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[PKMN FULL] Return of the Titans (IC) [T]


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    Return of the Titans

    SU/OOC Page


    After having defeated their Titan predecessors, the Greek gods and goddesses ruled upon Mount Olympus, believing the worst was behind them. They lived as they wished, testing mortals and demigods alike and sending many on quests. Some gods helped the heroes, some made life difficult for them. Famous heroes include Hercules, son of Zeus, Odysseus, descendent of Hermes, Theseus, son of Poseidon, and they all performed incredible feats.
    Though, while the gods were having their fun with the mortals, the Titans were scheming. They had been defeated, but that had only fueled their rage and hatred for the gods. Since the day they were banished into Tartarus, the Titans laid in waiting, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. A moment when the gods had lowered their guard, and stopped expecting the Titans' return.
    Originally, the world was only populated with humans, animals, and plants, with the gods watching over them. Each god had their own jobs, such as Ares with wars and violence, and Hera with families and marriage, but as the world evolved, so did the gods.
    It is the year 30XX, and the world is drastically different from how you know it. Due to chemical radiation, pollution, and many other factors, the world's lifeforms mutated. Humans were able to resist mutation as they discovered how to deal with it quickly, and developed antibodies, but the rest of the lifeforms, well, they were not as fortunate. Soon, these new mutations began developing powers, and with the help of science, humans were able to develop a device that could capture these new creatures to harness the powers, which they dubbed as pocket balls, shortened to pok
    é balls. With this name, soon came about the name pocket monsters, which was similarly shorted to pokémon.
    The gods did not help as they felt it was the humans fault that pokemon now existed. Instead, they did nothing and said that the humans should learn from their own mistakes and make do with what they made the Earth to be. Though, as humans rely on gods, vice versa is the truth as well. With these new creatures popping up, the gods had to learn how to incorporate them as well in their jobs and soon, rather than gods of war and the sun, they became gods of Flying-Types and Water-Types.
    Now with the world so changed and the gods so busy having to deal with these new ways of life, they forgot the imminent threat of the Titans. Thus, the Titans had gained their chance. They ambushed Olympus and with the gods so occupied, they lost without even getting a chance to put up a real fight.
    With the gods defeat, they have no choice but to rely on their demigod children to avenge them, and defeat the Titans. Now child, can you handle the return of the Titans?


    You are the child of Greek god or goddess. Each god has their own types that they rule over. As their child, you may only use pokémon of your divine parent's types, but dual typing is alright. Also, as a demigod, you only have 1 godly parent, but each parent has 2 types, as to create more diversity. You are allowed 3 pokémon to use. The setting is Kanto, and Mt. Olympus is at the Indigo Plateau. You will progress from the hometown of your choosing, increasing your strength along the way. At the end, all players will meet at the Plateau to face the Titans. In order to be allowed to go to the Plateau, I, the GM will decide so, when I deem every players team worthy for the 'Challenge'. After being deemed worthy, the player will face their godly parent in a battle. Only then, is are they strong enough to face the ultimate foe, the Titans.

    The Gods:

    1. Zeus
      • Flying-Type
      • Electric-Type
    2. Poseidon
      • Water-Type
      • Ice-Type
    3. Hades
      • Ghost-Type
      • Dark-Type
    4. Hera
      • Normal-Type
      • Fairy-Type
    5. Demeter
      • Grass-Type
      • Bug-Type
    6. Athena
      • Psychic-Type
      • Ground-Type
    7. Ares
      • Fighting-Type
      • Rock-Type
    8. Hephaestus
      • Fire-Type
      • Steel-Type

    • Keep things rated T please.
    • All standard PC/RP rules apply.
    • Respect your fellow RPers please.
    • Be active! If something comes up that's important, contact me so that I know.
    • Be creative and have fun with it!
    Sign-Up Sheet:

    1. Name:
    2. Age:
    3. Hometown/Starting Point: (Doesn't have to be your origin, but it's where you'll start your travels.)
    4. Appearance: (Pic w/small caption or mini-paragraph will do.)
    5. Background: (Origin, personality, talents, weaknesses, description of who the character is in general.)
    6. Godly Parent: (Only 1 allowed. Parents are first come, first serve. No 2 characters can have same parent. So if someone already chose him/her, please pick someone else.)
    7. 3 Pokémon: (Include 4 moves, can learn moves later one as you see fit [as long as they're legal moves]. Can be nicknamed. Include gender if applicable. This may be obvious, but just in case—your pokémon have to match your godly parent's type)


    1. TheSyren as Arion, son of Demeter
    2. Kurobat as Fiara Goodlife, daughter of Hades
    3. MckinkyMcormic as Nathan Bridges, son of Athena
    4. Yet Another Logical Nerd as Cressile 'Cress' Savich, daughter of Hephaestus
    5. Gelius3 as Gelius Gold, son of Poseidon



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    Gelius Gold - Vermilion City - Arrival in Vermilion, The Portuary City​

    We arrived in the docks. I left the boat. I turned around to thank for the ride.

    "Thanks for the ride Lt. Surge! Now i can take on the gyms and have an crazy adventure!" I said. I gave him a mischievous grin.

    Lt. Surge smiled with the same grin to me. "No problem hum... What was your name?" He asked.

    I sighed. "My name is Gelius. Gelius Gold." I said while fiddling with my hat. "Now where is your gym? And where is the nearest bike shop?" I asked.

    "My gym is over there," He said pointing to a big building with thunder images. "The nearest bike shop is on Cerulean." Then we both heard a ring. Was his Pokégear. He started to talk.

    "Hello?" Lt. Surge said. He then gave the phone to me. "It's for you Gelius."

    I picked the phone. "Hello who is there?" I asked.

    "Hi it's me Gelius!" A familiar voice said.

    "Hum... Who is talking?" I said.

    "It's me Blaine! Your... well adoptive father..." Blaine said.

    "Sensei Blaine! Why you want to talk with me?" I asked.

    "First of all, you forgot a lot of your things here. Second, i need you to go to Pewter City and talk with Brock, and if you have opportunity, take on his gym. Third, be careful, i care a lot for you." He said.

    "OK i will do that." I said.

    "Don't worry if you don't know what to do. I already told him that you were going there. See you." I hang up the Pokégear and give it to Lt. Surge.

    "Surge can you tell me where i can buy a Pokégear? And how do i go to Pewter?" I asked.

    "You can buy a Pokégear in the Pokemart and for Pewter... You must take the Diglett Cave, because Mt. Moon can be only entered by Pewter side." He said.

    "Thanks." I thank again and i left to the Pokemart.

    "Hello! Welcome to the Pokémart! Want to buy something?" I looked on my pockets. Oh no i had no money.

    "I have no money, but i want to know if Pokemarts sell Pokégear." I said.

    "Sorry here we are out of stock. Try another place." I left. After leaving i entered to the Diglett Cave.

    After going in, i saw it was very dark...

    "Well, it must be done. Cruncher, SneaSlash lets go." I said to Totodile and Sneasel. We went deeper in the cave.
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    It was a sunny spring day, almost too sunny perhaps. The cold front which had swept in from the north had moved over pewter city the past few days and for some reason decided to stay here to Nathan's disapproval, as his skinny and plae body hated every bit of the unusual weather combination. His torso was crammed inside of the hollow part of a gigantic metal arm resting on the lawn, and in his current predicament he was unable to push his heavy glasses back up on his nose. He hated the heavy lenses that were constantly pressing on the bridge of his nose, but in his opinion he would rather deal with discomfort than be ailed with the inability to perceive the little bit of the world in which he was familiar with.

    Next to his father's tools strewn about the concrete, a young man in his prime sat at the far left of the yard on the patio set with a book named "Anatomy and physiology of near-human pokemon" that had been littered with sticky notes and papers which had been wedged in between the pages. an iron giant sat on the other side of the lawn, brushing his large clumsy fingers across the tall stalks of sunflowers, tomato plants, and other various and exotic berry saplings. It made a grinding noise longingly at the flowers watching as the wind would occasionally send the seeds adrift into the air up towards the sun. "no" said Nathan as he pulled a cracked nut the size of his head out of the arm. "that's how you broke this thing again. You get to be in the pokeball tonight." The giant made another much louder creaking sound emphasizing his disapproval. "… ok, after sundown. No more runing though, ok?" the giant picked him up with his good arm and put him on his shoulders, knocking his dirty glasses askew. Nathan rubbed the giant's head in loving reciprocation.

    A screech came above their heads, as a big green dragon pokemon landed in the yard, it's claws holding on to a blue canvas bag labeled "PokeShop Poketransport", and was filled with groceries and other necessities that he ordered over the phone. "Thanks Sandy" said the man as he laid the enormous book on it's spine. He grabbed the groceries from the flygon and gave it a pat on the head, which she quickly responded with affectionate cooing.

    "here you go" said Nathan as he fitted the last bolt on the outside of the arm. The giant suddenly awoke from it's midsummer daze to be enthralled with the refurbished arm. "don't go smashing rocks with that arm now, you know it's not as strong as your other one." His words did little to reach the Golurk as it enthusiastically refit the arm to it's shoulder nub and watched it slowly whirr to life. The energy pouring into the arm from the Golurk's power source made the new metal on the shoulder joint begin to blue from the heat generated. The man came back out again after putting away the groceries with sandy and picked up his book. "did you fix Go-man's arm?" "yep" said Nathan. "he cracked a ball bearing and a nut. We still had some spares so it worked out." "good. Why don't you go put the tools up and we'll do another treatment. After that you need to take a bath, you smell like grease." He chucked at the nurse's snyde remark on Nathan's appearance and smoothed his work shirt out which had now gained stripes and looked like a zebra. He re-entered the house to the pleasant smell of a Gallade in the kitchen who was preparing dinner for the nurse while he tended to Nathan's condition. "what's for dinner, Arthur?" "stir fry" the nurse said in the stead of Arthur, "not sure exactly what else we're gonna put in it though, sandy forgot the beef again." She cooed quietly, nuzzling the foot of the sofa with her head to scratch herself, enjoying the show on the television, which Nathan was sure she wasn't realy paying attention to.

    Life was pretty much perfect here around his friends, passing the time reading books or tending the garden. There was little Nathan would change. "oh, Nathan" said the nurse, "I think your PokeGear is ringing."

    The buzzing of the vibrating device made it slide across the smooth ebony table. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Bzzzt. It made a quiet thump as it landed on the carpet with the screen facedown. Nathan cursed as he picked it up and pressed the answer button.

    Return of the Titans (IC) [T]


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    Return of the Titans (IC) [T]
    Onward With Olympus

    Return of the Titans (IC) [T]
    Return of the Titans (IC) [T]
    Return of the Titans (IC) [T]

    °2 Weeks Earlier°

    Cress made sure to pack everything that she needed, and sighed as she looked at the window, showing her the Lavander Church. In a way, she was going to miss that place. Well, mainly due to the fact that it was there where she learned of her mysterious powers to mend fire. Of course the only the surrounding pokemon knew of this, but no human being should ever know about it. She read once in a book how back then, people that were magicians were hanged for doing witchcraft, and Cress wasn't sure how anyone would react to her powers. The least they can do is hang her. She shuddered at the thought of it when she heard an abruptly knock at her door that made her flinch.

    "Savich, are you ready to go?"

    She sighed in relief as she heard the quick, crisp voice of her good friend, Nora Pilmouth. She sighed in relief, and she got the rest of the suitcases that she had and rolled them out. She stood in front of the door, turned and looked at her empty room, and sighed again. I might not come here for a good while, at least until I find out who I am. With a conflicted heart, she opened the door and Nora stood there, a semi scowl showing on her face with her arms crossed. Her blue eyes softened at the sight of Cress, and she didn't even notice that some of her black hair fell out from her ponytail.

    "Come on Savich. If we don't close the deal now, we might not get the jobs at the café."

    Cress rolled her eyes. She given up a long time ago on correcting her friend to call her by her name, but she insisted on calling her Savich. Nora rolls her eyes, her scowl lost to a grin.

    "I told you already that Savich sounds tough, and you're always so persistence on getting more than what you have."

    All because I need to find out who am I, Cressilie thought to herself. She didn't bother telling the truth, and it was better that way. Only a week earlier, Cress had found a job for both of them in Viridian City in a recently new café that opened up, and their salary was way better than what Saffron had to offer. They were going to rent an apartment that they were going to share, but only after they booked the jobs. Cress didn't tell Nora, but she purposely looked for a job there. It was the closets place to Mount Olympus, and although she might not be able to gain access there, she was bound to gain information about the place. And frankly, the place didn't look too shabby.

    "Well come on then, let's go, unless you want someone to beat us," Cress said sternly.

    Nora helped her load her luggage in the trunk of her car, putting it next to hers, and both then got in the car and Nora drove off, with a Cress that looked back at the place she grew up her entire life. She looked at the pokeballs in her belt, and she forced a smile on herself.

    Present Day

    Cressilie Savich stands next to her Chandelure, a ferocious grin creeping on her face at the battling arena of the café. The customer that had earlier demanded a battle with Cress stood with a shocked mouth as his Torterra load on the floor, fainted. Chandelure was in the middle of a swaying dance, and the man grunted. He returned his pokemon.

    "I... I can't... How did I..."

    As he stammered, he shook his head and he opened a small case, and shook his head.

    "After four badges... And I lost too easily..." Cress decided to withhold her smirk as she saw his face of confusion. "How many badges do you have?"

    Cress flinched at the question, but she recovered in time. She shook her head without shame. Cress had more important things to do than become addicted to battle, like mastering her fire and discovering more about Mount Olympus.

    "You're good girl, I tell you. You should try to beat them all."

    She shook her head, and she tried to put on an uninterested look, but she was awed at the fact that she could busy herself with something else. She heard the mini crowd watching the battle sigh in disappointment, and then they applauded, clearly pleased with the food and entertainment. She saw Nora from the sea if people, shooing them away, including some of the waiters that were supposed to be in their shift. The man then went up to Cress and extended a hand, which she shook.

    "If I'd were you, I'd start considering starting to challenge the gyms," he said in a low, stern voice that only Cress could hear. "You could gain what you want."

    He then drew out money, and pressed it on her hands. Based on the look of his dark eyes, the man was talking more about money. But then what could he be saying? Madman... He's probably humiliated from losing. But Cress highly doubted that she should ignore what he said. Before she could ask what he meant, he left the place quickly, not even batting an eye back.

    "So," Nora said to Cress as she came upon her. "Did you ask for his number?"

    Cress laughed at this, forgetting her worry with his words and the temptation to leave what she has worked for to a silly crusade to conquer the gyms in Kanto. Plus, where could she get all the money to travel? She counted the money he gave her, counting off a thousand dollars in total. She stared at the money in disbelief and gasped hard. Nora nudged an elbow at Cressilie.

    "So, how much did he give you? Did he leave a note?"

    Chandelure also came near to the girls, trying to figure what the fuss was about. Cress counted the money again to make sure.

    "A thousand dollars, no more, no less."

    Nora's eyes widened and lighted in glee, but before the words could escape her lips, a voice bellowed from behind them.

    "Do I pay you girls to be giggling around here? Get to work!"

    Cress observed her boss, Lucas Granite. He looked grouchy like always, strands of white hair standing out in the black hair of his. She sighed, puts the money up, returns Chandelure, and immediately went straight to work. As much as she tried, she couldn't shake off the words the man told her. She then imagined as she could be recognised for her skills without being threatened of being herself, but shook the thoughts away. I shouldn't fall to a hopeless dream like that. But what if I can do it? Surely I have the skills, but what good will it do? She then felt the money in her pocket, but she wasn't going to waste it on a mere journey, or could she?



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    Arion - Viridian Forest

    Ch. 1: On the road to Pewter City?! Arion makes his debut!

    Narrator: The Viridian Forest. Known for its calm atmosphere and diverse population of pokemon, the Viridian Forest is usually a great day vacation spot. And, as the only path between the cities of Pewter and Viridian, it has new travelers everyday. With that in mind, what will we see today?

    Arion sits beneath the branches of an old Pecha tree, his jacket draped like a blanket over his body. His eyes are closed as he rests, an air of unspoken grace around him.

    -nudge nudge-

    He sighs, knowing that his Larvesta was bored. Being hasty was in its nature, and although he didn't care about the nature or personality of his beloved pokemon, he did find it irritating to be awoken from his nap.

    "Alright, alright, I am up Larvesta." He shakes the random leaves out of his hair and begins to stand, swinging his coat around his shoulders and buttoning the top button like an impromptu cape. "We shall go today. I swear, you want those badges more than i do."

    Larvesta crawls up beside him and puffs smoke from its horns.

    "Yeah, yeah, I heard you loud and clear. You have the biggest weakness to Pewter City Gym pokemon out of our group, so you want to contribute the most. I can understand that. However, you do know that it isn't all about the game, right? Let's work as a team and not a group of individuals."

    Larvesta puffs smoke again and just continues to crawl.

    "Heh, of course. You have to evolve first." Arion looks down at his belt and the three pokeballs attached to it: two premier balls and a luxury ball. At least i look like I'm serious, he thinks as he reflects upon his journey so far.

    He was raised in the Viridian Forest, beneath the trees and by pokemon from the area. Due to unknown circumstances, he never knew of his parents, and never really needed them anyway. A hive of Beedrill kept him fed with honey, and a flock of Tropius usually brought him fresh fruit every other day. During the winter months, when the forest became cover in a thin layer of soft, powdery snow, Arion would be tended to by the Volcarona, a small group of fire pokemon released into the wild by an old breeder. The Volcarona raised him as their own, bringing him food and warmth, and eventually taking him in permanently. It was a simple, quiet life.

    He would start his day meeting with a group of Chatot as they taught him human speach. He picked up the sounds quickly, but actual words usually were difficult. However, he eventually learned the art of speaking, thanks to a farmer in Viridian. When he wasn't learning human things, he was being taught how to read the forest: Trevenant would show him how to see death in a forest, and Lotad would show him ways to find fresh water. By the time he was a teen, he could judge a forest as quickly as a Celebi could, though not as acutely. After years of raising him, the Volcarona had to wish him goodbye; their time to leave was long past over due, but their need to look after a child had kept them there. As they left, they told him of a place where he could test his skills, a place where even the strongest of mortals fear to tread: Mt. Olympus.

    I will go to Mt. Olympus, and prove to the world that i am better than they are; and i will be a god among men.

    Arion continued to walk, and finally came to a parting of the trees. The path he had been taking continued on to a town with a large sign labeled: Pewter City, a quiet city nestled between rugged mountains and rocks.

    "Well, we made it Larvesta. Let's begin our journey here."

    With the sound of released steam, Larvesta jets off into the air. Flames shoot from its horns, lifting it off in a dazzling display of raw power.

    "Heh, showoff."

    Narrator: And so, our adventurer Arion has made it Pewter City. What adventure awaits him and his partner Larvesta? Stay tuned!
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    Return of the Titans (IC) [T]

    Fiara Goodlife​

    Celadon City | First Step​

    The conversation didn't surprise Fiara Goodlife. What surprised her was that it took so long before Erika could ever muster up the courage and tell her what she needs to do. Fiara just chuckled about the conversation later that day. She had seen the conversation coming, years before. She saw it just after she caught Abi. She saw it after she caught Frosh. She saw it again after evolving Frosh and unlocking the secrets of Mega-Evolution for Abi, a feat not many trainers could boast. She saw it many times and she was surprised that it happened several years later than anticipated.

    Erika came into her room wearing the traditional kimono. As always, she was smiling. Fiara on the other hand was on the floor and lying on her back. Her Absol was dozing and Fiara was using the Pokemon as a fluffy pillow as she continued reading a book.

    "Good morning, Fiara," Erika said. Fiara, in surprise, put down her book and stood up.

    "Erika, I-ugh. Good morning to you too. Please sit down, uh, anywhere. The floor is yours," Fiara said, scrambling to find her words. Even though Erika was younger than she was, she still is her mentor, being the gym leader of the city she was in. "I didn't expect you would come."

    "I just felt like I needed to talk to you," Erika said. She knelt down on one of the small pillows strewn just everywhere. Even in the middle of a cluttered room, Erika still manage to act poise, a trait shared by the trainers under Celadon City gym's tutelage. Well, all trainers with the exception of Fiara Goodlife.

    Fiara sat down on the hardwood floor, cross-legged. Abi opened one eye, studying Erika extensively, and went right back to sleep. "What about?"

    "You've been a great trainer, Fiara. In fact, your skills are too much for being a gym trainer," Erika began. Her eyes were locked on Fiara's. "What is making you stay?"

    Fiara was taken aback by the question. It was true that she has gotten strong enough. And, with only Trevenant as her Grass-type, most trainers who are looking forward to the Rainbow Badge is shut down by Fiara before they could even take a glimpse at Erika. It was true that a gym trainers job is to test if each trainer that pass through them is worthy of battling the leader, with Fiara's skill, winning is nigh near impossible. "Uhm, I... Uh.. I think I do not know where to go next if I leave."

    Erika nodded, as if expecting the answer. She had been childhood friends with Fiara but the two grew up differently. "If I may suggest anything?"

    Fiara knew what Erika is going to say. She saw it coming already. And yes, she's prepared to do it. "I know what you are going to say, Erika."

    "You are?"

    "Yes," Fiara replied. "You-uh- want me to take on the gym circuit too, right? Travel the region, collect the badges, right?"

    This time, it was Erika that was taken aback. "Yes, you're right."

    "Well, I've seen this one coming. I -uh- I was never the Grass-type trainer. Two Pokemon out of my three are not grass-type."

    "Yes, and with you on the trainer roster, we're not the fifth gym in terms of strength. If you travel the region, you'll find new people and hone your skills against stronger trainers. Who knows, you may even develop your love for Grass-types," Erika said. Fiara doubted if she will ever learn to love the type.

    "All right. You are still my mentor. If this is what you want, then I'm okay with it," Fiara stood up and smiled. "From this day on, Fiara Goodlife is no longer a Celadon City Gym trainer. Fiara Goodlife is now a trainer."

    Erika stood up and hugged Fiara. "I'm sure you'll have lots of fun on the road, Trainer Fiara."

    Trainer Fiara, I like that. "Thank you, Erika. This journey should begin impressively."

    "Would you like me to organize a going-away tea party?" Erika suggested.

    "No. I would start it with a fight. I challenge you, Erika, one trainer to a Gym Leader. I will acquire your badge."
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    "hey Nathan - ount o- I mean - elite four- not that far - strong - Brock – help - can get in the building - waiting here – now - you there? - breaking up - present - kalos. - friend Gurkinn - there today or tomorrow- love you." The message ended with a click. The static from the call made it almost impossible to decode, which concerned him. "Who was that?" said the nurse as he was bringing in the mail. "dad. He said something about going to the elite four. He wants me to get a badge or something from Brock." Nathan walked over to the kitchen table to look at the mail. "dad said something about a present, is there something in there?" the nurse gave him a wink and nudged a box over to him with his name and address printed on it. Nathan quickly snatched it off the table and sat on the sofa, parcel in lap and a childish grin on his face. He tore open the paper tape on the sides and slowly opened the cardboard box's lid.

    Inclosed was a large sphere and a coin-shaped medallion, both polished to a smooth shine and inlaid with marble-like swirl in them. Suprisingly the stones carried little weight and felt almost weightless in the hand. "oh my gosh, could these be…" Nathan pulled the foam insert out of the box to reveal a letter inside written on worn, coffee-stained paper obviously torn out of one of his many notebooks.

    Return of the Titans (IC) [T]

    Nathan put the stones down, giddy at the possibility of the power held inside the stones. Sandy, who had been enthralled by the cheesy drama on the TV craned her neck to watch Nathan play with the stones, and poked him in the side. "what is it sandy?" he said, which was responded by a whiny purr as she nudged him again. Nathan turned his head to the nurse who was holding another present. "happy birthday Nathan. i know it's a couple days early, but your dad made me promise to give you my present when you got his, for safety reasons of course." "thank you" said Nathan as he grabbed the present out of his hands. He unwrapped it quickly and opened it up to find an ornate arm bracelet and a new pair of glasses. "I know you've been needing a new pair for a while now. Those are made out of carbon fiber and lightweight tempered glass so they should last a long time. I also got them fitted with slots to hold your mega and key stone, a personal touch."

    Nathan took off his bent and banged up wire frames and put on the rigid, smooth black fiber ones. They fit his nose perfectly and weighed no more than a few ounces, weighing a little more on the left to compensate for the key stone. "these are nice, doc. You didn't have to do this." "well I don't think you're the jewelry type of person, and I cant stand those scratched up lenses so I got you these. Also he wanted me to get them for you because they emit radiation currently unknown, and may have side-effects if on the skin during evolution." Nathan fitted the galladeite into the metal armband, which was engraved with swirls and fleur-de-lis's, symbolic of Kalos.
    "Arthur, come here." The gallade reluctantly stepped away from the cutting board to attend to Nathan. "do you know what his is?" Arthur gave him a nod and took it from his hands to examine it, both of them shivered. He undid the metal clasp on it and slipped it around his bicep, making a nice firm click as he closed the clasp. It was a perfect fit. "it's an heirloom from your grandfather. Your father never trained so you're the first to use it since him."

    Arthur returned to his work in the kitchen when his role in the conversation seemed to be over. Nathan fitted the key stone into the glasses as well. "dad wanted me to go visit him at the Pokemon league. I don't know why. He said I needed to get a badge from brock before I went though." "you're a talented trainer, I'm sure you'll be able to beat him with little problem." "I'm still worried though, what if he hurts us…." He said inconfidently, rubbing his arms. "if he does you'll just have to hurt him back." The smell of cooking steak began to fill the house as Arthur was finishing up. "why don't we get a good night rest and talk about it then."said the doc.


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    Gelius Gold - Diglett Cave - Dig Dig Dugtrio Trouble​

    "Stupid cave!" I said. SneaSlash and Cruncher were right next to me.

    We kept walking for what it looked, 1 hour. The cave kept going and going... Suddenly, a Dugtrio attacked. He had attacked SneaSlash.

    "SneaSlash use Shadow Ball!" I yelled. The Dugtrio fainted. "Stupid Dugtrio..." Then a lot of Dugtrio appeared. They were mad. Then they started to chase me. "AHHH! RUN FOR IT!" I yelled. We started to run.

    We reached to the exit...

    Dugtrio came from everywhere... Oh i was so screwed, and i just had started my adventure....

    The Dugtrio had surrounded me. But at least i had space to fight.

    "Cruncher use Hydro Pump, SneaSlash use Surf!" I commanded. The horde was over. Well Dugtrio have so bad defense.

    I started to walk towards the Pokemon Center. And heal my Pokemon...

    Then seconds later the Pokemon were healed. Fast huh? Then she says she has a package to me... From Sensei Blaine. I open it and it was another pair of my favorite clothes, 5 Potion, A Town Map (might be usefull) a Pokégear and a Bike Vouch (Why the last one?). I read the message.

    "Gelius here are your items to help you. Be careful and good luck. From your father,


    I give a smile and sit on the couch. I look on the map. I was figuring out where Brock's Gym was...

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    Return of the Titans (IC) [T]
    Mystery Roads Ahead

    Return of the Titans (IC) [T]
    Return of the Titans (IC) [T]
    Return of the Titans (IC) [T]

    I cannot be doing this, Cress thought as she made her way through Route 2. Her trusty Chandelure walked beside her, watching her back as they travelled the unknown roads. Cress stopped walking all of a sudden and she turned back to her partner.

    "Grace, do you think I even made the right choice?" She asked, doubt filling her voice.

    As if to answer her question, her pokemon went on ahead, crying in glee as she made her way north. Sighing, she made her way to follow Chandelure. I can't believe I just quit my job right there when I accidentally dropped that dish. I was so mad when Mr. Granite yelled at me, and then I was already tempted to go... How could I act so irrationally? She wanted to back down right now, hoping it wasn't too late to do so. But, she resisted. What's the point of going back anyway? Just to be yelled at more? No, Cress had enough working for years in the café business, and it was time she got a grip. She needed her own freedom. She kicked a stray rock on the road.

    "Idiot," she says, grumbling to herself. "Stupid idiot."

    Deep inside of her, she knew this is what she had always wanted, but she wasn't willing to admit just yet. She convinced herself she was traveling to find the answers she demanded, and it was simply it. Nora had tried to convince her earlier of going with a high chin, but Cressilie knew this was futile. She continued to grumble on, knowing that if she doesn't turn back soon, she'll probably never have employment ever again. It's too late anyway. I'm pretty sure calling him a mushed up douche bag is something no one would forget. Damnation! Why did I let my emotions get the better of me?! Why?! She continued her grim mood until she nearly bumped to Chandelure, which she said a sorry to her. It didn't excite her much to go into the woods, but then she mustered up the little courage she had to cross the woods.

    For the most part, it was easy getting pass the woods, since Cress decided to climb the trees and scout for a shortcut. She returned her partner, given that her pokemon couldn't even fly. Luckily, she switched her dress attire for a plain white shirt that had sleeves, khaki pants, outdoor sneakers, and a light brown jacket. It wasn't too hard climbing up the sturdy tree, that is if you know how to balance your body out and know where to place your feet. By the time she climbed up, she drew out her pendant, with her name engraved on the outside, and she clicked it open, and it carried the odd stone she had all her life until one day a few years back, she found out that she could mega evolve her Metagross. She sighed, remembering the adrenaline she had for battling, and she has that now. She shook her head, trying to focus which way to go. It was pretty simple remembering to go north towards her destination, Pewter City, where her first gym would be at. Without her Metagross, she'd be creamed there. She looked at the rows of trees in front of her, and sighed heavily. If she were just younger, she would spring from tree to tree, but once you age more, it gets harder to do.

    She made her way down the tree, and she sprinted up ahead where she saw the opening to proceed. She had leaped over the bushes, shrubs, and streams in her way in one peace. Luckily, Cress also kept fit to run so her body has a reliable stamina. It wasn't long before she made it out, thankful that she didn't get lost in that maze. She badly wanted to rest now, but she decided to wait til she got to a Pokemon Center. Luckily, they provided free services, so it won't cost Cressilie a penny. Route 3 wasn't too long, and soon enough, she saw Pewter City in a distance. She wasn't in such a bad mood anymore, but she felt grim at her choice to foolishly pursuit in becoming a strong trainer. There were people all over, training their lives for this very moment, and she was just here for the fun of it. She sighed as she quickly made her life to the Pokemon Center, and she instantly went to an empty table, summoning her Volcarona this time. He started to trail off when Cress stated:

    "Fritz, get back here before I consider not using you at all."

    He obeyed, going beside her, waiting patiently. Cress surveyed the place, seeing people here and there, but most of them were trainers, probably awaiting to battle the gym. She saw trainers, with pokemon that were well suited for the battle. She looked over to someone nearly as old as her, exploring a map in his hands. She felt relived that she wasn't the only one over twenty barely starting her journey. She looked back down to her clasped hands. Still, she couldn't rely too much on Metagross, even if she were to mega him. She simply couldn't allow that risk of exposing her advantage that fast. She closed her eyes, trying to imagine how each move her pokemon will do to her opponent.

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    "PokeGear, TM/HM adapter, empty pokebals, wallet, map, medicine bag, socket set, portable power tools, drill bits…." He was such an overthinker. It was astonishing how little the boy had changed since he came into his care. he had just gotten his undergraduate, and was training to be a pokecenter surgeon when Rodger had come and asked him for his assistance. The doctors were unsure how long the boy was going to be able to live, and had spent 6 months in the NICU, unsure if his heart was going to give out. The past year and a half was spent nursing the poor child from the brink of death, almost abandoning his career. For unknown reasons his wife left them, most likely because of the time Rodger spent outside of the home, leaving her with the child. He came to me after hearing from a friend who I had previously did a week's babysitting job for. Ever since then I've watched the child grow up, I've seen him do the most incredible things. I'll be sad to see him leave, but he needs to experience the world. At least to be able to find himself.

    Nathan struggled to sling the sack over his shoulders. "hey! I did it!"he said as he soon fell over from all the weight. "maybe you should take out some of those powertools" said the nurse as he helped him back up. "y-yeah maybe." Everyone had gathered around in the backyard where go-man had been sitting that night. "are you guys ready?" said Nathan. All three of his pokemon responded with a firm nod as he took out his pokeballs and retrieved them. "i-I'll miss you doc" said nathan in his own timid way. "I'll just be a phone call away, you know that right? If you need anything call me, and if you run out of medicine I've contacted the Pokecenter HQ about your condition." Nathan choked up. He was about to leave his small world behind. He gave the nurse a hug and shifted his bag, ready to go. "b-bye…."

    "goodbye Nathan. I'll miss you too."

    Nathan found himself in front of the pewter gym stuck in a line of what seemed like experienced travelers. The guy in front of him seemed leagues above him, absentmindedly reading his map, obsessed with his thoughts. On the other hand, the lady behind him seemed out of her element, wearing nice trousers and a thin button-down shirt, which was strange in a place like kanto, where nature usually has lots of wear and tear on clothes. Nathan felt smart, wearing thick cargo pants to keep out the underbrush in the various routes around mt. moon and dark cave. He felt confident he was going to beat Brock, but wasn't sure how to approach him on getting the badge to get into the pokemon league. All he could do is stand and wait for his turn to challenge him.


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    Gelius Gold - Pewter City - Distractions​

    Somehow i found myself stuck on a line of trainers to the gym. Suddenly i find myself being watched by a teenager with glasses and a girl... That was quite cute... Then someone called me.

    "Your time. Get ready." He said. I nod.

    When i entered, Brock greets me.

    "Ha! You must be the one that Blaine talked me about. But i will only let you take this task... If you beat me on battle." He said. "Show me your strength!" He threw a pokeball. Steelix came out. How i am going to defeat this Pokemon?

    I threw Cruncher's Pokeball. Cruncher came out. "Cruncher go for an Hydro Pump!" Cruncher started to shoot water from his mouth.

    "Steelix use Flash Cannon!" Brock commanded. The moves collided. Both failed. "Steelix use Fire Fang!" Steelix tried to bite Cruncher, But Cruncher evaded it.

    "Cruncher use Waterfall!" I said. Cruncher charged at high speed to Steelix, hitting it directly. "Now Hydro Pump!" Cruncher starts shooting water again, hitting once more Steelix. Steelix was down.

    He retrieves Steelix's pokeball and pulls another. He throws it and it comes out a Relichant. It will be easy.

    "Cruncher use Crunch!" Cruncher tried to bite Relichant. However, even that Relichant was slow, the Relichant looker like the same. His defense is very high compared to his speed.

    "Relichant use Take Down!" Relichant charged right to Cruncher, and knocked him out quickly. And Relichant did not took damage due its ability, Rock Head.

    I retrieve Cruncher, and SneaSlash, that was right next to me, goes to the battlefield. "SneaSlash use Dark Pulse!" SneaSlash glowed black and then sent a black pulse hitting Relichant.

    "Relichant use Hydro Pump!" Relichant shoots out the water but Sneasel evaded it due its speed.

    "Now use Shadow Ball!" A Shadow Ball finished with the Relichant. I gave a mischievous grin.

    Brock pulled another pokeball after retrieving Relichant. Surprise of the surprises... It was an Aerodactyl. 'Maybe just a Surf and Blizzard will do the job' Was what i was thinking until he activated something. Then Aerodactyl starts glowing. I was so screwed... "Aerodactyl use Rock Slide!" Aerodactyl started to launch rocks on SneaSlash, knocking him out quickly. I picked SneaSlash, and then wakes up. He hops from my arms and goes to the ground. But i would not make him to fight anymore with Aerodactyl. To fight a Mega Evolved Pokemon, you need a Mega Evolved Pokemon too. And it brought to my last choice.

    "Blaster! Its all or nothing!" Blaster, the Blastoise came out.

    Then i clicked on a button on a little black... cylindrical device and then it becomes a billiard cue. Then i press my Key Stone and Blaster mega evolves. Now that i remember, my aiming is not good, so why didn't i used the billiard cue before?

    "Blaster use Blizzard!" After hearing this, Blaster glowed light blue. Then a frozen wind comes, hitting Aerodactyl.

    "Aerodactyl use Dragon Claw!" Aerodactyl charged on Blaster hitting him, but since Blaster's defense was raised after Mega Evolution, it didn't matter.

    "Lets finish this! Hydro Cannon!" Blaster shoots from his three cannons, a powerful blast of water. It hits Aerodactyl and knocks him out.

    Did i won? Did i impress Brock? Now is to wait for the results...

    Brock extended his hand with the Boulder Badge. Yes! I did it! He gave it to me. "You are truly worth of this task. Let me challenge some more opponents and i will meet with you. Maybe they are worth of accepting this task. But let me tell you something... Its about ancient Pokemon. Pokemon from the past. Pokemon Fossils. Would you like to stay here with me for a little?" I nodded. I sit on the benches trying to not attract attentions. I was waiting for the teenager that was behind me and hoping he does not see me in his battle.

    I turned on on the Pokégear and i found Sensei Blaine's number. But since i did not wanted to incommode the trainers, i sent him a message:

    "I found Brock but he is on his "job". I defeated him and now i am going to wait until he defeats enough people to him." I sent the message.
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    His face was glued to the window, watching the battle unfold. Nathan knew Brock was the lowest-ranking gym leader, but still his execution was seamless, like it was instinctual. He hoped that his battle would at least be a short one. Out of nowhere, a finger brushed his shoulder and made him jump. "HUAH?! W-who are you?" Nathan clenched his bag tightly, unsure of the intentions of the unknown man. Despite first impressions, the man was quite gentle looking. He was tall and slender with long blonde hair brushing his shoulders. Despite it's soft appearance it was tangled in places that looked to be wing scales. He smiled at Nathan with vibrant, piercing blue eyes that sucked in the viewer's attention.

    "is this your first time?" he said. "m-mhm. I-I've trained… some…." "it's my first time as well. Good luck in there" the man said as he gave yet another warming smile. "y-you too." Nathan's face was flushed, unsure of the right way to continue the conversation. There were just too many wrong options or too many not good enough things to say. This is why he hated being in public. "Next" yelled the lackadaisical handler of the intercom system. Obviously Nathan would not be the one of the first trainers of the day, as he inferred from his tone. He pushed open the door to the gymnasium and let the air flow over him.

    It was large, possibly the largest building Nathan had ever been in, next to the pewter museum's library. The dome-shaped construction of the building had fiberglass-molded ceiling tiles, obviously for decoration and structural stability. On the floor was real stone, made from shale commonly found around mt.Moon's base. The atrium of the gym was perfectly smooth, and was dusted with bits of mica from the natural deposits. Gashes and cracks were all over the almost perfectly smooth surface, and were painted with the traditional New-Kanto court lines. On the far side of the gym, a tall man in a orange shirt and green cargo vest was operating a machine that looked to be one of those in the pokecenters.

    "you must be Nathan. Your dad called asking me if I could give you a badge. He said you needed to go to the Pokemon league for 'reasons'. I said I'll see what I can do, but no promises, and he agreed." He retrieved his three pokeballs from the machine and fitted them onto his belt. "the league rules specifically state that nobody can enter victory road, the league building, or the elite's chambers without first getting all 8 badges from the gym leaders, and as a coveted member of the 8 elites I intend to keep my job and not let this slip by. I figure it should be easy for you, the rumored child prodigy of our beautiful city. prove to me that you're a force to be reconciled with, and I'll be willing to help." Brock took out his first pokeball and pointed it at Nathan, the shine of the fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling showed the polished handiwork of the premier ball he held. Nathan took out his own, severely intimidated by the speech Brock had just said to him. "i-I challenge you, Brock t-to a battle!"

    Nathan took into consideration the size of the room and type range of the Pokemon. His typing was in favor of him because of Arthur, but he knew Arthur was a secret weapon, and besides that, had never mega evolved before. Obviously his Pokemon were going to be very defensive, so the best method of attack would be to use a very hard-hitting Pokemon, Go-Man. But then he knew aerodactyl wold be a good shuffle, taking the game aerial, so he would use Arthur for that. There was no way Go-Man could take on such a fast Pokemon.

    Both of them threw their balls at the middle of the court revealing Go-Man with his arm fixed and ready to go and a.. Relicanth. Nathan didn't expect this, Relicanth was more attuned to hard-hitting and putting Pokemon to sleep, fortunately, he had a way around this. "GO-MAN! PLAN 54!" go man understood the orders. While both were slow, the Relicanth was just barely faster, letting off a hydro pump before Go-man had the opportunity to dodge. Go-man developed a dark aura around him, as he initiated a curse. The energy fueling go man surged, but made his actions clumsier. The Relicanth tried to use a Head smash in an attempt to get both a supper effective move, a STAB move, and a high base power, but Go-man had already prepared for a very inacurate attack and swung a powerful left hook into the side of the rock fish, leaving a crack in it's bony headplate. The drain punch had KO'd the fish and restored most of it's health back. Now it was between steelix and the aerodactyl. In the chance aerodactyl would attack, it was unlikely that go-man would be dammaged too much,as he had a high defense, and would allow him to switch in with Arthur, but it would require good coordination.

    To Nathan's delight, Brock did send out his Steelix, just as he had expected. "GO-MAN! PLAN 25!" the behemoth planted his good hand on the ground and lifted his mechanical one high in the air to prepare for an attack. Steelix, in response shot dozens of stones in the air which imbedded into the marbled floor, creating a hazard for the trainers. Still, Go-Man was ready to go. With his arm he punched the ground, shaking the building's foundation, and launching dirt from under the gym onto the steelix, who was quickly worn down and fainted. Nathan reacalled Go-Man and grabbed Arthur, ready to act.

    When Brock released his Aerodactyl, a strange aura came over the gym, a odd silence that felt alien to nathan. A soft humming came from both Brock and the Aerodactyl that grew louder and louder until it reverberated inside his eardrums. A strange energy enveloped the Aerodactyl, emanating a bright light until it exploded, revealing a much larger, and infinitesimally more powerful Mega Aerodactyl. Nathan shuddered with excitement and awe. "so this is Mega Evolution…."Nathan, exited, threw out Arthur, who was still wearing his mega stone. Alex felt the vibration in his while body, his heart was racing, ready to do it. He touched the key stone in his glasses with a finger, activating the reaction. The reverberation shuddered both Nathan and Arthur to their very core as the process began. Arthur became shrouded in energy too, the light was almost unbearably bright. The energy exploded to reveal a different Arthur. His arm became the entire side of a blade, his hair became a tough metal helmet, and behind him flowed a magnificent white cape. He was something to behold.

    "Arthur, are you ready?" said Nathan, stuck with a silly grin plastered to his face. "Yes" said a voice, deep inside of him. Somewhere Nathan had never felt, it was exhilarating. "ARTHUR, EXECUTE PLAN 152!" Arthur jumped high into the air, his cape flowing behind him like the wings of an angel. Aerodactyl lunged for an aerial attack, but Arthur instead jumped above him, diving back down into the beast, blades exposed. Aerodactyl landed with a thud. Aerodactyl was hit with stone edge. It was super effective.

    "that was incredible Nathan. You are definitely your father's child, you attack the problem the same way. Here's your boulder badge. Try not to destroy Misty's gym for me would you?" Nathan flushed madly. He, Nathan Bridges, defeated THE Brock Harrison. He was speechless. "t-th-thanks" he said as he ran out the door, so nervous he couldn't think of the right words to say. He hurried for the Pokemoncenter to restore his pokemon.

    "Goodbye I guess…" said the blonde haired man.
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    Return of the Titans (IC) [T]

    Fiara Goodlife​

    Celadon City | Mentor vs Student​

    Fiara Goodlife stood at one end of the field, a flowery plain with freshly mowed grass. It was a perfect setting for a person adept in handling the Grass-types, which Erika was. She was standing on the other side of the field, still wearing the traditional kimono. Fiara had been under the tutelage of Celadon Gym for all her life, along with Erika. She knew her weaknesses and her strength. Fiara knew she has to rely on strategy as she has no type advantage over her friend. She has to know Erika's weaknesses or else the battle will be one-sided. After all, no matter how good Fiara was, Erika's strength was enough to make her the gym leader.

    "It's a one-on-on battle. There will be no time limit," Erika announced. There was nobody watching the two of them except for a referee, probably because it was already well into the night. "The Pokemon will be defeated once it was pushed outside the boundary of the field or if it was down with no will to fight. Is the terms acceptable?"

    "It is."

    "Then, let the battle start. I choose Venusaur!" Erika threw a Pokeball and the Seed Pokemon came out in a flash of light. Fiara had seen it in battle countless times before. It was really slow, both in attacking and dodging attacks. However, it is pretty bulky as it can survive almost any attacks on its own. Also, its attacks hit pretty hard. Battling against Erika's Venusaur is like punching a wall, but the wall punches back hard enough to tear a hole in you.

    And she has that thing, too. "In that case, I call Abi!" Her Absol appeared in a flash of light. If there was a Pokemon completely opposite to Erika's Venusaur, it would be Fiara's Absol. While her attacks doesn't hit hard at all and she doesn't take hits too well, she's really agile. She evades attacks as easily as a fly escaping a slap. Sometimes, Abi moves too fast for the eyes to see that she was simply a blur in the field. This will be an interesting match.

    "Battle for the Rainbow Badge, begin!" the referee announced. Fiara knew that Erika would wait for her opponent to make the first move. Fiara doesn't want to play right into Erika's plans but there was nothing she could really do in that aspect.

    "Abi, Flamethrower!" That was another thing why Fiara chose the Absol: she could use Flamethrower. A move is stronger if used by the same-type of Pokemon but it was something. Absol roared and sent a stream of flames toward the Venusaur. It hit the Pokemon but, if it was hurt, it did not show any reaction.

    "Growth!" Venusaur's flower petal absorbed some artificial light provided by the gym's illumination. "Now, Petal Dance!" The Venusaur roared and a storm of petals swirled around the Pokemon. They flew with frightening speeds towards the Absol but Fiara was ready. Absol disappeared in a blur and the attack hit nothing.

    "Night Slash, now!" Abi appeared beside the Venusaur and executed a slash of the darkest nights. The Venusaur seemed unperturbed though but before he could retaliate, Abi was gone again. "Flamethrower, Abi!" Abi appeared on the field neared to Erika and sent out another Flamethrower, provoking the Venusaur to do something. Venusaur shielded itself from the attack by summoning thick vines from the ground. The attack did nothing but Absol knew that. She was gone again. This time, without missing a beat, Abi appeared again beside the Venusaur to execute a Night Slash again.

    However, it seemed that the vines were more than a shield. Once Abi was close enough to the Venusaur, the vines wrapped around the Pokemon, slowly leeching off the health of Fiara's champion.

    "Abi" Abi howled in pain. Venusaur turned around to look at Absol.

    "Stun Spore," Erika simply ordered. Pollen erupted from the flower from Venusaur's back. Absol tried to hold her breath a little longer but it was futile. Only one breath was needed and Absol was now writhing as the vines wrapped tightly around him.

    "Abi! Mega Evolve!" The keystone on Fiara's headband glowed as the Absolite reacted with Abi's energy. In a flash of light, Abi sprouted wings on its back. One Flamethrower and she was free of the vines wrapping around him. The Stun Spore effect was gone too.

    "Oh. Well, then. Venusaur, Mega-Evolve too!" The flower on Venusaur's back grew into a tree. It was sight Fiara was not unfamiliar with but she seldom saw that form. She knew Erika was serious then.

    "Let's get started shall we?"


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    Nathan Lee
    Son of Ares

    Part 1

    "New Beginnings"

    The occasional thud of the moving train brought my attention to life as my brain began to function once more. Me and my mother were both travelling to Pewter City, where I would challenge the first gym, and she would meet up with some old friend of hers. She was staying for a little while before heading back to the orphanage in Florama town. Her company was all I had and it was nice.

    "Nath, look," she said with a small smile, pointing out the window to a rather ruggish yet quaint looking area. I assumed it to be Pewter City as I slowly let out a small gasp in awe at the sights.

    "Where's Kelden?" she chuckled, causing me to frantically turn to look for my Lucario's whereabouts. I sighed in relief as I saw him return with a small coffee cupped in both of his paws. He took a small sip before sitting down beside me. My mother was across the small table we had due to it being a somewhat longer journey - we did just travel across the entire region to get here.

    "Is there a set order in which the gyms must be completed?" Kelden asked in his low gruntish tone before taking another sip. Mother cocked her head slightly and pursed her lips as she thought about it for a second.

    "Hm, I'm not sure. I think people just go for Pewter City first out of tradition, but otherwise I don't think so. I think if you beat a gym leader before another the Gym Leader is supposed to use lesser experienced pokémon, if that makes sense?" she said. Kelden nodded and slumped in his chair.

    "Do you think they sell rock candy in Pewter City for the irony?" I said randomly, before chuckling to my own joke. Kelden and mother both laughed a little before the convoy announced our arrival at the destination.

    Stepping off onto the platform I noticed imediately the distinct increase in people. Imediately I was truck with some passing, some talking, some running to catch their train - it was all a bit chaotic. Everything in front of me was just a bit of a blur, and I was just a part of the blur, standing on my own in a collage of greys and blacks as colours mixed and whizzed by me. A warm hand grabs onto my cold one as I'm dragged away from the people and into the open air.

    "Sorry, sorry, sorry, I should have warned you about how busy it is - I'm a bit dumb sometimes," my mother apolagised to me with a guilty look. I looked at her for a few secinds before grinning and leaping forward to wrap her in a tight hug, not wanting her to think ill of me.

    "You know, I didn't do too bad for once!" I said. Kelden chuckled and patted me on the back indicating that we should go forwards to the gym. My mother looked at Kelden knowingly.

    "Yeah I guess I should go. Now Kelden, don't go back in your pokéball unless it's necessary, make sure he's safe please. I want you to be there for him, oh and make sure those ears don't attract too much attention" she said smiling. Kelden nodded with a grin before grabbing my hand and dragging me to the gym.

    "Jeez Kel, you don't have to pull so hard -"
    "I said I would get you to the gym and that's what I'm doing. Also I'm eager to start the battle." I rolled my eyes realising that he had already assumed my plan was to use him for this battle.

    We reached the gym in due time. It was a quaint looking thing with a basic design but all in all it was where I would progress. I decided the best course of action would be to put on a beanie to hide my ears and to stuff my tail into my pants - I really should have done so earlier, but people were rushing around so I thought there'd be no need. After all was done I headed inside to see a large field right in front of me. Slightyl intimidated I shuffled to the side and up the spectator steps, closely followed by Kelden, where I noticed several noticable figures. One guy, who looked a bit nerdy, was fighting against an aerodactyl with... A Gallade. Kelden also noticed the boy with the Gallade as he found it hilariously funny for some reason. It was just a pokémon we both had. I also noticed that most of the guys and girls here were probably older than me. Most of them looked like they were in their twenties. I slumped down on a bench that wasn't occupied by anyone and watched the battle draw to a close, with Brock being defeated and giving the badge to the trainer with the glasses. I feel as though I want to wait for one more battle and see how Brock moves before formulating a plan to beat him. Kelden and I both slumped as I rested into his shoulder and waited for the next challenger.



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    Gelius Gold - Pewter City Gym - Strange Cat Kid​

    The teenager with glasses finished his battle, by the time, a guy that is half cat, half boy, came in. SneaSlash and i were surprised to see something like that. The guy was a teenager too. I could see that he was an opponent. He had a Lucario next to him.

    "So you came to fight huh?" I asked him. "You will need a good strategy or else he will defeat you. For example, he has a Steelix. It's known to be one of Brock's first pokemon. Steelix can be preety fast, has an high attack and deffense."

    I went to get the Town Map and tried to see where was his next location. Cerulean City is the closest city. When i get able to talk with Brock, i will leave.

    "Then you have Relichant. Don't let you get tricked by his slowness, because his attack and defense finished with one of my pokemon with one hit. Plus, don't think he will suffer damage with moves like Head Smash and Take Down. He has Rock Head Ability." I look to SneaSlash.

    I check the messages. Nothing.

    "Then you have his last pokemon and probably the best. Aeordactyl finished with my partner with just one hit. He can Mega Evolve, he has the ability Tough Claws and the major problem you may have is the own fight. None of your pokemon can fly right? My hint is: Save your best pokemon or a pokemon capable of Mega Evolution. Or else you will have a bad time." I said. "Now you might be wondering who am i right?"

    I take my Boulder Badge from my pocket and show it. Now i remember i need to get a Badge Case and put it on the bag. I put it on my pocket again.

    "I am Gelius Gold and i am also on a journey. I also had beat Brock. So who are you?" I ask.
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    Ch 2: Pewter City Gym! Venonat vs. Aerodactyl?! (You can't be serious...)

    Narrator: Ah, a sunny day in Pewter City. Pokemon battles fill the air with excitement as we find
    Syren and Larvesta standing outside of the local Gym.

    Syren looked at the door off the gym and peeked inside.

    "Mega-Aerodactyl. Okay, well, that just put it into perspective." He quickly summons out the remainder of his team for a pep talk: Venonat and Beautifly.

    "Team." He starts with a change in tone. No longer was he happy go lucky; he came to play. "We are probably going to be outmanned. Our opponent has the advantage and is able to mega evolve. Now, I know that we cannot; which doesn't matter. What matters is how hard we play, not the tactics that we use."

    Venonat tilts to the side, questioning his verbiage. " You know what I mean, we can take them if we give it our all. Now then, let's give them a good show." He pulls out his pokeballs and retrieves all three of his companions, then briskly walks to the gym door. With a deep breath, he opens the doors and walks inside.

    Much to his surprise, the room was surprisingly spacious, with a well layed out field of dirt and rock, and a set of high-riders off to the side with spectators: some successful challengers, others curious townspeople. He stepped into the battle box and looked across the field at Brock, the owner of the establishment.

    "So, you're here." The Gym-Leader shouted across the field. " I'm Brock. I'm Pewter's Gym Leader. My rock-hard willpower is evident even in my Pokémon. My Pokémon are all rock hard, and have true-grit determination. Fuhaha! You're going to challenge me knowing that you'll lose?"

    "I don't lose when I put my friends on the line!" Syren shouted back defiantly.

    "That's the Trainer's honor that compels you to challenge me. Fine, then! Show me your best!"

    "With Pleasure! Go, Beautifly!"

    "Relicanth, I choose you!"

    Both trainers throw out their first pokemon, bringing with them the cheer of the crowd. With a flutter of its wings, Beautifly sizes up her opponent, a fish. Relicanth looks back at the fluttering bug,, oblivious and unreadable.

    "Lets begin strong! Hit Relicanth with a Stun Spore!" with a flutter, Beautifly flits forwards, casting a yellow powder over the rock-fish.

    "Relicanth, use Curse!" Relicanth obliges and curses, puffing its body out. Slight sparks are seen over its body as it remains the same, obviously paralyzed. "Ah, well, try again!"

    "Not if we can help it, Beautifly! Use Absorb and suck the life out of it!" Beautifly swiftly lands upon Relicanth and begins to drain its health, the score board across from the stands displaying Relicanth's health quickly falling.

    "Relicanth, Use Rock-Slide!" Sparks cascade its body as Relicanth is again stunned from its paralysis. "Hey, get your head in the game Relicanth!"

    With a ding, the scoreboard shows Relicanth as fainted and sure enough, his eyes twists as he falls over unconscious. Beautifly flits back over to Syren. "Good Job, you deserve a rest." He returns his victorious butterfly and holds his second pokemon at the ready.

    "That was a good try Relicanth, you should take a breather." He looks across the field at the challenger. "Want to know why I like Rock-type pokemon the best? They're solid and rough, and yet somewhat brittle at the same time. Once you've really gotten to know them, they're quite cute. What do you think?"

    "You're awfully chatty for a Gym Leader."

    "Ah, well, sometimes I talk to hear it reverberate! Fuhaha! Which is why me and Steelix get along!"

    With a high toss, he send out his second pokemon, a beast of a iron snake. The behemoth leered its head at Syren, attempting to intimidate him.

    Unfazed, Syren launches Larvesta's ball into the air. "Row Row, Fight the Powa! Larvesta, I choose you!" Larvesta shoots out, sending out embers to keep it at eye level with Steelix. With a grandiose flourish, it hurls itself to the ground in a display of fire.

    "Umm, well then…" Brock looks puzzled, confused at Larvesta's personality. "Let's get the ball rolling with earthquake!" Steelix rams its tail into the ground, sending the whole Gym trembling violently. Without request, Larvesta launches itself into the air with Ember, being sure to direct enough at the powerful beast before her.

    "Ah, yeah, just do that… I swear, life would be so much easier if I had caught her instead of traded for her." Larvesta looks back at Syren for a second, then continues to shoot itself around Steelix, firing random bursts of ember at the pokemon.

    "Enough! Steelix, send that unruly pokemon to the ground with Rock-Slide!" With a mighty roar, Steelix swiftly lifts its tail, sending rocks from below up and into Larvesta, knocking her out instantly. She tumbles to the ground, her eyes close and swirled. Syren sighs and returns Larvesta to her pokeball.

    "I kind of saw that coming, but it looks like I have this one in the bag anyway! Come on out Beautifly, your opponent is on a thread!" Beautifly swiftly flies from her pokeball and stares down her opponent, her wings delicately fluttering in place.

    "Start things off with Stun Spore!"

    "Send her back to the stone age with Rock-Slide!"

    The two pokemon race to hit first! Steelix sweeps its tail for a Rock-Slide, hurling stones at Beautifly. But the nimble butterfly was too fast as she ducked under them, gracefully dusting Steelix's face with paralyzing powder. Steelix grimaces as the sparks dance across its body unfamiliarly; Ground types rarely become paralyzed.

    "Aww, what? Well, let's see if we can overcome it! Steelix, use Dig"

    "Beautfily, Absorb the last of his health before he digs!"

    It's a race against time as the two pokemon use their moves. Beautifly quickly latches onto Steelix, draining the health from his body as quickly as she can. And with a heavy lurch, Steelix dives into the ground, dragging Beautifly with him.

    Both trainers look at the scoreboard with anticipation. The screen blinks for a few seconds, then reveals an inevitability: double knock out. Steelix comes out of the ground and lays down, exaughsted; unfit to battle. Beautifly falls off, her eyes rolled back in unconsciousness. Both trainers retrieve their pokemon as the crowd cheers, anticipation swelling in the room.

    "Heh, looks like I underestimated you trainer. Tell me, what is your name?"

    "I am Syren of Viridian Forest. And I will give you a defeat to ponder on for a fortnight to come!"

    "Oh? Well, then I guess I better give it my all! Let's show him what true power is! Awakened from a fossil, I raised this pokemon from its re-birth. And now, we put our bond on the line! Go, Aerodactyl!"

    Brock throws the pokeball into the air and release Aerodactyl, its ancient form filling the gym with a feeling of primal power. Then, a deep throbbing could be felt through the floor as Brock and Aerodactyl began to breath as one. With a sudden burst of power, Aerodactyl mega-evolves, showing off its new form.

    "Umm…" Syren looks at the ball in his hand and closes his eyes. "Guardians of the forest, give me the strength to defeat our greatest foe yet. Alright Venonat, its up to you!" Syren holds the premier ball out and releases Venonat, who immediately shrieks when it sees Aerodactyl.

    "Venonat, give it your ALL!!" Syren shouts, raw emotion rushing straight at Venonat. Venonat turns and stares down Aerodactyl, unseen determination in its eyes.

    "Let's Go, use confusion!"

    Aerodactly, use acrobatics!"

    Aerodactyl lurches forward with unheard of speed at Venonat, right into Venonat's Confusion! Aerodactly, dazzled by the psychic waves, misses by an inch, sending the poor bug spinning by the tailwind.

    "Aerodactyl, do it again!"

    "Venonat, use Super Sonic!"

    Aerodactly turns and rushes straight at the pokemon, only to be caught in the spinning pokemon's multi-directional sonic wave. In confusion, it turns right into the wall, hurting itself rather harshly.

    "Venonat, use poison powder when it comes by again!"

    Venonat begins to let loose a flurry of poison powder, filling the air surrounding it with toxic spores. Aerodactyl shakes its head and rushes at Venonat, only to flinch back as the poison hits it.

    "Shake it off Aerodactyl, you can one shot him with Rock-Slide!"

    Aerodactyl lets loose a roar that shakes boulders from the ground, straight at Venonat. Venonat suddenly uses Tackle to the side, narrowly dodging the attack. Aerodactyl roars in anger as it feels the poison whittle away its health.

    "Good work Venonat! Use Super Sonic and continue to dodge with Tackle." Venonat nods and continues to work at Aerodactyl, slowly knocking its HP down bit by bit. Aerodactyl continues to strike at it, missing by inches and occasionally hurting itself in confusion. Then, with a lurch, Aerodactyl falls to the ground, its eyes rolled back into unconsciousness. Its form reverts back to regular, signaling its defeat.

    Syren gasps, then runs out to his Venonat and grabs it, jumping up and down in excitement. "We won Venonat! We got our first Badge!" then, in a burst of light, Venonat begins to grow in his arms, becoming larger and growing wings. Syren looks away, the brightness hurting his eyes. With a chirp, Venomoth quivers in his arms, signaling the end of his evolution.

    "Well I'll be, looks like the battle was so difficult, he became a Venomoth to celebrate. I've got to say, I took you for granted, and so I lost. As proof of your victory, I confer on you this...the official Pokémon League Boulder Badge. There are all kind of Trainers in this huge world of ours. You appear to be very gifted as a Pokémon Trainer. So let me make a suggestion. Go to the Gym in Cerulean and test your abilities."

    Syren reaches out and takes the badge from Brocks hand, examining it in the light of the fluorescents. "My first badge. Heh, yes, I think I'll head to Cerulean after this!"

    "Then go! Fuhaha, now get out of here, we're done here!"

    Narrator: And so, with a new badge and new friends, our hero sets off to continue his adventure. What lies in store for him in the future? Stay tuned!


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    Nathan Lee
    Son of Ares

    Gelius Gold
    Part 1

    "New Beginnings"

    "So you came to fight huh? You will need a good strategy or else he'll defeat you. For example, he has a Steelix. It's known to be one of Brock's first pokemon. Steelix can be preety fast, has an high attack and deffense." Slightly startled me and Kelden both looked right towards the boy who had started randomly talking to me. He looked about my age - maybe - but his personality really had no bounds.

    "Then you have Relichant. Don't let you get tricked by his slowness, because his attack and defense finished with one of my pokemon with one hit. Plus, don't think he will suffer damage with moves like Head Smash and Take Down. He has Rock Head Ability." I'm not really sure who this guy is or what he was doing here but I was going to find out that information regardless of whether he told me. I guess it was a nice gesture but the way he just talked to me was slightly over confident. I couldn't blame the guy though.

    "Then you have his last pokemon and probably the best. Aeordactyl finished my partner with just one hit. He can Mega Evolve, he has the ability Tough Claws and the major problem you may have is the own fight. None of your pokemon can fly right? My hint is: Save your best pokemon or a pokemon capable of Mega Evolution. Or else you will have a bad time." he said - wait how would he know that? I might have a flying Infernape for all he knows! Jeez the nerve of this guy. I think I prefered being a recluse and not talking to anyone all my life because this was taking the biscuit.

    "Now you might be wondering who am i right?" You're a fool perhaps? He takes his Badge from my pocket and show it to me for some reason as proof that this information was first hand.

    "I am Gelius Gold and I am also on a journey. I also had beat Brock. So who are you?" Again, another assumption. I'm not on a journey - far from it.

    "My name is Nathan Lee, I'm 15 years old. Thanks... for the information..." I pause for a second as I think of what to say - I'm not the best when it comes to conversation.

    "I'm not on a journey, my mother brought me here since she was doing something here so I tagged along. I am registered for the league but I haven't really decided if I'm going to do it or not." I stop and seal my lips to prevent any more information from reaching this stranger's ears. I didn't know him and I couldn't trust him and that's all he really needs to know - right?

    I turn my eyes and notice that a battle was already under way and halfway through. I gaze upon the battle as me and Gelius sit in silence watching a small looking Larvesta take on a rather brute Steelix. Eventually it comes down to Aerodactyl and Venonat, and somehow this guy with the bug pokémon won. It just goes to show how willpower can effect someone so much.

    "Sorry Gelius, I'm going to go challenge Brock now, but thanks for your company," I smiled as me and Kelden stood up in synch.

    "That guy was a bit weird," Kelden groaned.
    "Eh, he isn't that bad, I mean he gave me some useful advice, however random it was."
    "And that assumption with the flying pokémon? What was that about?"
    "Oh I don't know, just leave it," I chuckle before we move away towards the battlefield.


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    Return of the Titans (IC) [T]

    Fiara Goodlife​

    Celadon City | Mentor vs Student​

    Abi was standing regally at Fiara's side of the battlefield while Erika's Venusaur loomed on the other side. Each one has not yet made any move for offense or defense since mega evolving. Both seemed to calculate what the others would be doing for their first turn. This is a trait shared by all trainers under the Celadon City Gym's tutelage. Fiara and Erika just stared at each other.

    Erika made the first move. "Petal Blizzard, Venusaur!" The same storm of petals rose from the field. However, instead of surrounding Venusaur as a defensive move, she sent them flying towards Abi. Abi gracefully dodged the attack by flying over it. Abi tried to use Flamethrower towards the Venusaur but it used the previous attack as as shield once again. One of the whips extended from his back and tried to grab the Absol in the air but it was just too agile. Abi tried to use Flamethrower again and managed to actually hit the Venusaur, the first hit. And it was effective too, since Erika's Pokemon is hugely weak to Fire. Fiara saw Erika wince and she knew why. Once the first hit lands, it would be hard to gain momentum. Fiara took the opportunity and ordered Abi to send another Flamethrower. Venusaur was still recovering from the pain of the previous attacks so the Petal Blizzard was late in coming. Abi followed with a Shadow Ball. The Venusaur was hit again. The whip hit Abi bringing it down. However, the Absol was quick in recovering and tried to go for a close Night Slash and succeeding. The Venusaur tried to tackle the Absol but it only crashed into the ground as Abi dodged. However, it tripped on one of the vines on the field and Erika took the opportunity to plant a Leech Seed.

    What happened next was too fast. Abi used Flamethrower on the Leech Seed, removing the effects of the attack but it was caught up in another of Venusaur's Petal Blizzard. When the attack subsided, Abi used Flamethrower again but it was met with a Solarbeam who just finished charging the attack when Abi was being buffeted by the Petal Blizzard. The two attacks pushed each other until Abi's Flamethrower decimated the attack as the Solarbeam's charge went out. The force knocked both combatants away, clouding the field in a sea of smoke.

    When it cleared, Venusaur was back in its normal form, but Abi was still in hers, albeit she was struggling to stand up.

    Fiara cheered. "Abi! We did it! That was our first gym badge!" Fiara rushed towards her Pokemon to hug her. She buried her face on the Absol's face. It was singed a little from the explosion. Erika recalled her Pokemon back. She was surprisingly smiling.

    "As I expected of a trainer from Celadon," Erika said. "You did well, Fiara."

    "I know."

    "Yes. This is the Rainbow Badge. You earned it," Erika said, handing Fiara the badge. Fiara Goodlife gleamed in delight. She hugged Erika tightly.

    "Thank you! This... This is an honor," she said, tearing up. "When I come back, we'll battle again."

    "And I'll give you my best," Erika replied, patting Fiara's back. "Now, go. You're prepared for the world."