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Smartphone Apps On Cars...The Future? (The Killers, Calvin and Hobbes, Junk Mail) [Daily Bloggity Entry #143]

El Héroe Oscuro

IG: elheroeoscuro
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Date: 07 August 2014
Time: 3:49 PM ET
Mood: It's friggin' hailing right now

Sci-fi fans, rejoice! Remember when you'd watch movies like Star Trek ones where Kirk would could access data from a dashboard right in front of him? Well live long and prosper folks, as that time has come when technology from the movies believed to be only a fantasy is now becoming reality. As of now, HUDS have really only been available in military jets, but thanks to the rapidly accessible technology brewing cars have been able to adopt this form of technology and have thus designed and constructed cars with this built in technology which will allow you to view parts of your dashboard - i.e. your fuel level and speedometer - right from your windshield.

Daily Music - "All These Things That I've Done" by The Killers
But let's say you don't own this type of car but would like to possibly have this form of technology in the car you already own? That's where a small company by the name Navdy comes in. Based in San Francisco, California, for the low low price of $499 a projector is being offered that attaches to the top of your dashboard with a heads-up display that shows information like caller ID and navigation right on your windshield. The selling point of this though is the "hands free" approach when it comes to the correlation between driving and the use of your phone. When you're driving and listening to someone on the phone, you most likely will be having one hand on the phone while trying to navigate with the second hand. With Navdy's new invention for instance, if you get a phone call while having the navigation displayed on your windshield, you can give the projector a simple thumbs up and the phone call will automatically be dialed through without having to divert your attention from the road.

Daily Comic - "Contacts" by Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes
Furthermore, the device isn't restricted to just phone calls and navigation; the projector can also respond to text messages and voice searches. To do this, it works very similar to doing the same on an actual phone. To respond to a text message that pops up on the display, one must slide their fingers from left to right in front of the wide-angled infrared camera that works very similar to say a Kinect. From there, you can respond to the text via voice which will pick up the words and respond/send it in a prompt manner. To access a voice search from your phone, you do the complete opposite - i.e. slide your fingers in front of the infrared camera right to left.

Daily Video - "Junk Mail" by comedians Cyanide and Happiness
As of right now, the device provided by Navdy is available for preorder starting at $299 but will sell when it ships out in early 2015. It's supposed to come with a mount that can easily be put on one's dashboard, but it is also detachable to the point where you can take it off and shove it in your glove compartment so you don't have to worry about someone stealing it.

What do you think of Navdy's device? Do you think it's something that you could see yourself getting? Do you think this might be the future for cars? Comment below as I'd love to hear and discuss with you what you have to say about this topic!

‡ As always, the "Daily Bloggity" is self written by myself and includes just some of my opinions on different mediums. If you have a subject that you might want me to touch on, feel free to PM me or comment below! I would love to hear some of your ideas! Tune in tomorrow at 5PM Eastern Time for the next edition of the "Daily Bloggity!" Cheers! ‡

- elheroeoscuro


This could really be a good discussion thread in T&I if you ask me. Sounds like an interesting topic.