocolate pudding pie
    - And what I assume was some kind of blueberry cobbler, okay it wasn't really a pie but it was damn tasty nonetheless

    So after we'd all had our fill of pies, the board games were brought out...

    I was introduced to the confusion that was Terra Mystica. No, seriously. It was fun, but very confusing to learn at first. Didn't even help when one of the people who did know how to play it tried to explain it. By the way, I didn't win. But I wasn't dead last at least! by one other player orz

    That took at least three hours. I honestly don't even know the exact time, since I didn't think to look at the time when we started. I was too tired from so much pie at the time. But even that didn't beat the time of the game others were playing. I ended up falling asleep on a couch listening to them play. And then I got sat on by really hyper dogs so yeah.

    Oh yeah, and then to finish off everything, for dinner:

    - Pizza pie ;D Although one had mushrooms, so no thank you.

    So yeah. Interesting day.