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[PKMN OPEN] Pokemon: Stars of the Indigo Stage (IC)


Make the Colors in the Sky!
Here we go on our Pokemon Musical challenge! There's still a little time to sign up, but once we pass a certain point in the Pallet Town episode, signups will be closed.

(current active players:


Any traveler to Unova couldn't leave without seeing the Pokemon Musical. While initially confined to Nimbasa's famous theater district, it wasn't long before other parts of Unova opened their own theaters, allowing many more to see the lavish spectacle without traveling all the way to Nimbasa.

The Pokemon Musical also had a sister challenge, the Pokemon Revue, for girls only. Both types of Musical challenge grew wildly popular, to the point those in other regions begged and pleaded for the Musical and the Revue to become viable journey options alongside Gyms and Contests.

But then one day, people in Kanto got their wish--Lance formally announced the Musical (and with it the Revue) as a journey option for trainers. Interested trainers would travel to Pallet Town to audition, determine what types of roles they were best suited for, and receive the Spotlight Button signaling that they were on the challenge.

If a performer did well in the musical, they would receive a Star Pin for their Spotlight Button. Those that earned at least eight across the theaters of Kanto would participate in the Grand Musical or Grand Revue during the Pokemon League.

So it was not surprising there was a massive line at Pallet Town's local theater--the Theater de Palette. Many hoped to perform before Pallet's native rivals--and just as Ash and Gary had started off in Pallet all those years ago, so too were these performers setting off on their grand adventure to take the stage at the Indigo League.

The Theater de Pallette bustled with activity as people arrived to sign up for the Pokemon Musical Challenge and its sister challenge, the Pokemon Revue Challenge. Those that had received their Spotlight Buttons were already auditioning to see what roles suited them best for the challenge.
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Always follow your Dreams ~

Asuna Matsumoto

Entry 1: The Staring Line

"There's so many people here…" mumbled a small voice. A young girl with light brown hair and blue eyes stood around the middle of the line, glancing around nervously at the other contestants. "It's a good thing we came early."

Espe! The girl looked down, seeing an Espeon in her arms, staring at her, tail swishing. "Silva, I'm scared at what role I'll get." Silva, the Espeon, only flicks her tail before 'meowing' and rubbing herself on the girl's chest, trying to comfort the girl. The girl chuckles before taking notice of the outfit she's wearing: a straw hat with a blue ribbon tied around the base, a forest green dress with a white collar, her black top underneath, and a white waistcoat(with side and breast pockets that can be tied close using a button) with a blue ribbon on her chest, knee-high gray stockings, and brown boots. [Her outfit is very similar to Serena's second outfit from Pokemon XY Series]

She reached into her bag: a light blue base and pale blue around the zipper, with a pocket on both sides, two straps on the sides that are long enough to be placed around her shoulders, but also has two smaller straps above the pockets if the owner wants to carry it by hand instead.

From the bag, she got her own Spotlight Button, the slots all empty since it's fresh from the crop. 'I wonder which role I'll get. All I can do is sing and play the flute, not much to pick from…'
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Make the Colors in the Sky!
"Next!" a director called, ushering the next person in line forward.

Each entrant would answer a few questions to gauge what type of role they would be best at, then showcase their talents on a stage. It was not required to have anything prepared, but if you did prepare something, it helped.

Once your role types were determined, you would go inside the theater to learn what show you would be doing to kick off your challenge.


Lennon Blacklocke
Age: 16

Enter the Annoying Dove!

"Ah, the Kanto region." Lennon breathed, as he stood outside the grandiose Theater de Pallette, hands in the pockets of his tailored black trousers. "It sure is.. Something." He commented, gazing around at the clusters of expectant men and women. To tell the truth, Lennon was impartial to Kanto. He felt a tad homesick, it was so immensely foreign to him and was quite a contrast to Unova. Everything here was slow and plain. The towns and cities were all gathered together and all looked identical, in Lennon's opinion. Moreover, the native Kantonians were so old-fashioned and borish, they lacked the zest for life and the exuberance that the people of Unova possessed. And this theatre had nothing on the famed Nimbasa theatre. It was a quaint at best. But, it would have to do.

As Lennon analyzed the crowds of people, he failed to recognize a single face and was disappointed. Surely there had to be someone of talent and prestige auditioning.

Well, who knows how much talent these Kantonians even have to begin with? This region has been devoid of the fine arts, after all.

Shaking his head, he moved towards the theater.

"Is that Lennon Blacklocke?" He heard a young girl ask aloud to her friend.

"Lyrica's brother?"

He heard his name a few times as he maneuvered through the endless sea of humans and pokemon. He didn't bother to engage with these people, he was aware of his own reputation and popularity, being a talented musician and performer meant that he received constant attention, which was annoying at times. Becoming a musical sensation would only add another feather in his cap, another trophy on his shelf, another chapter in his book of successes.

As he opened the doors to the theatre and stepped inside he felt a surge of confidence. A theatre was where he truly felt alive.

He lined up to audition, pulling out the spotlight button out of his midnight black tuxedo jacket, gazing at it momentarily. He could just envision how full it would become with the many star pins he'd receive. He sighed as the queue in front of him was far too long for his liking.

Most of these simpletons aren't cut out for musical performances, anyway. He thought, feeling sorry for these individuals who'd be wasting their time.

Boohoo for them.

The crowd seemed to dissipate rather swiftly and before he knew it, Lennon Blacklocke was at the front of the line. He adjusted his bow-tie, and took a brush to his long fiery tresses, although he knew he looked immaculate.

This shall be a piece of cake.

"Hold on a minute, Lenny-pie!" A squeaky voice emitted.

Oh no.

Lennon sighed as he knew just who that annoying pink-haired brat was by her irritatingly high-pitched voice.

"Hiiii! Oh, Lenny-kins, I'm surprised to see you here!" The girl cried dramatically.

Lennon cleared his throat and turned on his heel.

It was Lovelyn.

What in the name of Arceus is she doing in Kanto of all places? Who in their right mind would let her into this region? I must call deportation services immediately.

Lovelyn giggled, as she played with a strand of her bubblegum tresses, a huge smile plastered to her face.

"Ohhhhh, Lenny-pie, you don't seem happy to see me. Why's that? Aren't we the best of rivals, hmmm?" She asked, elbowing him playfully.

"Lovelyn, will you-"

"Oh, Lenny-cakes, serious as always! You're such a bore! And here I thought you'd be excited to see me! Boo!"

"Lovelyn, darling, don't you have someone else to bother? I don't have time for such a petulant buffoon like you. I suggest you remove yourself from this theatre before I file a restraining order against you. Ta-ta." He ordered dismissively, gazing daggers at the petite female.

Lovelyn simply huffed. "Oh dear! Difficult as always, Lenny-poo, well, that's no way to treat a lady, now is it? Have you forgotten your manners in Unova? That must be the case. Well, I'm here to let you know that I, Lovelyn Dove, will be Kanto's greatest musical star! That is all." With that, she bounded off, her pink dress flouncing as she went.

Lennon simply rolled his eyes and readied himself for his performance, drawing in a deep breath.

Lovelyn and Lennon were childhood friends, both coming from affluent families in Castellia city. Lovelyn's parents were entertainers and thus, Lovelyn became one herself as well. Moreover, Lovelyn's parents were well acquainted with Lennon's, with their mothers being exceptionally close. Growing up she made it known of her affection for Lennon. Lennon was never really interested in Lovelyn, to him, Lovelyn was simply an irritation. She was loud and sickeningly enthusiastic, not to mention delusional. However, he respected her as a performer. Like his sister, Lovelyn was quite a musical sensation back in Unova. Her cutesty and lively performances shot her to instant stardom. Though their performance styles were drastically different, Lennon knew that Lovelyn meant business and was competition.


Lovelyn Dove

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Make the Colors in the Sky!
Even the League attendant at the counter couldn't resist smiling at the awkward exchange. But she turned business-like again. "Okay...I'll need you to answer a few questions to gauge what type of role you would be best at, then showcase your talents on our stage. You don't have to have anything prepared, but if you did prepare something, that will help."

She turned her attention to the first question on her sheet. "What kinds of roles have you played before, if any? What roles do you feel you can believably play with your skillset?"