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Pokemon Pets V 2.0.9 - Gen 6 - 188 Artworks


Monster Game Developer
  • Heavy image post

    Version 2.0.9
    ✓ Version 2.0.9 (1 December 2014) Pokemon Pets (F2P Online Pokemon MMO RPG Game) Update Change Logs - Read previous updates as well
    ☑ Previous updates: https://forum.pokemonpets.com/Forum-Version-Records

    ✓ Whole Gen 6 Added to the game

    ✓ All Pokemon and NPCs on maps re-assigned

    ✓ Every map total number of Pokemon count increased

    ✓ German prohibited words list implemented to the game

    ✓ 1 Week special 75% bonus EXP and Gold event started - will end at 8 December 2014

    ✓ Official following social media channels are fully started please follow all of them
    ☑ PokemonPets Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/PokemonPets
    ☑ PokemonPets Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PokemonPetsRPG
    ☑ PokemonPets Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+Pokemonpets
    ☑ Pokemon Pets Twitter : https://twitter.com/PokemonPets

    ✓ Special name giving to NPCs system is ready however it requires NPC name list preparation

    ☀ Special starter Pokemon catching event started for the entire week. At this event a starter monster appears as wild monster on a single map:

    ♔ This weekend Pokemon is: ⇶ #158 Totodile

    ♔ This starter is catchable on: ⇶ Aqua Islands

    ✓ New or Updated Pokemon images (Press F5 to Refresh browser cache)

    ✓ New Pokemon links

    150 Mewtwo151 Mew181 Ampharos359 Absol478 Froslass566 Archen650 Chespin651 Quilladin652 Chesnaught653 Fennekin654 Braixen655 Delphox656 Froakie657 Frogadier658 Greninja659 Bunnelby660 Diggersby661 Fletchling662 Fletchinder663 Talonflame664 Scatterbug665 Spewpa666 Vivillon667 Litleo668 Pyroar669 Flabebe670 Floette671 Florges672 Skiddo673 Gogoat674 Pancham675 Pangoro676 Furfrou677 Espurr678 Meowstic679 Honedge680 Doublade681 Aegislash682 Spritzee683 Aromatisse684 Swirlix685 Slurpuff686 Inkay687 Malamar688 Binacle689 Barbaracle690 Skrelp691 Dragalge692 Clauncher693 Clawitzer694 Helioptile695 Heliolisk696 Tyrunt697 Tyrantrum698 Amaura699 Aurorus701 Hawlucha702 Dedenne703 Carbink704 Goomy705 Sliggoo706 Goodra707 Klefki708 Phantump709 Trevenant710 Pumpkaboo711 Gourgeist712 Bergmite713 Avalugg714 Noibat715 Noivern716 Xerneas717 Yveltal718 Zygarde719 Diancie2052 Shiny-Meowth2054 Shiny-Psyduck2056 Shiny-Mankey2058 Shiny-Growlithe2059 Shiny-Arcanine2081 Shiny-Magnemite2083 Shiny-Farfetchd2100 Shiny-Voltorb2107 Shiny-Hitmonchan2120 Shiny-Staryu2134 Shiny-Vaporeon2135 Shiny-Jolteon2140 Shiny-Kabuto2148 Shiny-Dragonair2150 Shiny-Mewtwo2151 Shiny-Mew2181 Shiny-Ampharos2287 Shiny-Slakoth2334 Shiny-Altaria2371 Shiny-Bagon2439 Shiny-MimeJr2447 Shiny-Riolu2461 Shiny-Weavile2573 Shiny-Cinccino2575 Shiny-Gothorita2583 Shiny-Vanillish2650 Shiny-Chespin2651 Shiny-Quilladin2652 Shiny-Chesnaught2653 Shiny-Fennekin2654 Shiny-Braixen2655 Shiny-Delphox2656 Shiny-Froakie2657 Shiny-Frogadier2658 Shiny-Greninja2659 Shiny-Bunnelby2660 Shiny-Diggersby2661 Shiny-Fletchling2662 Shiny-Fletchinder2663 Shiny-Talonflame2664 Shiny-Scatterbug2665 Shiny-Spewpa2666 Shiny-Vivillon2667 Shiny-Litleo2668 Shiny-Pyroar2669 Shiny-Flabebe2670 Shiny-Floette2671 Shiny-Florges2672 Shiny-Skiddo2673 Shiny-Gogoat2674 Shiny-Pancham2675 Shiny-Pangoro2676 Shiny-Furfrou2677 Shiny-Espurr2678 Shiny-Meowstic2679 Shiny-Honedge2680 Shiny-Doublade2681 Shiny-Aegislash2682 Shiny-Spritzee2683 Shiny-Aromatisse2684 Shiny-Swirlix2685 Shiny-Slurpuff2686 Shiny-Inkay2687 Shiny-Malamar2688 Shiny-Binacle2689 Shiny-Barbaracle2690 Shiny-Skrelp2691 Shiny-Dragalge2692 Shiny-Clauncher2693 Shiny-Clawitzer2694 Shiny-Helioptile2695 Shiny-Heliolisk2696 Shiny-Tyrunt2697 Shiny-Tyrantrum2698 Shiny-Amaura2699 Shiny-Aurorus2701 Shiny-Hawlucha2702 Shiny-Dedenne2703 Shiny-Carbink2704 Shiny-Goomy2705 Shiny-Sliggoo2706 Shiny-Goodra2707 Shiny-Klefki2708 Shiny-Phantump2709 Shiny-Trevenant2710 Shiny-Pumpkaboo2711 Shiny-Gourgeist2712 Shiny-Bergmite2713 Shiny-Avalugg2714 Shiny-Noibat2715 Shiny-Noivern2716 Shiny-Xerneas2717 Shiny-Yveltal2718 Shiny-Zygarde2719 Shiny-Diancie4100 Pyroar-F4110 Meowstic-F4120 Aegislash-Shield4130 Pumpkaboo-Small4131 Pumpkaboo-Large4132 Pumpkaboo-Super4140 Gourgeist-Small4141 Gourgeist-Large4142 Gourgeist-Super

    news source v 2.0.9

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