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Platinum Journal Entry VII - Battle Against the Soulful Dancer.


S P A R K of madness
What do I say here? Oh, right, spoilers may be contained in the following entry. :D Sorry about the lack of entries, I was sick and had to take a break later on. Hopefully some of you are still interested. Azure Fantasy would be your best bet to view this, but I hope it's not too bad on other forum themes.


That's right it's Friday. 8D We left off at the Team Checkpoint & the finished product of Wayward Cave and Cycling Road. Before we continued to Route 207 and face an onslaught of trainers, I checked out my calendar and what do you know, it's the 19th, time to catch (or at least see ourselves a balloon) I quickly grab Cowre out of the Center and head back towards Floaroma Town. Going through the little short cut past the forest we get some items and berries, always welcome. And sure enough, once I arrive at Vally Windworks, Drifloon is there. I sent out Andy to drain it's health down with Dragon Rage, took it to a fairly low yellow, so then I started chucking Poké Balls like no tomorrow, captured her on the second try though. Named her Devi too. :D Now that I have yet another Pocket Monster that could see some use, the box is relatively filled with Pocket Monsters that have a shot at making & changing this team. It'll be interesting to see how things unfold.

After catching Drifloon, I felt it was time for "intense" training. The team overall is pretty under-evolved and we need to stay ahead of the level rate, unless we want to get creamed and struggle in every match. I head for Hearthome, ready to train Deano, Andy and Hide. (Luxio, Gible, and Togepi) I know last time we left off heading East through 207. Well, Andy and the gang took them on, and they were pretty easy I guess, weren't overwhelming difficult. Just simple strategy with the defensive core won those battles. Although selfdestructing Geodudes were not fun, Nica and Mork had took take quite a bit of damage from those. <_<

We enter the cave and Cyrus shows up! I don't think he appeared there at this phase in the game, in Diamond / Pearl. I wonder why he's getting so many sightings now unlike last time. Perhaps they want to develop his character and image more? We didn't get oh so much of him in Diamond, but it'd probably be interesting to see what he said. (Or has been saying) Lamn, I don't fully understand his Japanese. D: Oh well, moving on. We encounter a Geodude, had to sacrifice Andy to the nuke. There goes his training. XD We get outside, Hikers and Fighters. Mork took care of them relatively well with (Onix) Nica's Screech support.

We finally make our way to grass. In the area below the Berry house. (Can't recall the Route name) And there we just train, train and train some more. Bibarel, Ralts, Roselia, Beduw. We took on all of them. Caught the Ralts, Lv 17, named her Jax... after Jax Malcolm. Witty and cunning like a Psychic-type, yo. Okay, Deano should evolve into Luxray around Level 30, Gabite at 24, and interestingly enough Hide (Togepi) evolves through happiness, which could be a challenge, or time consuming at least. XD First up, Deano. The veteran of the team needs to reach his final stage. smaching numerous Bibarel out of the way (hey, that's 2 attack EVs by the way) He levels up exceedingly fast. o_o And boom, tada. Luxio evolved into Luxray. Should be some welcome improvements with this new... er, electric lion. *Wanted to say cat.* [/shot] Next up was Andy the Gible, took some time with him. Since Dragon Rush (a move that always does 40 damage) is a bit slow to slaughter things. His training was very slow, but we got there. And woot, one kickass GaBITECHA. Now or even tougher training. (Seems it gets worse as we go, eh?) Togetic is reached via happiness, Hide has leveled up to around 15 or so, and fainted some in the process. He can't really fight on his own with Metronome, so we decided to get happiness the hard way... ...STEPS, or distance together rather. I grab the bike and go back to Cycling Road, there I made over 70,000 ups and downs, and got Hige to max happiness. Took like 3 hours, but we got it down. :'D Go due some switch off battles with Mork and Hide, and woot. Another evolvetion. Three on the day, two new Pocket Monsters caught. Things are lookin' up.

Now it was time to enter Hearthome City, once we get through the passage way a little girl and her buneary bump into us. Frankly I have no clue what she needs or what to do, so I just fergot the little bums. :B We were restricted from heading south by reporters. That new? oO; Well, Hearthome just looks breathtaking, as always. After some normal check around to see some scenery (Church, Water spouts, Poffin Center) I go to Bebe's house. There she gave me a Level 20 Eevee. A male, named it Easy, after Eeevee-Z who wanted a spot on my Platinum Journal. XD Go over to the contest hall, my mother was there, along with Fantina. General chat followed by a greeting with the Gym Leader. Afterwords I go to the gym to see if she was around, indeed she was. Fantina is the third Gym Leader in Platinum, that's new. The entrance west towards Solaceon Town was blocked off, so it seems you have to face her, no side quests really.

Well, the team is beefed up, why not just go challenge her? We can dive into Amity Square later. :D;; Now this gym is Ghost-type. Two Pocket Monsters on my team know bite and are faster. Gyarados & Luxray are perfectly ready to face this Gym. After a quick heal, we get our gear and go into the suspicious gym. Right away we are greeted by the aid, we get a flashlight and the entire Gym is black. Your flashlight is like a web, catch one of the trainers, you're forced to battle. There are tiles on the ground, and you must enter the door that corresponds to the that tile. So say it's a moon, gotta enter the moon door. It's more or so like a maze then anything. I battled all the trainers to get some team play in, and they weren't hard at all, breezed through them like no tomorrow. Eventually we make our way and find her final room, the third Gym Leader, Fantina. We begin our battle against the gorgeous Leader and her Ghost-type Pocket Monsters.

She leads off with a Lv. 24 Duskull. Morkula opened up the battle came and quickly OHKOd it with Bite. Okay, first one was easily enough, but this was like the other battles. Can't let our guard down. Second one up, a lv. 24 Haunter. Again, Mork bites and finishes it with extreme ease. Hopefully the final Pocket Monster can provide somewhat of a challenge. Last but not least was Mismagius. Level 26, so that's respectful. Hopefully we can see the challenge and excitement the other battles brought us.

...Didn't happen. Gyarados swiftly defeated it and that was that. Gym Leader down. It was a disappointment, but at the same time fun because we can continue our journey. :D


That's all for now, next up, Amity Square and dark dark tales. [/cliff hanger] Don't have many pictures this go around, I'll have more later on.

Catch ya next time~


I'm very sorry I was so stubborn. xD
You know how us Togepi can be, we're never satisfied no matter where you take us!

Great job as always, Ryab! Sorry to hear that Fantina didn't provide much of a challenge to you. Sadly, she didn't prove too challenging to me either. :/
(That's life, eh?)


i own a rabbit heh
Fantina is terrible, I feel your pain Ryan...I feel it:( Oh...Deano evolved. OMG...ANDY EVOLVED. Did it say "Andy want's to evolve" And you were all like "SCREW YOU ANDY!!!SHIFT11!!"

Once again, I like the description of it, and the pictures are great quality.


Epic Panda.
  • Seen Dec 31, 2017
I loveyour blog,

I will start mine when my platinum arrives ^^


my favorite game by far is the soulsilver that came out. simply becuase the pokemon follow behind you - how cool!
i dont recall the last time i played that game. but i DO remember waiting for that dang pokemon to come out on friday! lol xD i got him then never bothered to train him haha
  • Seen Apr 7, 2012
you will never guess what i have got!!!!!

i got a level 100 arceus on Pokemon pearl. i don't play the game any more so i thought i would get the word out so that everybody would know and offer a trade.