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Black hack: Pokemon Black Classic Mode

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    • Seen May 19, 2024
    Hello this is my first time trying to hack a DS Era Game so I decided to keep this one simple. This hack does one simple thing and that is to introduce old Pokemon into the main story of Pokemon Black. I called this hack Classic Mode because I wanted to make Pokemon Black feel like the Pokemon games from gens three and four where they would have most of their new Pokemon on display and still give you the option to use a select few Pokemon from past generations. In total the amount of Pokemon I added was 148 (37 from each region). As for the trainers I made sure for the major battles I wanted to make sure that they had large amounts of Unovan Pokemon as I wanted to make sure the old Pokemon do not drown out the new ones. Also I say this hack is a bit harder than the base game and the final boss is very hard in my opinion. As for the post game I didn't change much as it is when old Pokemon are actually introduced into the game. There are still some trainers I edited though, those being the Elite 4 rematch, Alder, Cheren Post Game Battle, Bianca Post Game Battle and Cynthia. That is all I have to say about my hack, I hope you enjoy.

    (EDIT, 1.1 IS OUT. all it does is edit/fix some teams (Like how I accidentally gave Cress 2 panpours which has been fixed, sorry Tepig fans) and move around some wild Pokemon so they are more common in their routes or just appear in more routes)

    (EDIT, 1.2 IS OUT. This is most likely the final major update for this Rom Hack and it is focused on the Pokemon themselves. a large amount of Pokemon have had their evolution requirements and level up learnsets altered. Some trainers have been edited as well as encounter spots to reflect these changes. (I recommend looking around in the other Relic Castle entrance in the Desert Resort)

    (EDIT, 1.3 IS OUT. I did not expect to make this update but I still had some ideas left over. So for the first time some Pokemon's Stats, Abilities and Typings have been altered. Also I have been doing a lot of encounter and level up move pool stuff since 1.2, changes are below.)

    (This Rom Hack is officially complete! No new edits will be made past this point unless issues are discovered which then I will do my best to fix them. Thank You for Playing! I first released this Rom Hack at the end of August and I had no idea I would be working on it up until now. This all started from me thinking about how bad Brycen had it in this game only being able to pick from three pure Ice Type evolution lines and it spawned into this, it turned out way better than I thought it would, even doing things that I thought would be unachievable. (trust me it was hard to find tools for BW1, most of the tools I found were only for BW2). This is still just a beginner level Rom Hack so if your new don't expect your socks to be knocked off or anything and I'm still a bit iffy on some encounter spots but hey, it's hard to shove 148 new Pokemon into a game where the main story is only made for 156 Pokemon. (304 in total! of course not all are encounterable, those being event Pokemon like Victini outside of Zorua who is in the wild now) I tried my best to make the encounters as good as possible but I'm rambling a bit. I said it once and I'll say it again, Thank You for Playing!)

    (HOT FIX 1: Like I said if I found Issues I would change them. The Issues I found while playing through this Rom Hack and fixed were. Abomasnow evolves at 40, I thought it evolved at 35 so a gym trainer and Brycen had underleveled Abomasnows so I changed Snover's evolution level to 35. A few Pokemon flew under my radar for editing so the level up movepools for Yanma/Yanmega and Murkrow/Hounchkrow have been edited. Skyla's team has been revaimed because I found it too easy, same goes for Brycen but not to the same degree. Finally some parts of the game felt a bit bland when it came to the wild Pokemon so I did some encounter editing.)

    If you are Wondering there WILL NOT be an Encounter Document I simply do not have the time or patience to make one. If you wish to find out where something is I would recommend the encounter editor I used, which you will find at the bottom, to look at what encounters are in any area. Same goes for level up moves, use ANDT to find those.

    Typing Changes.
    Vibrava and Flygon are Bug/Dragon now.
    Luxio and Luxray are Electric/Dark now.

    Stat Changes.
    Vibrava gains +10 in all stats.
    Heatmor gains +15 in HP and +9 in both Defenses.
    Maractus gains +10 in HP and +10 in Speed.
    Darmanitan loses 20 in Attack.
    Masquerain gains +25 Speed and +5 Special Attack.
    Froslass gains +10 in both Attacking Stats and Special Defense.
    Glalie gains +10 HP and +20 Special Attack.
    Poliwrath/Poliwhirl gain +10 in Attack.
    Chinchou/Lanturn gain +10 in Special Attack.
    Duskull gains +15 HP.
    Dusclops gains +10 HP.
    Dusknoir gain +25 HP.
    Ability Changes
    Heatmor Gains Infiltrator over Gluttony.
    Golett/Golurk Gains Unaware over Klutz.
    Watchog Gains Intimidate over Illuminate.
    Darumaka/Darmanitan Gain Mold Breaker over Sheer Force.
    Darumaka Gains Flame body and it turns into Zen Mode when it Evolves.
    Duskull/Dusclops gains Cursed Body which becomes Iron Fist when it evolves into Dusknoir.
    Sandshrew gain Anticipation which becomes Tinted lens when it evolves into Sandslash.
    Hippopotas/Hippowdon gains Thick Fat.
    Snover gains Anticipation which becomes Thick Fat when it evolves into Abomasnow.
    Stantler gains Bad Dreams over Frisk.
    Qwilfish gain Adaptability over Swift Swim (Side note: you are not going to find this or Chinchou in your playthrough so I'll tell you where they are. They are on the water of Driftveil so surf there)

    Evolution Changes.
    Gurdurr evolves at 40.
    Tympole evolves at 20.
    Sandile evolves at 25.
    Scraggy evolves at 32.
    Tirtouga evolves at 32.
    Gothita evolves at 25.
    Gothorita evolves at 40.
    Solosis evolves at 25.
    Duosion evolves at 40.
    Vanillite evolves at 26.
    Vanisllish evolves at 40.
    Karrablast evolves at 34.
    Foongus evolves at 32.
    Klink evolves at 24.
    Klang evolves at 38.
    Tynamo evolves at 30.
    Elgyem evolves at 30.
    Litwick evolves at 30.
    Shelmet evolves at 34.
    Mienfoo evolves at 36.
    Golett evolves at 37.
    Pawniard evolves at 36.
    Rufflet evolves at 36.
    Vullaby evolves at 36.
    Deino evolves at 30.
    Zweilous evolves at 54.
    Larvesta evolves at 42.
    Poliwag evolves at 20.
    Poliwhirl evolves into Politoed at 36.
    Venonat evolves at 28.
    Haunter evolves at 40.
    Duskull evolves at 26.
    Duskclops evolves at 40.
    Kirlia evolves at 32.
    Trapinch evolves at 27.
    Vibrava evolves at 40.
    Aron evolves at 27.
    Lairon evolves at 38.
    Starly evolves at 18.
    Staravia evolves at 36.
    Shinx evolves at 17.
    Luxio evolves at 34.

    Moveset Changes.
    Major Changes.
    Sandshrew/Sandslash Learnsets changed to BW2 Learnset.
    Pidgey Evolution line's Level up moveset has been altered.
    Oddish Evolution line's Level up moveset has been altered.
    Venonat Evolution line's Level up moveset has been altered.
    Poliwag Evolution line's Level up moveset has been altered.
    Sirskit Evolution line's Level up moveset has been altered.
    Dunsparce's Level up moveset has been altered.
    Pinco Evolution line's Level up moveset has been altered.
    Elelktrik's Level up moveset has been altered.
    Bisharp's Level up moveset has been altered.
    Deino and Zweilous' Level up moveset has been altered.
    Nidorina/Nidorino's Level up moveset has been altered.
    Doduo Evolution line's Level up moveset has been altered.
    Larvesta Evolution line's Level up moveset has been altered.
    Vibrava/Flygon's Level up moveset has been altered.
    Yanma Evolution line's Level up moveset has been altered.
    All of the Eeveelutions have had their Level up moveset altered.

    Minor Changes.
    Lickitung learns Body Slam instead of Slam.
    Pidove Evolution line's special flying moves have been switched for physical ones. (Air Cutter -> Wing Attack)(Air Slash -> Drill Peck).
    Nidoking/Nidoqueen learn Earthquake by level up instead of Earth Power.
    Heracross Learns Megahorn a bit earlier.
    Aron's level up moveset has been slightly edited.
    Duskull evolution line's level up moveset has been slightly edited.
    Heatmor Learns Flamethrower a bit earlier, and learns Sucker punch by level up.
    Durant Learns X Scissor a bit earlier
    Darmanitan Learns some Special moves for Zen Mode
    Luxio/Luxray's level up moveset has been slightly edited.
    Misdreavus's level up moveset has been slightly edited.
    Snivy Evolution line's level up moveset has been slightly edited.
    List of Pokemon Added:
    Gen 1: Pidgey Pidgeotto Pidgeot Pikachu Raichu Sandshrew Sandslash Nidoran Female Nidorina Nidoqueen Nidoran Male Nidorino Nidoking Zubat Golbat Oddish Gloom Vileplume Venonat Venomoth Psyduck Golduck Poliwag Poliwhirl Poliwrath Doduo Dodrio Shellder Cloyster Gastly Haunter Gengar Lickitung Tangela Eevee Vaporeon Jolteon Flareon.

    Gen 2: Pichu Crobat Bellossom Espeon Umbreon Sentret Furret Chinchou Lanturn Mareep Flaaffy Ampharos Marill Azumarill Politoed Sudowoodo Aipom Yanma Wooper Quagsire Murkrow Misdreavus Pineco Forretress Dunsparce Stantler Snubbull Granbull Heracross Qwilfish Girafarig Swinub Piloswine Phanpy Donphan Houndour Houndoom.

    Gen 3: Azurill Poochyena Mightyena Wingull Pelipper Ralts Kirlia Gardevoir Surskit Masquerain Shroomish Breloom Nosepass Aron Lairon Aggron Makuhita Hariyama Gulpin Swalot Numel Camerupt Torkoal Trapinch VIbrava Flygon Corphish Crawdaunt Baltoy Claydol Duskull Dusclops Snorunt Glalie Beldum Metang Metagross.

    Gen 4: Lickilicky Tangrowth Leafeon Glaceon Yanmega Ambipom Honchkrow Mismagius Snover Abomasnow Gallade Probopass Dusknoir Starly Staravia Staraptor Shinx Luxio Luxray Buizel Floatzel Drifloon Drifblim Stunky Skuntank Bronzor Bronzong Bonsly Mamoswine Gible Gabite Garchomp Croagunk Toxicroak Hippopotas Hippowdon Froslass.

    Download here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2refcl3a9qvu1io/Pokemon_Black_Classic_Mode_PATCH.xdelta/file

    (You need to find a Rom of Pokemon Black which I am not allowed to tell you how to obtain + XDeltaUI to patch the file. I have been told that other patchers don't work for some reason. Look at the 2 and 3rd posts for more info)

    Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    Route One Encounter.
    Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    Route Two Encounter.
    Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    Edited Cheren Battle.
    Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    Gym Leaders and other important Trainers will use more Pokemon.
    Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    Cilan using a Shroomish.
    Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    Double Battle Vs Nidos.
    Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    Route 3 Encounter.
    Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    FIghting Team Plasma with Cheren.
    Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    Wellspring Encounter.
    Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    Pinwheel Outside Encounter.
    Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    N using a Corphish (yes N will still use the Pokemon he finds in the wild near where you fight him in his battles Corphish is an available Pokemon near there)
    Pokemon Black Classic Mode

    Lenora using Dunsparce

    Sorry for stray pixels in photos, this is just how the game looks for me unfortunately

    Resources Used: BWTE, Zero's Wild Pokemon Editor, Pokemon Rom Changer (BW), ANDT, NDSeditor, NitroExplorer

    BWTE: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/2090-bwb2w2-trainer-editor-bwte/ Authors: KazoWAR, Kaphotics

    Zero's Wild Pokemon Editor: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/2110-zeros-wild-pokemon-editor/ Author: Neltazero

    Pokemon Rom Changer (BW): https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/2096-pokémon-rom-changer-bw/ Author: Andibad

    ANDT: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/2100-andt/ Author: Andibad

    NDSeditor: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/2073-nds-editor-kiwids/ Author: Unknown

    NitroExplorer: https://projectpokemon.org/home/files/file/2070-nitro-explorer/ Author: Treeki
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    • Seen Nov 7, 2023
    Something is wrong the patch you've provided. It provides errors on multiple different patchers trying to patch a simple Pokemon Black game. (A WidgetsDebug Alert specifically with Delta Patcher and random others for stuff like Rm Patch.Js and the like)

    That should...probably be fixed
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    • Seen May 19, 2024
    I did not know this. But if you want to patch the file I was able to patch it with XDeltaUI. (Just note that it will not work if you use the same file as the output, so make a copy of the black rom to put as the output) I do not know how to fix this, so I'll change my post to specify XDeltaUI