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Syn's Shiny Hunting Counter (Shiny Hunting Tool)


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  • Syn's Shiny Counter

    I've been into programming for quite a while now, but I just learned how to make decent programs with GUI in the C# language last semester. Having this new skill set opened countless possibilities for me to try making some interesting programs, but I wasn't really sure what to make. Eventually, while shiny hunting one day, I realized it would be nice to have a counter program that displayed more than just the number of encounters I was at. Now that I could make GUI with a functioning program, I decided to go ahead and make one for myself.

    A few months later after gradually adding more features based on what seemed useful, I finally feel like this tool is ready to be shared with anyone else who wants to make use of it. I could also really use feedback on the design of the UI since I'm far from used to designing UI myself.


    • Basic increase/decrease counter functions
    • Set a custom value
    • Set a custom counter interval
    • Reset to 0 instantly
    • Hunting method and target selection
    • Target and odds display
    • Progress messages based on number of encounters compared to current odds
    • Custom opacity options (Great if you only have one monitor and want to hunt, watch your encounters, and watch a movie or stream all at the same time)
    • Keybinds (Found under Help menu)
    • Autosaves all data
    • Even more to come!

    Opacity screenshots:

    Download the counter

    Download the latest version from here: https://github.com/Syntthetix/Syns-Shiny-Counter-C-Edition/releases (Simply download the .zip file and extract the contents to any folder on your PC)

    If you have a GitHub account, you can also watch the repository and set it to "Releases only" mode in the top right to get notifications whenever I release an updated version.
    Alternatively, if you don't have a GitHub account and don't feel like making one, you can reply to this thread saying you'd like to know when new releases come out, and I'll add you to a list of people to quote here, acting as a notification.

    Feel free to leave feedback/criticism in this thread on anything, whether that's a bug report, an idea to improve the UI, or ideas for features that could be added. I'm always looking to improve this, especially now that it's out for anyone to use. After all, a program is never truly complete. Finally, thank you to anyone who uses this, and I can't wait to see what everyone thinks :)
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