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[Challenge] The Nuzlocke Challenge


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    After depositing my Pokemon I was then given two more eggs, one for free, and the other after I did a fetch quest where I ran and bought a 1,000 Poke worth of Pretty wings for the baby Pokemon to play with.

    I was then offered a choice between a Pink, Yellow, and Blue egg, a quick google search tells me it is Azurill, Pichu, and Cleffa. I was already leaning towards Yellow due to having zero electric types, but it being a Pichu is disappointing. Still my prior one died quickly, hopefully this Pichu will have better results.

    I then gave a Heart Scale and got another egg this time one turning into Bonsly, Mime Jr., and Mantyke, so I choose a Mime Jr of the three of them as I have several water types and outright have a fused Bonsly.

    Next Egg Quest required me to get Honey which is obtained by using Thief on any Bellsprout or Oddish to steal some.

    Got some by teaching Nycteribiidae Thief by overwriting Drain Kiss, and then taught it back after I got some.

    Next set of eggs were Elekid, Smoochum, and Magby, the best set of Eggs by far, I choose Yellow again, and I may even add him into the team proper after some thought on who I'd fuse him with.

    After some thought I then fused my Togepi and Elekid into what I hope will one day be a beast of a Fairy/Electric Type, Oberon.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    In order to fit him on the team I am benching Nycteribiidae, who will come back if someone dies. It's nice to finally have at least one combat ready Pokemon in reserve after all this time.

    Advanced into Route 9 the first new route in quite some time which means some catching soon, but first some battles with trainers.

    Found somebody willing to trade a Charmander/Psyduck or Growlith/Slowpoke LV21 fusion for any fairy, I noticed a temporary bug where the traded LV21 may say 21 and require that EXP, but it's stats will be the same LV as a trade. Very noticeable when I traded my LV1 Cleffa. Thankfully this fixes itself upon LVing up which I tested by Rare Candy and then resetting and LVing it with an EXP Share. Dropped into the Box as a good backup Pokemon.

    Caught a Raticate as my first trade who will be Wonder Traded away, and got a Nidoqueen/Hitmontop fusion which may get used in the future, LV20 of course. Certainly wasn't expecting that beast and it's stats may also drastically change with a LV up which I'll test.

    Tried to catch a Persian despite having a Meowth as a type of Wonder Trade fodder due to having decent BST, sadly I failed and he died due to fury swiping Aesculapian Rocky Helmet.

    What was worse is in a different patch of Grass that is still part of Route 2 they had Magnemite and Voltorb, which would have been great fusion possibilities.

    Caught 5 Voltorb and sacrificed them to the quest

    Evolved Oberon to Togetic at LV15 and Electabuzz at LV20, so he's now Electabuzz/Togetic combo which I wasn't expecting, looks good and he's strong enough to now take on trainers weak to Electric, and I'll give EXP share back to Rex.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Got a Lantern that replaces Fly as my Reward for helping enough people.

    Then tried using my Old rod on Route 10 to catch some new water Pokemon.

    I caught a Poliwag and Magikarp I'll likely Wonder Trade away and see what I get after some more gym badges.

    Power Plant can be gotten to without Surf, so time to catch some Pokemon in their.

    Caught a Voltorb here to own as my own, and I probably should have hunted the Voltorb for the quest here, especially since there are Pokeball Voltorbs here.

    I then caught a Magnemite and had the game crash, so I'll catch one again and then store it.

    I then entered Rock Tunnel and prepared to catch 2 more Pokemon.

    Caught a Machop and encountered a Cubone/Zubat which burned the rest of the cave.

    Found a secret area where I rock smashed in and was given a Honedge with the line It's Dangerous to go Alone.

    I'll likely fuse it with something as Aegislash is one of my favorite Pokemon.

    Quake NOO!!!

    He died one of the least preventable deaths, I rock smashed and a LV31 Graveler popped up, I tried Mega Drain but he survived with Sturdy and used Self Destruct, Quake was at full HP. Maybe if he had been higher level he might have been able to survive.

    Certainly his death felt the most cheap of them all and least preventable.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    And of course there's grass outside of the cave as Route 10 and I burned my catches on fishing with the old rod.

    Finally with that I was out of Rocky Tunnel and made it to Lavendar town although there were a couple of other close calls, I deposited Quake into dead and withdrew Nycteribiidae, now to debate if I wanted to rematch a Laura who would actually give me a reward of a Hyper Potion if I beat her, but she'll use her full team and may be higher level than me.

    Now at Lavender town with the following team, already have a full team dead which is sad. Nycteribiidae is the oldest member and the only one who was part of my original team.
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge


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    Decided to swap up my team and do some fusions to give new coverage, and because of coolness.

    Aegislash is one of my favorite Pokemon and had a lot of amazing fusions, decided to go for Machop in the end as I only had so many options.
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    I also added Happiny/Rhyhorn because there statline ends up being ridiculous when fully evolved, one of the few Pokemon that end up stronger for fusion.

    So after I evolved Agni to his third form as a Charizard/Kadabra I decided he had enough bulk to swap into and clean up if need be, but I found to my surprise that Oberon and Drakolimi were enough to help out quite a bit although I did have to swap to Agni, and give Oberon the EXP share to catch him up to LV24 so he was the same level as his foes

    But then after that, Oberon and Drakolimi alone were enough to repeatedly solo Laura who even gave me Hyper Potions and money for repeatedly crushing her.

    You saw the before, after beating Laura 25 times I was satisfied that the others had indeed caught up and I could safely explore the graveyard of Lavender Town, with higher levels, more cash and extra Hyper Potions.
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    I'd honestly forgotten about the Lavender Rival fight, I feel a little bad for Blue, I may have overgrinded.

    Yea Drakolimi was 5 levels higher and took out 4/5 of his Pokemon before hurting himself out of confusion and getting Paralyzed to boot, so I ended up swapping to Aesculapian to finish off Execute and win the fight.

    Although as always, Blue remains extremely cheap on how little money he gives out when I beat him, even with the Amulet Coin.

    It was cool too see Blue actually reacting to seeing Fuji be taken, although you think they'd be more high energy about it. Still off to Celadon I suppose to take down Team Rocket and get my 4th badge.

    First though I explored Route 8 and caught a Vulpix and then after a few minutes checked to see if there were any other possibilities. To my delight I saw I had caught all of them before which meant it was time to use the Poke Radar. After 20 minutes of looking I give up.

    Got given another egg by a rando, and I'll call that my extra encounter here.

    For Route 7 the two Pokemon I caught were a Psyduck and Murkrow although he was quite the challenge.

    Almost killed Aesculapian though even though it was a LV17. It's wing attack takes roughly 35% of HP and Glare missed at first, so I used a fresh water and it was stupid and used astonish, I then Paralyzed it and proceeded to lower it to red.

    I then swapped out at 17HP, unfortunately it apparently knew Pursuit and tried to use it to kill me, thankfully its Paralyze kicked in and saved me. I hate it when enemies are smart and save their use of pursuit for near the end making me doubt they have it.

    And of course to add insult after I catch it the game crashes, thankfully I saved recently so the only thing I lost was Murkrow, so I just need to hunt another one and catch it, keep in mind the potential pursuit this time just to make sure that I don't need to rely on RNG that favors me next time.

    Thankfully I found Murkrow on first encounter after opening the game back up, as I really want a dark type I was prepared to search for it.

    This time I swapped to Sakura First and attempted to use Charms to completely destroy it's attack unfortunately it knew Haze which could have that strategy, thankfully it was stupid and left the two charms on after only using Haze once when it was faster than Sakura so I swapped back to Aesculapian and proceeded to Glare and False Swipe it into submission all the while nervous about a Wing Attack Crit. Thankfully with the charms wing attack only did 10/70 Damage, and he didn't even spam it.

    At which point I threw another Pokeball at it, thankfully this time without even a crash.

    Unfortunately soon after I encountered a Houndoor which would have been a lot cooler, oh well, hopefully he'll be in other routes as well.

    What was the point of swapping Fly to Teleport if you can't teleport indoors?!

    I then teleported to Cerulean City since I never got any Pokemon on Route 25 so I hatched my next two Eggs that I was given there.

    They hatched into Caterpie/Slowpoke and Wynaut, I'll likely throw them both into Wonder Trade later.

    I wasn't expecting one of them to be a trade admittedly, considering releasing one to fit the Nuzlocke spirit or Wonder Trading it away and keeping it as a fusion.
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    I then proceeded to think long and hard on who to fuse Murkrow to, the three main candidates were Bellsprout, Cubone, and Pineco.

    Cubone was eliminated pretty quickly having much lower base stats as Murkrow than his competitors and only really providing a Ground Stab.

    Bellsprout as Victrebell was the most easily achieved being I was in Celedon and made a Dark/Poison type that only had a single weakness to ground and had a more average speed in return for less defense.

    Pineco as Fortress at LV31 took a little longer but gave me far more resistances as Dark/Steel, and higher defenses in return for triple the weaknesses and a quad weakness to fighting.

    Still sturdy and the fact that I'd rather save Victrebell convinced me to side with Pineco, and thus my newest team member was formed.
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    One of the uglier ones admittedly, I'll have to request a spritework update once I get him to Murkrow/Fortress or if I find that dusk stone Honchcrow/Fortress, named it Potch after a guy who helped me brainstorm which one.

    Taught it Thief as well and it'll eventually be used to Steal items from Wild Pokemon or trainers if they have good ones.

    Found a man willing to teach me Ice Punch, Fire Punch or Thunder Punch for 5K a pop, kind of wish he offered a TM but still a good deal.

    Most of my Pokemon can learn them, but only interested in the physical attackers, so Drakolimi, Sasuke and Sakura.

    After some thoughts I decided on giving Thunder Punch and Ice Punch to Drakolimi, and I'll replace the Thunder Punch with Aqua Tail when he hits LV35 and then I also gave Ice Punch to Sasuke.

    Went into a building and rummaged through Garbage and found to my surprise to be in an encounter with a Paras/Koffing fusion which I swapped to Sakura to Stomp which barely avoided killing it at which point I caught it.

    Also fun point, found the game creator and he's apparently supposed to surprise you by using your real name by looking at your Windows Username. I of course use my real name for both, so I didn't even notice until someone told me how upstairs. :D

    Found a mini quest where I can have Eevee follow me around, I kind of wish this could just always be a thing, maybe I won't hand in the completion of this quest and it can be an eternal mascot. :)

    Bought Dig for 20K, so I can use it to exit caves if I ever need it. Could have just bought a bunch of escape ropes for cheaper with how rarely I use it, but I didn't even think about it. Sometimes I may be a bit reckless with money in this game.

    Still I have another 150K so it shouldn't be a problem.

    Shoot although Celadon shop sells Ice Stones, Moon Stones and Dusk Stones are not an option here.

    I know I can grind Moon Stone by Thiefing Cleffa and Clefable, but I wonder where Dusk Stones are.

    Sadly Eevee got tired quickly, and I keep getting notifications about it, I don't want to fail the quest either so time to return it.

    Hmm if I want an Umbreon I could go work on getting one if I go Moon Stone Hunting now that I was given an Eevee for walking it.

    Sadly it no longer walks next to you after being caught.

    I then found out that Dusk Stones weren't being given out until after the 7th Gym

    So ran to the move remember for moves and then evolved Eevee to Umbreon with a moon stone and fused it with a Koffing because it's evolution is rad as hell.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Sadly I'll have to wait for him to reach that status and so he fused into this for now.
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Which thankfully is also rad as hell

    Unfortunately for me, I soon realizing Koffings Nature was the worst possible being lowering Special Attack for Physical Attack. When Weezing literally never learns a good Poison Move that's Physical, and Umbreon's best physical dark move is Bite.

    At least there are nature changers in the post game if he survives to make it there.

    Then got a quest that needed to see an Umbreon immediately after fusing him away, unfused and were given a consumable that lets you decide which nature to take when fusing rather than automatically taking it from the body.

    Cheerfully I decided I could fix Charon to have a nature with no pluses or minuses like Eevee, than found to my shock it was Bold now.

    Apparently when unfusing after it evolved it decided to just generate it from scratch, so it went from a LV20 Eevee to a LV13 Umbreon and a new nature was formed.

    I then decided to save scum this until it had a decent nature like Bold which decreases Attack and Increases Defense.

    Updated team
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    I then went to breed two Pokemon for a side quest where I hand in the eggs and found to my surprise that my Pokemon in the daycare had hit LV33 and were stronger than some of my team. Ignoring that I boxed them and choose two Pokemon compatible like Far Fetched and Murkrow, since my Far Fetched was traded.

    Found a Rocket shop selling Pokemon, with Daily Specials, there's even a chance a Legendary can be found in their! Granted it'll be fused with something awful, that you can only unfuse from in the Post game.

    Sadly I think I'll disallow it for my Nuzlocke, but something to consider if I ever play it normally, especially since I did catch that Paras/Koffing fusion in a garbage bin, it is admittedly a different part of a city with it's own unique log.

    Celadon Gambling place also sells more expected things like a Dratini, but I think I'll skip out of those as well, since if I'm disallowing buying Pokemon from one place it doesn't seem fair to take it from the other.

    i found a Coin Case and spent the majority of my money buying Thunderbolt only to learn that Alakazam couldn't learn it like I remembered, I was thinking of Energy Ball, and Shadow Ball.

    Other than Oberon who would have learned it in 14 more levels all 3/4 of my Physical Attackers could learn it. Truly that felt like an insult.

    Oh well, Oberon will make good use of it, all the same. And Ice Beam also wouldn't have been learnable by Alakazam either and he'll get Flamethrower and Psychic through Level up.

    Now to go through the Sewers the replacement to the Rocket Game Corner, who knows I may catch something new their, or at least if there's ever another Gift Egg I could hatch it in their.

    Man random wild Rattata knowing Ice Fang down here are wild even if I've already caught everything I've seen so far.

    Caught a Grimer and sadly never ran into another new Pokemon, so I guess this will be half a zone.

    Time to face Giovani, I plan on setting up a Sweep with Sasuke, since the last trainer before him was a LV35.

    Not much of a change in team besides catching up Charon
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Wait Eraka outright fought him? I'm not surprised she lost but shouldn't she recognize the boss of team rocket as the Viridian Gym? Also loving this music remix of the Rocket base as I approach Giovani.

    Giovani started with a LV34 Steelix/Arbox who's higher level then Sasuke, but that didn't matter because all it knew was Rock Slide and Slam for lowering me, I got off three Automize and Three Sword Dance before even needing to heal up with a single Fresh Water.

    That's all I need because Sasuke is going to sweep you Giovani. Let's go, and cut him down to size!

    I even made him waste his Max Potion on it, just in case any of his other Pokemon have Sturdy, and have higher attack.

    Finally send out a Powerful Haunter/Kangaskhan clearly his ace, I wasn't entirely sure it'd be Normal/Ghost or Normal/Poison but it'll at best be neutral so I'll go with an Ice Punch with 6 stages raised. Ha, it doesn't matter if your 4 levels higher. Sasuke with the oneshot.

    Victory, shame I only leveled to LV34, it would have been cool to evolve to Doublade from Sasuke completely sweeping Giovani by himself

    Also found another part of the password

    ...'s Pure Power

    Combing it with what we have

    ...kia's Pu...

    At a guess it might be Palkia's Pure Power? Might have to go back to Mt. Moon and test that theory, if I'm right I can turn off wild fusions.

    First it's time to take on the 4th Gym, and in the process of fighting Erika's minions, Sasuke evolved into a Douchoke. Not going to lie the name combined with how he looked makes me break out into laughter.
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    So it's time to face Erika now and the question is if I should do it with Sasuke and once again set up for a sweep or if I should simply use Agni.

    After some thought I decided Sasuke as he's the one that needs a set up vs Agni who can simply be thrown in whenever and he's more replaceable.

    Here's hoping they don't throw Grass special moves or god forbid some super effective special moves on the first Pokemon.

    Team I'm going in with, I can only use 3 of them, so I'll go with Sasuke, Agni and Drakolimi's who's Ice Punch should compensate.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Fuck she's starting off with a Graveler/Tangela LV33, thankfully he looks to be Rock/Grass over Ground/Grass, which removes Stab at least and means I have a chance for setup, he's not special at least.

    It only used Constrict and Smack down so it did nearly nothing even after 3 of each, considered going with only 1 Automotize, but when I saw it's pitiful damage I went all the way, I was a little nervous at growth but decided to top off and get rid of the 20 damage, and it choose to Ingrain. So going into the other two fights full HP and fully set up, and I know it's moveset was garbage.

    It had Sturdy so I baited out her Hyper Potion to boot and I'm still untouched since it choose to Growth again.

    I find it funny that while Giovani used a Max Potion and Erika is going with Hyper, I'm matching there one item use with a Fresh Water.

    Easy win, good thing I didn't use Agni though, his Fire wouldn't have been useful against either the Rapidash/Bellossom fusion or the Golduck/Victreebel. He could have thrown out neutral attacks but that's it.

    At least Sasuke's Ice was useful for the first fight, and he was fully set up for the other two so a Brick Break casually handled it.

    I then collected the Egg the Farfetched and my Murkrow made and gave it to Omelet girl for her quest, and she told me she could teach Softboiled to any of my Pokemon. Pass, and time to take those two out of the daycare and then put Nycteribiidae to get some more growth and a Diglett LV16 that I'd allow to get to LV20 so I could trade it for a bulbasaur/Rattata fusion.

    I then went to Mt. Moon to try out the password, I guessed wrong, Palkia's Pure Power is not correct.

    Next onto Wonder Trading as my last segment for today.

    Traded my Caterpie for a Diglett/Whimsicott combo and I'll trade the extra Magikarp I caught later on.


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    It is now time to explore the Lavender Tower, in there I caught a Haunter, along with changing Sasuke and Sakura's names to Agis and Abath at my brother's suggestions.

    Unfortunately it looks like I'll need to catch a new Pokemon to replace Charon, as the Boss Haunter/Marowak killed it. It was LV40 to his LV34 but he brought it to Red at least before his death, before Drakolimi finished the Job

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    What sucks the most is the sheer amount of time and EXP that went into catching him up with the EXP share, and the fact that one more level would have meant he was an evolved into Weezing where he might have had the Bulk to Survive

    Only times he was really in battle was Lavender Tower.

    Left the tower to throw Charon into the box of Dead and then came back and caught a Misdrevus who might be useful later.

    Wondertraded away Magikarp for a Murkrow/Cleffa combo, and then went to fight Snorlax with the intent to catch him, here's hoping I don't lose anyone in the attempt.

    First had to clear the route 12 of trainers who I'd forgotten about, and was surprised they were LV22.

    Then set up Abath with Thunder Wave, so I then proceeded to Paralyze and give Abath 6 X Defenses, after which I stomped Snorlax to low HP, and started throwing Ultraballs.

    Although the fact that it had a leftovers made this far worse, thankfully at least Stomp kept making it flinch thanks to Serene Grace.

    It only got off one attack, as it kept using things like Snore and Rest while at full HP and then when I started attacking it either flinched or was paralyzed for over 7 turns before I caught it.

    Now glad it had Leftovers because I now have one myself.

    I'll give Leftovers to Abath as the one with the most HP in the team.

    I then spent an hour going forwards and battling trainers, I didn't find anything new on Route 14 and so I decided to skip it for now and simply fought most of the trainers in Route 15 without trying for wild grass.

    More importantly an Aid gave me an EXP All to put in my Key Items, which seems to turn on the more modern EXP system if I do turn it on. Currently I'm just about par with trainer's Pokemon, with their aces being stronger than mine. Might be good to put it on to make it easier to be at a Gym Leader's level. Something to think about.

    Finally arrived at Fushia city and calling it here.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge


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    Decided after some though to turn the EXP share on and fuse together a Murkrow/Pineco together to form my newest Partner Boeing.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Who fused together into a LV17.

    At LV40 Agni also evolved into his final form, a Charizard/Alakazam fusion.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    At reaching LV40, Agis proceeded to also Evolved and changed to a Machamp/Doublade combination.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Decided to check out the Trainer House it mentioned a LV25 Challenge and is similar to the Battle Tower.

    It does have a quest for me to beat 10 of them, but simpler to do that after I beat the Game, as then I don't have to worry about losing Pokemon as I'll have finished everything, and won't be Nuzlocking.

    Went through the Fusha Gym easily enough, with the EXP Share helping to catch up my Pokemon quite a bit.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Time to face Koga and see if he falls to a sweep as easily as Erika with me only needing a Single Fresh Water,

    Decided to bring Agis, Agni, and Abath as my primary three for this round, let's go Team A.

    Although Koga has 4 so I ended up adding Drakolimi as well to the team at the very back.

    His first Pokemon's starting damage was pitiful but then it used Destiny Bond while I was setting up, Sword Dance.

    A quick Google Search told me that I should be fine if I just run it out of the Destiny Bond PP, by using some extra Automotize's and so I did it a couple more times until it stopped destiny bonding for two turns and then attacked.

    Ice Punch Sweep Once more, although annoyingly his next Pokemon was a Water/Poison meaning it resisted both Ice and Fighting. Thankfully it's counter attack wasn't that strong.

    Even wasted his Hyper Potion on it.

    Effect Spore put Agis to sleep, but thankfully it was his final battle.

    Even kind of made it funnier honestly. That after Agis won he felt tired so he went to sleep.

    Went and healed and then apparently Blue wants to fight me next, lets see if the Agis sweep strat works just as well on Blue, he does lead with a more offensive Pokemon in Pidgeoto generally so lets see.

    It fused with Cubone and made the Choice to just Trash which did very little and let me set up 3 Sword's Dance, after which it was confused so I even used 2 Automotize while it hurt itself twice.

    Kind of just a laugh at how bad the AI was their, happily started the Sweep Once more, swapping between Ice Punch and Brick Break. Agis happily gave each of Blue's Pokemon a hand.

    Blue tried to lower me by starting off with a Gyrados/Electabuzz Intimidate and then Tauros, but 4 Stages was still way beyond him.

    Even at the end with an Alakazam/Starmie being Water/Psychic, not very Effective still one shot.

    As a reward for beating him, Blue offered one of the Johto starters. After some thought I went with Totodial as Feraligator would fuse well with Snoralx if I ever lost Drakolimi.

    Boeing even evolved, although boy does he look Ugly, his autogeneration did not go well.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    I then took the time to explore the Safari Zone where I failed to catch a Pincir and did succeed at catching an Exeggcute.

    I considered catching Pokemon from the Other Safairi Zone's with how big it is and how it has areas, but decided not to bother as I have most a box filled and satisfied myself with the first two.

    Got the Surf TM and then started to head back to Celadon taking the other route from Fushua, after which I'll take on Safron.

    Caught a Duduo in Route 18 followed by a Tentacool and then it was on to Cycling Road.

    Cleared it pretty easily and didn't find any new Pokemon on Route 17 or 16 so I'll skip them for now.

    Went back to Route 15 and explored it more and with Surf was able to go into the Water where I first fought a Stunfisk

    Then went inside a Creepy Cave which had it's own area underground with Ghosts, Caught a Lampwit and Shuppet.

    That done I prepared to go to Saffron city, and called it a day after having played a few hours.

    Team going in, EXP Share really let me surpass my Enemies, as before I was equal level to random trainers I now outlevel them by around 10 Levels with Agni who can now potentially one-shot his foes with non-super effective moves.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge


    Pokemon Master
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    Opening with working together with Lance to fight a TR grunt was fun, although the implication that he just waited until we arrived to even fight the grunt is kind of hilarious.

    With that I entered Saffron City, and unlike in the original games the entire city was taken over, with the closest freedom people have being the Pokemon Center, although it had a Rocket selling Slowpoke Tails, and Rage Candy Bars which decrease LV's which was interesting and may be a quest item at some point, so I bought one and moved on.

    Amused to see that the Fighting Dojo is unaffected by the city lockdown and just running normally, they aren't going to be helping with storming Sliph Co I see.

    Also not quite as overleveled as I thought, as while I'm solidly above Grunts, the Fighting Champion had three LV45's. Yes my Ace Agni was 5 levels higher, but most of my team was only 2 levels higher, with my weakest being 3 levels lower.

    Still EXP Share may eventually push me up, we'll see how it goes. If I ever get 15LV higher than anyone important I'll know it needs to get turned off.

    I choose Hitmonchan as my Pokemon for winning the fighting dojo and moved on.

    Hilarious to see that there is a police station here, but they can't do anything because Team Rocket technically isn't doing anything illegal here due to following the rules of Pokemon Battling, that's one perspective.

    Also has a song about Donuts, and tedious paperwork on the Radio, I see the creator of this hack certainly wants to point out some stereotypes.

    I then proceeded to beat up a Team Rocket Grunt and their friend who actually succeeded in doing a fair bit of damage due to it being a double battle and stole their Rocket Identity.

    Bought a couple of Mankey's Paws, as I knew that later on there would be an old Lady who would buy them for slightly more than they were worth.

    Also bought a Rocket Ball which is just a Pokeball painted black, might be cool to run around with it if I catch something with it though, I only bought the one.

    More importantly though it's perfect for No Guard, as it half's accuracy in return for Guaranteed Critical Hits.

    We are going with the Pokemon Manga's plot where they've captured the three Legendary Birds and are fusing them. I wonder if this will actually have a threeway fusion, or if it will just leave one of the Birds out to dry, or if there will just be extra Birds and they'll have each possibility fused.

    Man I'm already 15 LV's above the Grunts with Agni, I wonder if I was supposed to go to the fighting Dojo after this?

    Also I wasn't expecting there to actually be Slyph Co Members that you outright rescue, generally it's just Scientist Trainers and a Nurse Joy that heals you.

    Wonder if that'll be a side-quest. Something to look into later.

    In the process of crushing all team rocket members, I evolved Oberon, Electabuzz half into an Electavire, which was a bad autogen, thankfully I just need to buy a Shiny Stone and then he'll look great after I beat Sabrina.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Annoyingly enough right before the floor with heals, I retreated back to the Pokemon Center to restore Agni's PP, and then came back and saw it. Still glad it's there, makes restoring myself far faster, glad I got the keycard so early on, really lets me completely ignore the whole teleport puzzles. I used it a grand total of once to get past a mandatory Teleport point which gave me the Keycard.

    Although now having cleared all 10 floors, to get to Floor 11 I'm going to need to start looking at all the teleporters now.

    I regret leading down from the top, as the correct teleport point was back on Floor 3 after testing them all one by one.

    Wasted 7 minutes or so.

    Time to likely face Blue again followed by Giovani, although since I fought Blue at Fusha maybe, it'll just be Giovani.

    Team going in.
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    I'll lead with Agis as I generally do for Boss Fights.

    OK so looks like it is Giovani and it is indeed a triple fusion, it really does look like it came straight out of the manga.

    I'm even the same LV as it

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    it's Tri Attack does roughly 40% of my HP and I'm already faster after one Sword's Dance, I use a second and have been Paralized. Time to break out a Full Restore and then try killing this thing, hopefully an Ice Punch will be enough to take this thing down, as it's certainly a Flying type at least so Cross Chop's Stab likely won't help.

    Of course, this time the Tri Strike burns me, I'll have to use another Full Restore, here's hoping it's not guarenteed to cause one of the three status effects.

    It Paralized me again so it might be, welp time to risk an Ice Punch!

    First time I was using Monkey Claw, and it fails to Crit, only doing a third of it's HP?!

    This thing might have an ability that prevents Crit.

    Alright it's clear Agis ain't great here. Time to swap to Abath and hope this goes better.

    I absolutely wasn't expecting one Beast of a Pokemon like this, I should have given her Toxic and ditched the Ground Move or her Rock Move.

    Yea one turn of Rock Blast going 3 times, and it does as well as Double Sword Dance Ice Punch.

    Also switched to using Flying Moves against Abath despite it resisting it and Sky Attack, could it be out of Tri-Attacks already?

    Strangely Giovani didn't even use a Full Restore, so Abath smoothly handled the entire thing with ease, and Agis just embaressed himself and used two Full Restores for nothing.

    Got the last part of the Password to turning off Wild Fusions, and I absolutely would have never guessed it.

    "Smearkia" really?

    Combining it with the other two parts, the full password is Smearkia's Pure Power.

    I believe it's randomized for every play-through, but man is that a rough one.

    No deaths since Lavender Tower.

    If that's the last one of this play-through somehow, I'll laugh so hard.

    Blue came in literally as Team Rocket was leaving, and his first thought is his presence scared them off. Never Change Blue.

    Also gave me a free Lapras which is nice, I have a lot of Water Types now, maybe I should have taken the Chikorita he offered me instead. Oh well.

    Time to explore a Free Saffron City after IRL Lunch.

    Back, and exploring already paid off. An NPC gifted me a Shiny Stone, so I can evolve into a Togekiss now rather than after I beat Sabrina.

    Oberon's final form has been achieved.
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Found a Bar that you can buy Beer and Tequila at which was fun, along with a Copycat Dancer that you have to copy.

    Unfortunately the game glitched out after I drank while copying Copycat's Dance Move's and I moved a step away and got stuck, already reported in the Bug Section, thankfully my habit of saving meant I only lost 5 minutes of progress.

    Time to try again, copied it all perfectly and was given a Smeargle in return, could be used to make some Whacky fusion possibilities sometime in the future.

    Off to seeing the rest of Safron.

    Swapped Signal Beam for Dragon Pulse on Agni after some thought, the 150 Power of a Super Effective Signal Beam ain't that far from the 135 Stab Psychic, or the 142.5 Stab Flamethrower.

    At least the 180 Super effective Dragon Pulse feels like it'll be a bigger difference on those rare use cases.

    Got the GS Ball for helping so many people/doing side quests, which sounds like it might eventually lead to Celebi. Could be cool.

    Went to Mt. Moon and turned off Wild Fusions for more choice.

    Learned about Crimson City, so Flew to Cereluian and started Surfing on the Cape, no new Pokemon Encountered,

    Route 23 also had no new Pokemon, although a Trainer commenting a Pokemon Trainer must have balls, only having two Pokemon and then giving me some Pokeballs, Great and Ultra's after I won to show off his balls got me to laugh.

    Another trainer asking me if her Pokemon looked like the face of Mercy and sending out Mr. Cruel also got me to smile, some good jokes this route.

    Ditched Drill Run for Toxic in case of another Boss Fight and to help catch Pokemon as no-one can learn False Swipe and I'm way to high leveled otherwise.

    Arrived at Crimson City and it doesn't even a Pokemon Center, thankfully it registers to Fly so I left and came back, found the Old lady who you can sell Mankey Paw's to for more than there worth at a progressively better deal inside the Hotel itself which surprised me. Pretty trivially easy to then sell it all which made me over 10K Poke in Profits in around 2 minutes of work. It'd rapidly get better if I kept at it, but I don't need the money.

    Still good to have the option.

    Have a Girl who wants me to fight her High level Bellsprout, why does a part of me worry it's a LV100 one. Welp let's give it a shot.

    Nope just a LV77 Bellsprout, and a Shyther/Beedrill Mix at LV45, thankfully Agni handled it Fine even if he was only LV56.

    Caught a Goldeen in Crimson City itself, thanks to there being Water in the area.

    Unfortunately I'm not sure how I'd go about progressing further north due to there being a Bug where trying to Surf makes the city Surfable and not the barrier going forward. Thankfully fly fixes it.

    Ditched Surf HM back for the TM Brick Break and entered the Saffron Gym.

    Leading with Agni for the Fight with Sabrina and I'll temporarily forget Energy Ball for Calm mind, I would have preferred Psychic but I already spent a PP Max on it, so not losing that.

    Facing Sabrina with Agni, Boeing, Abath and Oberon.

    Current Team.
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    I won, but at LV57 Agni was 12 levels higher than Sabrina's strongest Pokemon, at least they are starting to give them Competitive moves like Nasty Plot and Baton pass. Still wasn't enough and won without any casualties.

    Also got confirmation that Mankey's Paw doesn't work on No Guard without further testing so I took it off Agis, and gave him a Shell Bell.

    My final stop for this session is to stop and evolve two Pokemon who need Dusk Stone since I now have beaten Sabrina and can buy them at Celadon.

    Final form of Boeing
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Final form of Agis
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Next time I'll experiment with Stance Change and see how it works for me, after that if it doesn't work well I'll unfuse it and refuse with the ability No Guard instead.

    After that I'll surf to Cinnabar, and use the ticket Blue gave me to go to the Islands.


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    Been a couple of days since I played, picked up Persona 4 Golden recently and been spending most of my time on this. But with FGO's event taking up so much of my time and using so little brainpower, I find I can play Pokemon while doing it at the same time.

    Spent two Super Fusions, Unfusing and refusing Agis, to give him back No Guard instead of Stance Change. Stance Change is a lot more interesting but I know it's buggy so better to take No Guard back.

    Thankfully dropping by the Move Remember and Celedon quickly got me all my moves back as well, and it was now time to explore the water route from Fushua to Cinnabar.

    Failed to see anything but Tentacool on Route 19, so I'll mark it down for later, and for Route 20 all I saw were Seadra of which I already have one, and Seel.

    I did find an area that I could dive into in the future which could be interesting, and I have another move slot available thanks to ditching Surf back for Brick Break as soon as I got my Surfboard.

    I'm still debating turning off the EXP share, it's very convenient but at this point my weakest part member is more than 10 levels above the average trainer, and my strongest is nearly 20 levels above.

    I soon made it to Cinnabar city, where I got the Super Rod, registered for all the side quests at the hotel, and generally went around talking to everyone before I went to the gym.
    The Pokemon Mansion popped up as a Side Quest area, where I'll need to find a Burglar and kill several Ditto's with Thief until I get Metal Powder.

    The Pokemon Mansion popped up as a Side Quest area, where I'll need to find a Burglar and kill several Ditto's with Thief until I get Metal Powder.

    I absolutely wasn't expecting to encounter a random Absol that turned into an encounter, since it's in a city I can catch it even in a Nuzlocke. Thankfully I just taught Boeing thief, so I have a weaker move, although the fact that it starts with Sword Dances, makes me quite nervous.

    Thankfully even with two sword's dance, his Razor Wind did pretty much nothing to Boeing, and three Thief's put him in the red.

    After that it was just the slow process of throwing Pokeball after Pokeball at it until it submitted, or rather that's what I assumed, but a single Pokeball caught it.

    The NPC mentioned that Absol's are a bad omen hoping nothing will happen to the island, and another NPC mentioned the Volcano before dismissing it saying they don't have to worry. It makes me wonder if we'll actually see the famous eruption that happened in the time skip between Red and Gold.

    Interesting to note that I can go straight to the Sevii Islands, I'll try to explore Pokemon Mansion and then the 7th gym if I can first though.

    Also learned about someone offering a Skarmory for Dodrio, so I decided to take Agni off the team and leave Dodio to evolve so I could trade him. Not sure I'll ever use Skarmory, but better to have him as fusion material lest I forget. Agni was getting ahead of the rest due to being a trade anyways.

    Also got a sidequest to protect Zapdos from team Rocket which should be interesting.

    I then proceeded to revive my Fossils, both Aerodactyl and Cranidos, who might be interesting fusion material for the future.

    Proceeded to enter Pokemon Mansion, and the first random trainer to fight me really made me grateful I'm higher level, as it easily could have been a ruinous battle.

    Because man, getting hit by Self Destruct twice because I'm not strong enough to one shot sucks, and it took Drakolimi hard even if the fact that they were 10 levels lower and a first form blunted the worst of it.

    Time to swap to Abath who at least resists Self-Destruct and has a lot more HP, even if it's paired with a smaller defense.

    Yea last one was a fully evolved form who used Explosion and even Crit with it. It's a good think I swapped to Abath my tankiest Pokemon who took it, otherwise I'd have likely lost someone to this self-destruction maniac. As it is I think I'll retreat and heal at the Pokemon Center.

    It does remind me of how having a Ghost at times like this can be useful, even if I generally prefer the dark type.

    Holy shit, wow I knew Abath was tanky but that could have so easily gone wrong.

    Hit a Poliwhirl/Electrode with Drakolimi's Aqua Tail, not expecting that it'd have water absorb. After that it Belly Drum and I swaped to Abath, where it proceeded to self-destruct.

    Thankfully Abath took it like a champ and was fine, but that could easily have been a disaster. It's starting to ramp up I see, really glad I got those 10 extra levels now.

    Before long fighting the Pokemon Mansion trainers caused Dudao to evolve into Dodrio, at which point I traded him for Skarmory who I then boxed and retrieved Agni for.

    The trainers in the Mansion took a big level boost as I get deeper in it, and are only a few levels behind me now, and they even equal Boeing my lowest level at 51. Oberon who is currently leading the team is only 3 levels higher himself.

    I have to admit I wasn't expecting the first Pokemon I'd encounter in this mansion to be a Ditto, if only because every other encounter I had was one I already captured or got through a trade.

    Unfortunately I got annoyed at the slow progress of Thief and tried a rock smash which was quad effective and instantly killed it. That was stupid of me and it consumed 1 of my two encounters already. Granted I'm not really sure how Ditto would have worked after being fused.

    Never did use transform as Mew, so not sure how the stats would have worked out.

    Encountered a Ditto again as my second encounter and this time caught it, so I guess I can satisfy my curiocity later if I want.

    With that I found Blane and he went back to his gym so I can now challenge him.

    Going in with the following team, wish me luck.
    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge


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    I thought about it and Dragon Pulse just can't measure up to Calm Mind even if it is a Move Tutor move, so I went back and relearned it. I'll Calm Mind Spam with Agni at the start of the Blane fight and see if he has any hard hitting physical moves.

    Team I'll leave out are Agis and Boeing who are both Steel, which leaves me four of my 6, which is the amount I'll be allowed to use.

    Blaine opens up by using Sunny Day which benefits me as well or so I think, but for some weird and inexplicable reason, Sunny Day hurts Agni every turn as well as if it was a Sandstorm.

    This is despite him being a Fire/Psychic type as well, his Solar Beam and Flamethrower don't do a lot, but combined with his Flamethrower Criting and three turns of Sunny Day causing Damage causes Agni to faint possibly costing me the fight.

    Not a lot of good options now, Abath is weak to Grass, Drakolimi is hindered by Sunlight and Grass resists Oberon

    Thankfully Oberon deals with the Gloom/Rapidash Combo, and Sunlight fades. Water Pulse triggering confusion and it hurting itself helped a fair bit.

    Rhydon/Magmar unfortunately kills Oberon but not before he weakens him quite a bit.

    Blaine uses a Full Restore, but that doesn't stop Drakolimi from one-shotting him, sadly it did result in him being burned.

    I'll use a Dragon Dances and then use a Full restore, as a Charizard/Aerodactyl shouldn't have Earthquake or anything.

    Crunch takes, away roughly 30% leaving me with just about 55% from the burn hitting me two turns.

    Not going to risk it so I'll use my Full restore now.

    The correct decision as I then finish it off and face Blane's last Pokemon an Arcanine/Ninetails fusion.

    Aqua Tail misses, but thankfully for some reason it's Thunder fang also misses, as that could have caused a wipe potentially.

    The next Aqua Tail hits and with that I've claimed my 7th badge.

    I'm still not sure just what was with Blaine's weird Sunny day and maintain that the strategy was a good one that would have worked if not for it.

    Well time to go bury two of my oldest team members.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    I'll have to look through my boxes and carefully consider who to replace them with.


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    Welp, after talking it out with one of the others, I'd forgotten about Agni's Solar Power which is what killed him really.

    I should have healed him earlier and started attacking with him earlier considering Solar Power was boosting him as well.

    That was my mistake and on me, biggest reason I lost him and Oberon after all.

    After a lot of thought I added Rex back to the team, as he'll evolve into an Ice/Fire type, which will cover what Oberon's main job of dealing with Lance.

    He'll also cover Agni's general job, and after a lot of thought I fused Litwick/Magnemite into a new power duo, who'll be a Ghost/Electric. He'll also be my general sweeper when fully evolved similar to Agni thanks to having very high attack. Although his lower speed means it might not be as safe.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    New team assembled, it was time to go check out the Sevii Islands, here's hoping the two new members have long lives and contribute greatly to the team in the future.

    Following Oberon's the protagonist's death I updated the other 4's surviving members profiles, as seeing his death made them all reevaluate themselves and their lives.

    For Drakolimi
    Grieving the loss of his main student, his newly formed calm has been lost, and he's reverted to crushing his enemies.

    For Abath
    Constantly checking the team's health, and is much more aware of the teams mortality after witnessing Agni and Oberon's deaths.

    For Agis
    Focused on becoming faster and more powerful, his strikes instantly crush his foes, he now stands apart from his team.

    For Boeing
    A glutton constantly looking for his next fix, he never the less is always ready to help protect the team however he can.

    Also took the time to add Badges to Pokemon who were chosen to be brought to each of the respective gyms they helped me do. Even if they didn't actively participate in battle, they earned the badge if they were one of the limited members chosen.

    Agni earned the most at 4/7 badges, before his death.

    Here's hoping Drakolimi and Abath can at least catch up to him.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Took the time to surf up to Pallet first to beat some more trainers and catch my team up in level a bit more.

    After that I went back to the Mansion to beat up Ditto's with Thief for a chance of Metal Powder which a Ditto only has a 5% chance of holding vs the 50% chance of Quick Powder.

    In the process of doing that Rex evolved into his awkward middle stage

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    But before I gave him a Fire Stone and evolved him to his true form, I wanted him to learn Flare Blitz at LV45

    Then I went to go do the Zapdos side Quest before I forgot.

    In the process of exploring the Power Plant I found several TM's but more importantly had two more evolutions.

    Bunsen evolved into an awkward middle stage as well, even if it's not as bad as Rex

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    But more importantly Abath evolved into it's final form, sadly as an Autogen it's nowhere near as good as some of these custom images, which is a bit sad considering it finally evolves as LV55 the same LV as Dragonite.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Went through most of team rocket quickly enough and quickly decided to just leave Abath paralized as it made things easier and kept them from constantly readding it.

    When I went up against the executive, Abath just got mean, two Crits in a Rock Blast that went up to 4 times. The poor Muk even with Acid Armor stood no chance.

    Abath just kept stomping the rest as well, and another Muk fusion this time with Jynx was weak to Rock, and the only thing that saved it from dying turn 1 with acid armor was Abath deciding to only hit it three times with Rock Blast.

    Articuno/Moltres being quad weak to Rock, only survived two Rock Blast. To add insult to injury, I entered this fight at 260 HP and only ended up healing quite a bit thanks to Leftovers, truly an easy boss fight this time round.

    I then proceeded to KO the wild Zapdos as this is a Nuzlocke after all and I already caught a Voltorb and Magnemite in the Power Plant a long time ago.

    Maybe I should have chosen Moltres or Articuno, as I have most of the Pokemon in their areas and haven't explored it. Oh well.

    More importantly I can finally replace Rock Blast with Stone Edge's as a result of killing Zapdos, a fitting Trade in my opinion.

    Went back to Cinnabar where I found a Super Robot that only allowed you to fight with one Pokemon.

    It choose a LV100 Blissey/Ditto Fusion, and tried Toxic/Soft Boil/Cosmic Powering me.

    Problem for it was I had Abath who also had Toxic and the power of Antitode's on my side.

    We both Toxic to start, but I just kept using antitode on mine every other turn, where as it at best could use Softboil but that didn't help it as Toxic kept getting worse.

    Easy win for me, if I knew Refresh I could have won without Item useage, but good thing it didn't know Refresh or this would have been a far longer battle, as I'd need to exhaust it's PP.

    Got an Infinite Splicer in return which should save me some money, especially if it works like a Super Splicer

    I then proceeded over to Knot Island where I learned they use Heart Scales as Currency.

    Procceded to Surf through Treasure Island and picked up quite a few Goodies, sadly no new Pokemon in the area so I marked it down and went back to knot Island and surfed East instead.

    In Kindle Road I found no new Pokemon in the road, but in the grass for my first encounter I found and caught a Ferrow. I was curious what the second encounter would be, but found to my surprise a stationary Flygon who I fought and soon caputred.

    I now have a solid Ground type to fuse into something in the future, and he'll be a good backup at LV45.

    Proceeded to Mt Ember where I learned I needed a gas mask and was sent back, decided to go back to Knot Island with the key Item Item I picked up on the way here.

    As a Reward I could choose any of the Shinoh starters, after somet thought I went with Turtwig, as having another Solid Grass and potential Ground could be useful.

    I did consider Chimchar for Fire, as I only have Vulpix and a traded Psyduck/Charmander, but I'm not a big fan of his design, and I have a ton of Water Types.

    Piplup was considered only for his later Steel type coverage, but Grass was better I decided.

    I then proceeded back to Cinnabar where I was given a Train Pass for helping to rescue Zapdos.

    I considered trying to take Giovani on first, but decided exploring Johto for awhile would help catch my Pokemon up. I even had a goal of making it to Cherrywood where I can turn OST's back into mine and that way I can unfuse most of the Pokemon in my Traded section to have better options in the future.

    With my Train Ticket taking me to Goldenrod I started exploring it, the strangest thing was finding Eusine offering me to trade a Mewtwo for Drakolime, I was tempted for a second before deciding to decline.

    It does make me wonder though, does he offer that for any Pokemon?

    Time to test it out.

    He does indeed offer it for anything so I went back to my PC and took out my Wonder Traded Facebook in case LV and it being fused matters.

    Got a Meowth/Ditto Fusion instead, guess I should have wondered since he did mention not being a fraud when I declined the offer, but since it was Eugine I let it slide.

    Oh well no real loss was had at all.

    I soon found another person who gives starter Pokemon this time to anyone who fused up to 40 Pokemon, confident I managed that with the unfusing and refusing I did, I hit accept but it turns out I've only fused 23 times annoyingly enough.

    Not a problem that would cost me anything though with my Infinite Fusion that I earned from beating the RED Robot, so I took two LV1 Pokemon in my PC, Whynaut and Lileep that I got from an Egg and Fossil respectively and repeatedly fused and unfused them with the the Infinite Fusion item.

    Spent 20 minutes unfusing and refusing but it got me to 41 fusions and then I picked Cyndaquil for another fire type.

    Then continued to explore Goldenrod

    Bought a Diamond for 40K and then went back to Knot Island to make the Diamond Necklace for a Sidequest, cost another 25K and 3 Pearls and an escape Rope. So toatal roughly 80K all in all if my mental math is right.

    Lets go see what the reward for that much money is

    Only got 35K back and a Helix Fossil, so I functionally spent 45K for an Omanyte, not sure it was worth it but hey a side quest is a side quest.

    Took the time to quickly do the Goldenrod Hotel Side Quests which just had me show a Hoenn Pokemon and some Safari Zone Souvenir's both of which I had.

    Also flew back to Saffron and showed the Shinnoh Pokemon it wanted me to show earlier.
    I then worked my way through the Goldenrod store, which was still being worked on and had sevral trainer fight every floor except for the first floor as they fought to keep me from entering a construction zone.

    Sadly for them I needed to use the elevator to get to the bottom to get to team Rocket so I crushed them all easily. I was 20 Levels above them after all, which made me consider throwing in either Rex or Bunsen but better not to risk it.

    In the process of beating up construction worker's Rex made it to LV45 and learned Flare Blitz which meant it was time for him to evolve, surprisingly I also got Dive as an option which after some thought I skipped.

    But it being an option may be something I come back to as there were some areas to explore with Dive, I likely don't have the badge for it yet though.

    Rex has now achieved his final form

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    The power of Stomp and Serene Grace remains Disgustingly good, as anything Abath doesn't kill she just makes Flinch, her only weakness to that is her relatively slow speed, but her tankiness more than makes up for it.

    Bunsen also evolved soon after, the joys of the EXP share being what it is.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge
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    I then descended down the Elevator to go beat up Team Rocket Goons.

    Superfang ended up being Abath's big annoyance here as they managed to repeatedly get her low even with her healing it Ocassionally. Thankfully never outright became a threat as even at relatively low I had confident in her tankiness. That said swapped her after the fight was over and continued onward.

    I somewhat regretted this as I didn't expect to run into Giovani and Archer in the next door, would have gone and healed first if I knew the boss fight was this soon.

    Thankfully Agis was more than up to the task of soloing Archer, as while he did get hit by a Cross Chop due to Primeape/Weezing being faster, he took it and Dynamic Punched his way to Victory against it and the other Pokemon.

    Apparently I was supposed to come to Johto and Giovani is now available for the 8th badge.

    Think I'll continue to Cherrygrove first for fusion options and then I'll go back.

    Went through Route 35 and through quite a number of trainers, my higher levels allowed me to sweep them with ease, swapping more for PP than anything else as first Agis, then Drakolimi sweeped them with ease.

    Found a Hypno on Route 35 and caught it, and proceeded to Route 36 which had a well with Spirtomb which I soon caught as well.

    Abath had awful luck with a Tangrowth/Yanmega fusion, missing 3 of the 4 Stone Edge's she shot, thankfully the AI didn't spam Giga Drain and only used it once. Also as unneeded revenge when Abath did hit, she crit with a super effective Stone Edge while being 15 levels higher. The results were obvious but still fun to imagine.

    Started exploring the national park and was given a rare Fairy egg from Hoenn, likely a Ralts which consumes one of my two encounters for the area but was worth it.

    After some thought I used one of my PP Maxs on Agis Dynamic Punch to push it to 8PP, which will let him get more use before needing to go back.

    Here's hoping it's not wasted due to his future death.

    Quickly took the time to hatch Ralts which with Speed Up and Racing Bike took very little time at all, after that I realized that Sudowoodo was in my way, and the lady that normally gives you the Wailmer Pail at the flower shop no longer gave you anything.

    Guess I'm backtracking through the forest after all.

    Proceeded downwards to Route 34 in an attempt to backtrack my way to get around Sudowoodo, encountered a Granbull as my first encounter but after I caught it the game immediately crashed.

    Oh well, no real loss as I boot up the game again. If I encounter another one I'll catch it and if I don't I'll just count it as 1 of my 2 encounters.

    Caught up to where I was by killing all the trainers I had previously fought and set off to find another Granbull and saved again.

    Sadly it crashed a second time, this time freezing on the Pokeball.

    For round three, I tried catching him with a Primier Ball, which finally worked. Clearly he just didn't like a Pokeball.

    I then found out that to get the Rock Smash Item you need a bad bone, and there are some in Rock Tunnel.

    I flew to Lavender Town and then went up where I found 5 Rocks by the entrance and started farming them.

    30 Rocks laters I had 5 Heart Scales, but 0 Bad Bones.

    More weirdly I encountered two shiny Geodudes.

    Specifically I threw a Primier ball at the first for fun and then killed it, and was shocked to see another one soona after, which I threw another Primier Ball at and caught and then threw into a Shiny Box never to see the light of day again.

    I strangely have an affinity for Shiny Geodude's, as I have now caught one in several games now.

    Shockingly I even encountered a third soon after? Is their something wrong with this spot specifically?

    I kept doing it and soon encountered another 3, clearly there is something with this area specifically.

    Apparently the reason why is because those are hidden abilities Pokemon and there are times where Pokemon have high chances of encountering Hidden Ability.

    Released the Geodude I had in the Shiny Box since it's just hidden ability.

    Decided to finally do Trainer House with my Backup Pokemon who I don't care if they die.

    Taught Aesculapian Double Team and Sludge Wave and entered with three Pokemon.

    Cleared 5 Trainer Battles in over 30 minutes with a lot of Double team and some fresh water.

    Was very irritating so I decided I needed a Sword's Dance User.

    So I swapped out my Main for an Absol/Fearow fusion that I named Durandall to handle this and not be sad if he died.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Yea Sword's Dance makes this so much faster, didn't even need to heal for the first fight.

    Although for the forth I almost died when I encountered a Rock Type

    Thankfully the fifth was safer and I soon finished that quest for timer balls.

    Moving on to the next quest I slept at a Hotel and passed the 777 mark and thus unlocked the Jirachi encounter in a special dreamscape.

    He took the place of Oak, and rejected my choices for a Pokemon and challenged me to a Pokemon Battle one on one.

    Since I wasn't sure if I was supposed to catch it, I threw in my highest Defense lowest Attack Pokemon in Boeing and started the fight.

    I soon saw that I was a LV59 and was fighting a LV20 Jirachi that was called Wild, so I tried throwing out a Pokeball but apparently it's impossible to catch, and my stats got drastically changed, just not my LV.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    So I took 20 damage, and needed to heal with Fresh Water, but sadly it just repeatedly swift.

    Considered if I wanted to Fresh Water repeatedly until it ran out of PP, but unsure if this is a scripted loss.

    Decided to risk it and repeatedly Fresh Watered 6 times, before it decided to use Psychic which I am immune to, as a Dark/Steel.

    Then I started attacking with Payback and was somehow faster, 4 hits later and two crits, and I won, as it only used one more swift, and otherwise used Psychic and Helping Hand.

    Flawless victory which I was not expecting after the awful beginning, thank God he had Sturdy otherwise Swift would have taken him out.

    Truly Boeing was the perfect Pokemon for this, not that I knew.

    After my Dream I talked to Leaf who gave me Balbausaur for being an accomplished Pokemon Trainer, it is Raj's House so I'll accept the additional Pokemon.

    Now to go to my PC to check if Jirachi made it.

    Shockingly he was actually in my party and Boeing was in the PC, I was actually wondering if he got erased.

    Proud I actually got a Legendary, might end up fusing it sometime for now. I'm good with my current team.

    Unlocked a Hidden Tomb with Eviolite by waiting until exactly 3:15AM, caught a Duskull in it and kept exploring to catch anything else, but it looks like it's Duskull only. I can always use it to hatch an Egg if I want.

    After that went back to Fuscha to try to find the Chansey's lost trainer to also get a Lucky Egg, after which I will have completed all but two Side Quests until the Post game.

    Gave Lucky Egg to Rex and decided to try briefly for the Invisible Pokemon in Saffron City Sidequest as I looked around but failed to find anything.

    Well I'll call it here. Onto Giovani next session since I'm stumped on the Rare Bones and Invisible Pokemon Quest.
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    To begin with, I was surprised to learn that Magnezone evolves with the magnet stone and not LV when changed, and a quick search shows that in Black 2 the engine this runs off of, he learns no extra moves as Magneton and not even earlier.

    So I choose to evolve him as well, not at his final form but looking good.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Also confirmed Rock Tunnel itself is the only place with Rare Bones, so I descended into to it to look for Rock's Smash.

    20+ rocks later, I got no items and a lot of Geodude in comparison to the plentiful resources outside Lavender. Although I finally got 1 Rare Bone and immediately turned it in which gave me a Pickaxe which allows me to finally get rid of the Rock Smash Move for Boeing.

    Swapped Boeing's Rock Smash out for Flash Canon, as his Special Attack is 127 VS his 146 Attack, and there are some enemies with high Physical and low Special.

    Plus it gives me one Steel move.

    Now to face Giovani, to bad Rex and Bunsen aren't fully caught up.

    Amused to note that the guy who gives Fresh Water doesn't even believe me when I tell him the Gym Leader's identity.

    Also my favorite petty criminal here.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    I invited him to fight Drakolimi as well, but shockingly he didn't seem very interested in matching Brick Breaks with it. :D

    Ran into a Ratqueen that almost killed several of my Pokemon due to knowing Endeavor and being fairly fast and super-effective against most of my faster Pokemon, prevailed with Boeing, but not without being at 4HP.

    Before much longer and several trainer and trips to the Pokemon Center later, I ended up next to Giovani.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    No real great answers to ground currently

    So after looking through my defense stats, I decided Agis would be the best option to lead with and try Automotize and Sword Dance Combo, with maybe X Defense's thrown in, even if he is weak to Ground sadly but I have a counter to that in a reversal Fusion for this fight.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Swapping to Ghost for this fight, and then back to normal.

    Unfortunately doing a reversal apparently automatically swaps ability as well and it got the Stance Chance.

    I can still make this work, but I'll need to use two Super Fusion Item's and run back to the Move Tutor and get back Automotize.

    Alright Agis, your the Ace

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Even Giovani won't take you on with all 6 of your Pokemon I see.

    I'll leave out Bunsen, as the lowest LV of the bunch.

    Although literally everyone Agis is weak to Ground still.

    Also amused at how stupid Giovani was in the type of Fusion he choose, granted both are weak to fighting. Still here's hoping it still uses physical attacks

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    It's using Surf so no harshly lowering Attack, but it's special Attack is 63 and it's not even a Water Type

    Man is Giovani going to regret this.

    I didn't even need to bother unfusing with this stupidity, Steel would have been fine.

    Although it soon swapped to Bulldoze making me glad I took the time, annoyingly King's Shield failed to lower his physical attack when bulldoze connected and it also failed to work a second time after I first used Sword's Dance.

    I should have just taken Iron Defense instead. Will keep in mind next time, glad he fused no Ghost's in as I considered that before dismissing it.

    After some more Automizte and Sword's Dance which took longer due to Bulldoze lowering Speed and one Hyper Potion, Agis swept it.

    Got the Earthquake TM and some Surfing gave Bulk Up which is better than Sword Dance when you can items.

    Then refused Agis back to normal with more Super Fusion Items.

    Strangely enough I noticed that my stats drastically dropped, after some thought, most likely I lost all of my EV's in the process of Unfusing and refusing.

    We'll see if a LV up later fixes it or if I just start gaining stats again, as I likely had it's EV's maxed.

    LV's up did not fix it.

    Going to the Saffron City and buying the Mankey Paws, and then selling them at increased prices to get a high amount of money so that I can buy the Health Wings and such at Goldenron and see if I can restore my EV's that way and test if I'm right.

    Swapped from 250K to 460K, and I'll spend 210K on Wings and test it back on Agis.

    Yea that confirms that I lost my EV's.

    Only got back 50EV's all of which I dumped into Special Defense, as Bulk up means Defense isn't quite as important.

    Also after some research Vitamins are better for the first 100 as they are 9,800, and it's 10EV, vs Feathers 3K for 1EV.

    I also realized this could at least have some benefits as one of their natures had changed to Impish, so when I refused them I had a better nature as Special Attack was my worst stat. I would have preferred Special Defense Up, and SA down.

    Took roughly 2 hours, but he is back to caught up with the rest of the gang.

    Now to head to Victory Road.


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    Starting off against Blue with the following team, I honestly forgot about him but Drakolimi isn't a bad good start.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    He start's off with a Marowak/Pidgeot, but thankfully I'm faster than it, so it dies to Aqua tail which is good considering it was also Super Effective.

    His next choice was a Normal/Psychic that I thought would be using grass moves because Tauros/Eggecute, thankfully my large defense means I survived Zen Headbutt with a Dragon's Dance and I killed it with Aqua Tail when it started charging Solar Beam, although the first round it missed.

    Then he sent out another Water/Psychic in the form of Starmie/Alakazam.

    So I choose to send out Boeing for the very first time as an attacker.

    Thankfully two Payback killed it and it just spammed Cosmic Power.

    Threw out Magmar/Rhyorn, which I am pretty sure is Fire/Rock.

    Swapped back to Drakolimi for it while he used a Ground move, thankfully I survived since not stab and killed with Aqua tail and got burned.

    Then he sent out his starter Ace, Fire/Grass.

    Used Full Restore while he started charging Solar Beam.

    We both did roughly half to each other, but Drakolimi was faster so next turn I finished him.

    For his Electabuss/Gyrados, I choose to swap out to Abath and eat an hit in Set.

    It's Hyper Beam did pretty much nothing, that Leftovers didn't heal, and I Stone Edge Crit when he was recharging and wrapped the fight up with a win.

    After some thought decided to finally just replace the autogen image with the Chansey/Rhyperior image, which is still better than it, even if it isn't made for it exactly.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Also considering how many times Earthquake would have been useful even without Stab, I think I'll ditch Softboiled for it, and just rely on Hyper Potions.

    Beating up Laura for more is always an option.

    Also taught Earthquake to Drakolimi and ditched Brick Break, for as much as I love the move, having something to help deal with Electric and has more base power seems wiser.

    Although I'm still debating about Stomp and getting Softboiled back, quite frankly the Flinch chance on Stomp with Serene Grace is disgustingly good, and I've gotten 4 Flinches in a row before.

    On the other hand it relies on Abath going first, and Abath is extremely slow, so not exactly very reliable from that perspective.

    For now I'd rather have the option.

    I started exploring through route 26 with Abath and Drakolimi leading the charge through the trainers on the way to the Elite four.

    I eventually found Shadow Ball TM and proptly taught it to Bunsen, with that I had erased the plan to evolve him at LV53 with Shadow Ball, so I evolved him one LV early with my Dusk Stone.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    With that all my Pokemon are now in their final stage

    It didn't take me long before I beat all the trainers and arrived in Victory Road.

    Immediately proceeded to get stuck on the first puzzle

    Thankfully I eventually realized the second rock existed

    It blended in and I thought that it was a normal rock

    Came across Entei without any other wild Pokemon due to Super Repels which was accidentally an accident.

    Decided to give catching it a try, and started with Drakolimi and used Ice Punches which it would resist.

    Game decided to crash on me while it was going well as Ice Punch was doing acceptable damage, so time for attempt two

    He's trying to kill himself with Swaggering repeatedly, but once I got him to red I just swapped to Abath and started throwing Pokeballs.

    12 Pokeballs, 4 Premier Ball, 9 Great Balls 17 Ultra Balls, 10 Timer Balls, 4 Dusk Balls, 14 Level Ball later he started struggling.

    I had the choice of Master Balling him or trying one last level ball as he'd die next turn.

    I attempted the very last Level Ball and he broke out, Rex LVed up to 63 proving he was the better fire type clearly.
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    I soon exited Victory road and entered Indigo Plateau, and quickly bought some more Super Repels and another 99 Ultra Balls to make the next hard capture safer.

    Entering the E4 with the following team

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    I played it safe against Lorelei and brought out my ace, Agis and set up for a sweep.

    Was not expecting her to start with a Fire/Ice type with Magmar/Lapras, but Dynamic Punch did work.

    After which she full restored and I used Bulk up, an Automotize after that and Hyper Potion before another Dynamic Punch finished her off although not before burning Agis.

    After that her Tentacruel/Cloyster wasn't a problem as I started with Full Restore and then I just bulked up several times and sweeped her team.

    For Bruno, I did not have quite as good a counter, as I had nothing that was directly super effective against Bruno.

    So I finally brought Bunsen out for his first real fight.

    I started by getting Bunsen blackout drunk on Tequila as he started with Electavire/Machamp.

    First he got confused, then he went to sleep, and refused to drink a third time.

    So I fed his unconscious form an Ice cream cone which made him all better.

    Healed him with a Lemonade, and Bruno wastes his full restore since Bunsen burned him when he was stupid enough to Thunder Punch a drunken body on Fire.

    A few more Tequila and Ice Cream, and one more Lemonade and Bunsen was ready to sweep all the while cradling his Lucky Egg.

    The fact that Tequila is randomized on if it confuses, puts you to sleep or does nothing is cool, as is the fact it can potentially sharply increase Speed or Special Attack.

    I started by showing the Electavire a true Electric attack and killing him with it, considering he was so kind to attack with Electric Moves himself.

    After that was a easy sweep, although I laughed at Bruno wondering how he could lose to a drunk Pokemon who had unhealthy lemonade and Ice Cream to recharge himself.

    Also man the sprite work for the E4 is really rough, Lorelei started bad, but I thought it'd just be her, Bruno is a random Karete man, and Agatha is a random old lady. Not even a Channeler!

    For Agatha I planned on using Boeing and some good old Beers, although that did make Payback which ideally goes Second have a base power of 50.

    We'll see how it goes, and as final prep I gave Boeing the Leftovers, and gave Abath his Quick Claw.

    The Beer made it easy and Crobat/Mismagius's move did so little that Leftover's mostly healed me, so it was an easy sweep.

    I felt a little bad so I resolved to fight Lance without Alcohol, even if Agis natural stat enhancers are similarly crazy.

    Time for the true final fight, the dragon slayer vs the dragon!

    He started with Dragonair/Gyrados and after he say Hydro Pump do not much swapped to Outrage, which was a mistake as Bulk Up's repeated themselves.

    I used a single Full Restore when I got low and was satisfied as he hurt himself once, with 5 Bulk Ups and 2 Automotize I started with Iron Head as I prepared to sweep.

    I then learned Blue was up next and resolved to use an extra amount of alcohol to deal with him, and gave Agis Leftover as well.

    Agis was my longest lasting Pokemon and most common MVP so I feel comfortable using him to hurt him.

    Immediately he threw out Marowak/Pidgeot which I had forgotten was his main.

    Taking it seriously I ignored Beers as I started with Bulk Up, thankfully Earthquake did just over half, and as Bulk Up started and leftover's kicked in, I knew if a Crit hit he'd kill me.

    I started with a Lemonade and he used Wing attack, while stronger than Left overs, a Crit Earthquake should be survivable hopefully so I started Bulking up more.

    Interestingly he uses a Wing Attack again when I'm healing with Lemonade.

    Another Wing Attack and I automotize to become faster and continue leading with Bulk Up's.

    Right as I was finishing up it used Double Team and Sword's Dance, with No Guard Double Team was wasted and Sword's Dance right as I've fully bulked up and used two Automotize.

    Against his Electavire/Gyrados, my fully boosted Iron Head could only do roughly 45% so after two round he full restored, and after I killed him I was out of moves attacking move.

    I had successfully made him flinch twice with Iron Head, I made the choice to use an either rather than swap out with his Alakazam/Starmie, I have high natural Special Defense and was full.

    I used either on Iron Head, it choose Cosmic Power, but a mere one state of defense wasn't enough to save it, even from a not very effective Iron Head.

    Ironically his last is a Tauros/???Tor fusion, which has intimidate, if he had sent it out earlier he might have managed to fight me off better.

    He was likely avoiding due to the fighting type, not knowing that Dynamic Punch ran out early, I likely should have given it another PP Max, but after the last one was lost due to fusion antics I was leery.

    With that, I won a flawless victory against the E4 with no deaths, Beers and Tequila's really helped as otherwise I may have ran out on stat boosting moves, and it broadened my options, although Agis naturally never really needed any.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    With that finale before the Post game, lets look at my overall team, and remember what they did in the E4.

    I enjoyed seeing people expand a little on each of their Pokemon on their role, so I'll do the same.

    Agis was my Ace, he's the longest member of my team added all the way back in Rocky Tunnel, and he actually never met any of the first generations members of my team other than a few boxed members.

    His naturally high bulk, combined with stat boosting moves, helped him clear many a difficult trainer with little to no item use.

    Back when I first got him, while I loved the design, I never imagined he'd end up being as vital as he later ended up being.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    One of my newest members, who got added after Agni and Oberon died to Blaine.

    Due to his low speed, the insane power of Modern EXP share, the Bruno fight was the first time I ended up using Bunsen.

    Still with a combination of Tequila's, Lemonade and Ice Cream, Bruno got destroyed.

    Especially amusing against Bruno, because I consider him likely the type to care the most about the health of his Pokemon and his own body.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Rex is technically one of my oldest surviving Pokemon, as I got him at Vermillion Boat and from fishing in Vermillion City, but I pretty quickly boxed him after a bit of use.

    After Agni and Oberon's death, I thought I'd need a good replacement for Fairy Type in Ice, and Fire for Agni and he fit the bill.

    He actually didn't see use in the E4 at all, and has only fought in a few minor battles, the power of the Modern EXP Share I guess

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Another one of my older members, Abath helped a lot through the game, especially against random trainers.

    Her Sheer Bulk meant I was comfortable keeping her in almost any fight, save for fighting types which she was quad weak to. Even than she survived more than a few fighting moves in her time.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Drakolimi was my main fighter against most random trainers after Agni died, as the fastest member of my team with a very high attack and diverse move pool with decent PP, he often cleared most of an area before I encountered a Pokemon Center, especially as I used Super Repels more.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge

    Finally we have Boeing, he had a decent attack but with Thief being his most used move I commonly used him against Wild Pokemon often 20-30 levels below him, and with Thief they would survive and then I could capture them.

    His high defenses and resistances would often also let me leave him in as I tossed Pokeballs.

    I never expected that he'd help defeat an elite four, but with Beer he crushed Agatha.

    [PokeCommunity.com] The Nuzlocke Challenge