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Emerald hack: Pokémon Emerald: Double Edition v1.2 [Complete]

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    • Seen Aug 21, 2023
    Pok?mon Emerald: Double Edition v1.2 [Complete]

    Pok�mon Emerald, but every trainer battle is a double battle.

    VERSION 1.2 is out now! Bug fixes, better legendary integration and more!

    Yup, inspired by Colosseum and XD, every trainer battle will be changed to a double battle! There is also increased difficulty and level curve! Features:

    • Double battles everywhere! Every trainer completely reworked, with interesting (but still theme-consistent) teams, using a much greater variety of Pok�mon!
    • Double wild battles in almost every location! (Except the water. Oh.)
    • A steeper level curve, to make the games a fresh challenge. Expect level 40s by the 4th Gym!
    • Emerald Battle Engine Upgrade- Physical/Special split, Fairy type, up-to-date moves/abilities/learnsets and more
    • Super tough main-character battles that challenge you with advanced moves and techniques, from Gym Leaders, your rival and Maxie/Archie!
    • An extra starter, Eevee, with methods provided early on to evolve, including Umbreon and Espeon!
    • TMs, especially double-centric moves, are now available early on in Pok�marts, and are now infinite use
    • General avoidance of HM requirements except Surf, Dive and Waterfall (7.8 too much water), especially in the late game
    • Rematches with Gym leaders have been enhanced for the post-game, and you can find Maxie and Archie... somewhere!
    • 386 version, with every single Pok�mon available to obtain (breeding/evolving still required).
    • Secret extras!

    Pokémon Emerald: Double Edition v1.2 [Complete]
    Pokémon Emerald: Double Edition v1.2 [Complete]
    Pokémon Emerald: Double Edition v1.2 [Complete]
    Pokémon Emerald: Double Edition v1.2 [Complete]
    Pokémon Emerald: Double Edition v1.2 [Complete]
    Pokémon Emerald: Double Edition v1.2 [Complete]

    I really hope you enjoy this hack! Many thanks to the people who helped me test this on the Discord.

    • Everyone involved in the Emerald Battle Engine Upgrade project
    • igorfs10 on pokecommunity for giving me a table for all the encounter tiles for wild double battles
    • Discord testers again, specifically Midbus and MrSwizzE for all the feedback (if you have accounts you'd rather be credited as, let me know!)
    • The creator of Hopeless Trainer Editor, the star of the entire hack
    • The creators of Advance Map, Pok�mon Game Editor, XSE, Advance Mart, VBA and VBA-M and NUPS for making this all possible
    • All of you!

    If there are any bugs, please send them my way and I'll fix them ASAP, if it's a trainer issue, please send me their name if possible (if not, then their location).

    Also if anyone wants to try and edit the title screen to say Double Version I'll love you forever.


    Known bugs:
    • U-turn does not work! To do with the battle engine, cannot fix. Please save often!
    • When you enter a double battle with only one Pok�mon (in your party or not-fainted), the game will either clone your only Pok�mon or bring a fainted Pok�mon into the battle (who can't attack or gain EXP). Finishing the battle will enable normal progression
    • The bag sprites are glitched permanently. Cosmetic only.
    • When fighting a single trainer, if both you and your opponent lose a Mon, then when you put your replacement in, it says "enemy trainer sent out your Pok�mon."
    • Not all normal rematches are in. Okay, not a bug, and something I might change one day, but not for now.

    Spoiler: v1.2 Changelog

    -Moved the legendary birds and Deoxys
    -Added Hoenn starters
    -Fixed desert shortcut bug
    -Fixed Scald TM text
    -National Dex aquisition
    -Upped Relicanth's encounter rates
    -Add Deep Sea Tooth/Scale as held items for Clamperl
    -PP Max available at final mart
    -fixed collisions in Jagged Path

    Previous (non-386) version

    Here's a spreadsheet with all new Pok�mon locations (if it's not on there, it's in,
    but it's a secret ;)

    Download the patch, apply it with NUPS on a clean Emerald ROM! If there's any problems, make sure to tick 'Ignore' under "If file is invalid" and try that.

    Discord for direct contact with me and other players: https://discord.gg/ZrNAy5V

    Buy me a coffee if you like my hacks! https://ko-fi.com/saiklex
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    • Seen Dec 18, 2019
    great idea! def gonna give this a try in the near future...just a random idea I was kicking around with someone else...actually have a raid battle like event in rom hacks..... have a level requirement to fight a super strong pokemon maybe 10 20 level above t.... then you get 10 safari balls and try catch the raid pokemon. so yeah good look with that feature lol....but def gonna play this one soon!
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    • Seen Apr 19, 2018
    if you manage to implement double wild battles i will just live playing this hack dude
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    • Seen Aug 21, 2023
    if you manage to implement double wild battles i will just live playing this hack dude

    They are indeed partially implemented thanks to the Emerald Battle Engine Upgrade! Right now you may encounter one in regular grass, but not in caves or surfing yet- am looking into it! :D
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    • Seen Jun 18, 2020
    Hello Saiklex, I would like to know what the rom ini you used for pokemon altered emerald on YAPE or another pokemon editor software please.
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    • Seen Jan 12, 2021
    I started playing this game a few days ago and I love it ??????
    Two quick questions though, how do I re-fight legendaries I missed? I lost to Entei but when I came back to get him, he was gone. I figured it was one of those things where if you come back after defeating the Elite Four, he'd be there again, but it didn't happen. Is there some place I can rematch him at?
    And I've been scouring the entire region looking for the Suicune, Latios, and the Hoenn starters, but I haven't been able to find any of them. Would you mind giving a hint or a general idea of where they are?


    The Psycho Pokemon
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    just curious, how does the battle fronteir work? In the original version of the game double battle modes didnt give you the symbols.