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Random Thoughts Made by My Observations

  • Age 28
  • Seen Nov 14, 2023
I guess I'll use my new found access to blogs to write down thoughts that have bothered me or just came to mind. I've posted the following thoughts on my Facebook profile but would like to post them here in one giant collection/anthology for the sake of having a somewhat meaty blog.

They go by reverse order of date so maybe my immaturity or inexperience may show as you go down the list.

Thought 1:
Honestly, it really irks me when people say "my faith in humanity has been restored." Like get over yourselves. -_-
We've learned time and time again of humanity's past and present to understand we will always go through ups and downs regardless of whatever so suck it up.

Thought 2:
Life isn't difficult. People are difficult.

Thought 3:
If you don't love someone even if you're upset with them, then you never loved them to begin with.

Thought 4:
Some girls will judge "unattractive" guys for wanting to date a hot woman who is "out of their league." However some of these same girls will want to date a guy with 6 pack abs while they sit and eat ice cream all day. Oh irony.

Thought 5:
If every person who is single has the mentality that someone will come to them, then no one will approach anyone.

Thought 6:
I will never understand why some people complain about their phone being "dry" and always asking for texting buddies yet they only end up texting one word replies. There's a reason no one wants to talk to you. :p

Thought 7:
Somehow I'm always the one who has to initiate a conversation in order to keep a friendship going. I've had enough of these one-sided "friendships."

Thought 8:
I am so sick of hearing girls say "all men are the same."
And it's just as bad when a guy says all women are the same just to spite them.
No human is completely identical to another human in both looks and personality combined so brush off your past and get over it.

Thought 9:
Hispanic kids don't get grounded, they just get scolded for dishonoring their family lol.

Thought 10:
Real friends? I hear those are limited edition nowadays.

Final Thought (for now):
I don't get how people have the balls to go sky diving or bungee jumping but are too afraid to walk through a ghetto neighborhood at night.

Yeah that's all for now. Maybe I'll make another blog if any major thought makes me want to write an essay.