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Say it can't be so....


[b]Long time no see![/b]
I may be getting that American citizenship after all. I seriously didn't see this coming, and let's be honest here: who could have?

After Canada's Conservative government went and passed Bill 41, banning the public playing of Pokemon, I am at a loss. I have always been an open Pokemaniac, so now that I won't be able to bring my Yanmega to school with me, I don't know what I am going to do. I mean, this is a freakin' free country, how could they possibly do this? I mean, I'm all for banning Wigglytuff, but why the other 492 as well?

I'm sure the debates will continue, but for now I'll have to train my Froslass in secret, heh. Though it may just increase the game's popularity among the hoodlum population, I don't really care. I am an Anarchist anyway, so I'll continue to play. I just have to be more careful about where I do it. I've heard of the cops busting up a few illegal Pokemon rings in Toronto, but nothing much up here yet. And hopefully it'll stay that way. :/

If not, I see a revolution in our midst. Give me LeafGreen, or give me death! YARRRR!


provider of cake
Sure, pin it on the conservatives ;D

Don't worry Zam, America isn't that bad. At least we can still play pokemon here ^__^