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Tool: ROM Hacking Tools Pack - All the essentials to hack Fire Red and Emerald!


Creators of Aesthetic Red (coming 2025!)
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    In preparation for our ROM hack, we've compiled a complete range of ROM hacking resources. We thought we'd release these as a series of "Packs" to help other people prepare for making a ROM hack! These are available as folders on Google Drive, so you can download files individually or the complete folder.

    This is our GBA Tools Pack, which goes nicely alongside our GBA Music Pack and GBA Sprites Pack.

    The GBA Tools Pack a complete selection of 40+ different hacking tools, covering everything you'd possibly need to create a binary ROM hack, with or without using the CFRU & DPE.
    Hex Maniac Advance and Decomp can be used over most tools nowadays, but it's also nice to have individual tools and binary hacking should you wish to use them.


    Extra: [FR Rom Base] Patch with CFRU & DPE Implemented + Updated Tools! - a patch containing a clean installation of the CFRU & DPE, allowing hackers to use them without the installation process. This isn't included in the pack but we thought we'd share it as it's great for anyone who doesn't get on with the CFRU & DPE.

    Please credit the original creators for any tools used, not LibertyTwins.

    Download here!
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