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  1. LibertyTwins

    Tool: ROM Hacking Tools Pack - All the essentials to hack Fire Red and Emerald!

    In preparation for our ROM hack, we've compiled a complete range of ROM hacking resources. We thought we'd release these as a series of "Packs" to help other people prepare for making a ROM hack! These are available as folders on Google Drive, so you can download files individually or the...
  2. W

    Question Regarding The DS Romhack Tool: Nameless Move Editor

    Hey guys, this is my first post on the forums, but I've been having an issue that doesn't seem to be explained anywhere. I've just started working on a gen 4 romhack, but I'm having some issues with Nameless Move Editor (the .readme file with the program doesn't explain my issue). I've...
  3. K

    3rd Gen I developed a tool to run bots on old gen pokemon games

    Hello everyone, I've developed Pokebot and would like to share it with you. Pokebot is a tool (free and open source) that lets you run bots in pokémon games. The tool currently supports all of Generation 3 and has been tested in english and french. I've developed it with a view to improving it...
  4. FL

    Script: Near-Universal TMs

    Makes all pokémon, except a few specific ones, learn the near universal moves as TM/TR/HM/Tutor, so isn't necessary to add the move to the PBS learnset. Example: All pokémon can learn Snore, except some species like Magikarp. Link Tested on Essentials v19.1 and v20.1. If this script isn't...
  5. FL

    Pokémon Files by Numbers

    Makes all pokémon sprites and cries use National Pokédex number as file name instead of id, like Essentials version 18 and earlier. Link Tested on Essentials v20.1. If this script isn't working on latest Essentials version, please inform on this thread.
  6. FL

    Trainers' Species Usage

    Prints all species usage by trainers, sorted by occurrences, divided by Pokédex and type. This data is useful to balance pokémon usage. Small example of output text:0149 0 Dragonite 0095 1 Onix 0118 1 Goldeen 0120 1 Staryu 0125 1 Electabuzz 0129 1 Magikarp 0074 2 Geodude Link Tested on...
  7. FL

    Encounter Alias

    This script is for Pokémon Essentials. It allows using an encounter table defined in one map in other maps, thus avoiding duplicated data. Useful for multifloor caves/towers. Link Tested on Essentials v19.1 and v20.1. If this script isn't working on latest Essentials version, please inform on...
  8. Avara

    Tool: NPC Text Generator

    Simple Generator for NPC TextDo you struggle to come up with text for filler NPCs who inhabit your towns and cities, or for trainers who have been defeated? I've created a simple randomizer for exactly those purposes. This can be used for ROM hacks and fan games alike. The possible generated...