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[PKMN OPEN] Pokémon: The Retaliators vs Team Rocket (IC) (Rated M)


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Sherry Ruth / Kaede Yukimura
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  • And then the simulation ended just when a simulated grunt was about to ambush the Ranger. So much for a simulation -- she would've loved to test her newfound powers (?) out as Sherry Ruth before the actual field work. The blunette redhead soon heard an announcement from a nearby intercom. Something about a first mission if she'd heard it right. Sherry immediately reverted to the blunette she previously was -- complete with the standard Ranger uniform replacing her altered one and her Styler looking like, well, a Styler -- and headed to the big office not far from the holo-deck with her snowy Vulpix riding on her shoulder.

    By the time Kaede and Shiron arrived at the office, the duo only saw their new boss in there. "Damon-sama?" Kaede said while trying oh-so-hard to not tilt her head despite wanting to (thanks, Shiron). "Is it the first job already?"
  • Pokemon

    Partner: Shiron the Alolan Vulpix
    Spoiler: Details

    Other Pokemon: None at the moment
  • Inventory

    Key Items:
    • Capture Styler
    • Shiron's Pokeball
    • Rotom Phone (for personal use)

    Consumables: None at the moment

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Tal hated being late to things. He had left the ranger base with the intent of making it to the Damon building fifteen minutes early. But along the way, he had run into some low-level rocket grunt, barely more than a teen, bullying a smaller kid. How was he supposed to just let that pass by? Proton had made short work of the jerk's Zubat, but the altercation had delayed Tal. This was certainly not how he wanted to make his first impression.

The invitation itself had been strange: not assigned like a ranger mission, but an elegant envelope left in secret in his private room. It certainly piqued his curiosity. Though the ranger was also wary of traps. While there were plenty of real resistance movements and vigilantes fighting Team Rocket, the team itself was full of scoundrels, and there were plenty of other scammers and crooks. But if anyone could fund an operation like this, it would be Damon enterprises...

As he arrives at the HQ, Tal realizes he might not be the only one running a little late. It's certainly a strange crowd: what looks like three trainers with their teams, and two independent pokemon. His eyes widen a little at the sight of the two intelligent-looking Pokemon, but he says nothing. He can't be 100% sure that these people are here for the same reason, and doesn't want to give away the secret if hey aren't. So he approaches the receptionist, holding up the invitation. "I believe I have an appointment with..." When he speaks, he has a particularly thick Oblivian accent. She merely smiles and gestures that he should get on the elevator with everyone else.

Once below, Tal sees a cluster of more people. He's a little relieved to see another ranger. Even after a year of running around Unova, he's not quite used to the trianer culture, which seems much more battle-obsessed than he's used to from Oblivia.
(Joint post between me, Alex and Typh!)

After turning their attention off of each other, Keaton and Shade notice that the mysterious Gardevoir is staring daggers at Swindle, who is not showing an inch of backing down in response.

Keaton gives a small wave to the Gardevoir with his free hand.
"See Swindle? This is the kinda thing we're trying to avoid right now, get me?"

Shade also proceeds to shoot him an angry glance before looking back at the Gardevoir with a look of slight embarrassment.

Noticing the Nikkit, "Swindle" as his trainer calls him, only smirks in return, Gracidea decides to make another point before dropping the matter. She starts glowing as if about to use a Dazzling Gleam move, its eventual target obvious as she still glares down at Swindle, ignoring the man's small wave to her.

"And who might you be?"

Keaton's question reaches the Pokémon standing before him in an attempt to shift focus, despite his voice being slightly muffled by his mask.

The Gardevoir drops her glow and peers at Keaton with a calm but accusing look.

"I am Gracidea, private detective. Your Nikkit should be more careful who to pick a fight with."

Keaton shrugs.

"Yeah, try telling that to him. Maybe you'll have better luck in making it stick."

"Yeah, right. Good luck with that.", Shade chimes in under her breath.

"I meant nothing by my comment, I assure you.", he says with a look of apology on his face, yet never removing his smile. "I sometimes forget that the things I say can bother more than the ones I intend them to."

Gracidea nods, accepting the Nikkit's apology.

While the Gardevoir and Nikkit were settling their differences, Christina, the woman in black turns and watches the Gardevoir and Nickit for a moment. occasionally depending on the angle she was seen at, her eyes looked almost golden.

"Come now, Shade, I'm sure 'Master' would like some alone time with his 'new best friend'.", Swindle says in an obvious attempt to further mock Shade's earlier slip-up. "Also, this is a great chance for us to do a little 'sightseeing' of our own, no?"

Shade's face turns unsure. "I suppose..."

But Keaton interjects. "Swindle, the only 'sights' you're going to see are the sights inside your Pokéball if you even think about leaving this building. Are we clear?", Keaton commands without even a hint of humor in the tone of his voice. "Now go check out the other side of the room and report back if you see anyone else come in from over there, I don't want you too far away from me in the event there's trouble."

Both of his Pokémon respond with a nod, then he lets go of Swindle and Shade leaps off his shoulder to hurry off to the other side of the room, oblivious to the strange woman watching them.

"Are you sure letting those two run off without supervision is a wise idea friend?" Christina asks to the one the Nickit referred to as 'master'. "Considering what I can only guess is that we're guests here, I'd rather not be a suspect in mysterious thefts of products."

Taken aback by his own lack of awareness at not spotting her sooner, Keaton takes a reactionary step away from the stranger. Then, after a moment, he collects himself and responds. "I can assure you that, despite having a playful sense of humor, my family is quite well behaved. But, in the event there is any trouble with them, I will take complete responsibility."

Just then, a receptionist approaches the group and says, "Welcome to the Damon building. You are all here by request, yes? Please enter the elevator and head down to the lowest floor to get started."

Gracidea nods at the receptionist, then quietly walks towards the elevator, hoping to quickly meet this building's owner and get things started.

With the single spoken word "Return!" Keaton summons his Pokémon to his side once again, picking up Swindle and letting Shade climb back onto his shoulder. He gives a friendly nod to the receptionist, then starts to head to the elevator with the rest of the group.

Christina turns her attention to the receptionist and nods as well, following the receptionist and heads over to the elevator with the trainer and the Gardevoir.

It's then they notice the mysterious new Pokémon isn't following, but instead heading out the main entrance to leave, just as another new person enters the building to follow them down.
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