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[PKMN FULL] The World Series: Season One - Driftveil City

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    World Series: Season One - Driftveil City
    Welcome to the Pokemon World Series where the best of the best compete for the number one spot in the rankings. Each season, the pros of the Pokemon world register a team of six and take to the battlefield - much to the enjoyment of their fans and critics alike.

    Stadiums come alive as fans roar with excitement. The last rounds of the qualifiers for this season of the World Series are wrapping up, and soon five skilled trainers will be heading towards Driftveil City where it all began. With this added excitement and prestige, we are sure to see battles grander than any that have come before. The only question for the crowds and for those viewing at home, who will be the new world #1?

    You can find more information in our Out of Character Thread.


    1. Mersie as Wysteria
    2. Eleanor as Courtney Nair
    3. Caeser as Hugo Calloway
    4. Cubeth as Deborah Cormac
    5. Aquacorde as Lemon Lime

    Current Round: Qualifiers

  • 25,614
    Qualification Round
    This is the Qualification Round, set before you make your way to Driftveil City (unless you happen to be somewhere qualifying in Driftveil itself would make sense). This is the only round in which you won't be writing a joint post battle with another participant. Instead, you'll be writing a qualification battle against an NPC of your own creation. This is the final battle of your qualifying tournament to head to Driftveil.

    Obviously, your characters are going to be winning this battle unless you want to have the person who defeated them drop out for whatever reason. Use this as a chance to introduce us to your character and their battle style.

    Battle Format: 1 v 1 Single Battle


    Princess Era 🎀
  • 6,565
    Courtney Nair
    22 - ♀ - she/her
    Cinnabar Island, Kanto

    Qualification Round

    The two girls battling look like two opposites. Short and tall, orange messy hair and a black ponytail, yelling out commands (or banter) and simply hiding a grin with her hands. But their styles are not that different, and this is shaping up to be a fast and fierce fight. "Dodging only gets you so far! Cinnamon, try Thunderbolt again!"

    "Which one are you hitting?" the tall girl asks as her Swellow creates copies upon copies of herself in the sky. Two, four, eight… circling in the sky and staring down at the opponent. "I can deal with all of them at once! Let's start off with Sunny Day, and then…"

    "Naushika, Brave Bird!"

    The Magmortar on the ground below successfully creates and launches up in the air what looks like a miniature sun, but is left open to attacks. The real Swellow dives down from behind at blistering speed, slamming Cinnamon on her shoulder before flying away surrounded by blue sparks. The tall girl's eyes sparkle too, but for good reason. "What now, Courtney?"

    "Pft, is that all you can do with that Pokémon? Rock Tomb around you, Cinnamon!"

    Both girls know that the answer to that question is, more or less, "yes". Swellow once again zigzags for a few seconds around her clones, before barreling down again. This time though, there's only one way through to reach Magmortar, since she's put herself with her back against a wall… of her own creation no less. A wall made of rocks jutting out of the ground, that Naushika would rather not put to the test.

    Where there's not a wall, however, there's a Fire Blast.

    "Down and up!"

    By almost diving into the ground, Swellow avoids the worst outcome and hits Magmortar on her chest before managing to get away. It looks like a devastating blow, but it's hard to say who is going to win nonetheless. Naushika is still badly hurt, both from Fire Blast and from the recoil of Brave Bird. Cinnamon still holds on.

    "Take cover and use Roost!"

    Courtney springs up as soon as she hears that command from her opponent. "Scorching Sands behind you! Quick!"

    Still on her knees, Magmortar buries her arms into the ground around her. The rocks start to shake and crumble, and the battlefield wobbles around her, turning into hot sands that reaches Swellow as she's still on the ground, healing herself up, and burns her. "What d'you think? Make sure she pulls no more tricks, by the way. Use Taunt, Cinnamon!"

    A Thunderbolt comes right after, but just seconds late. Swellow, now done with Roost, counters with a Heat Wave that the second sun joins in gladly, dissipating most of the electricity. She's not going to last much longer, but she's safe for now.

    "You never change…" the tall girl now laughs more enthusiastically. "Let's see if you can take this!"

    What she means is the complete onslaught of headbutts, kicks, wing beats, and more that Naushika is unleashing on Cinnamon, surrounded by an ominous red aura (as well as the fire and smoke from before). In other words, a Guts-boosted Facade. For the first time in the match, Courtney is on the point of biting her nails in frustration.

    Her Pokémon is what saves her. Cinnamon is used to taking big hits for her trainer without losing focus. She is still able to do as she is asked, and creates more rocks around her, blocking Swellow's attacks and forcing her into weird maneuvers. With her escape routes cut off, a Fire Blast finishes Naushika. The usual commotion follows, each trainer running closer to their Pokémon to check on them, but it's hard to say either of them is truly surprised by the outcome. Courtney more than the other girl perhaps, but her overconfidence makes it less obvious.

    "Phew… that was intense!" The black haired girl grins. "Congrats Courtney - and Cinnamon!"

    The redhead puffs her chest. "Of course! But you put up a good challenge. I guess we're not so different after all."

    The other girl nods in approval. "Haha... I was curious to see how you'd do, more than anything. You're the professional, after all... but wow, Magmortar was impressive!"

    "Oh yeah... I'll let her know for sure!" Courtney giggles. "Thanks, Arianne."


    Courtney's picture is by 7dango7 from https://www.zerochan.net/2677165

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    ⟡ dig down, dig down ⟡
  • 12,528


    36 ✦ they/he ✦ definitely an alias

    ✦ Qualifier

    She was struggling, and she knew it.

    It would be difficult to ignore at this point, even for her. Doubles had always been the helping hand she could rely on to pull her up out of the murk of middling trainers, but here she was at the mercy of a World Series in singles. Hustle and bullheadedness had gotten her this far, sure, but Ryan Hahn might well have been about to hit a wall.

    Not physically, of course. She'd scaled far more difficult obstacles than this scrawny, limp-limbed opponent. Hell, she was pretty sure she outweighed him, even at half a foot shorter- he'd crumple like a loose flier under her solid muscle, and then she'd fall too, and then of course there would be a scuffle, or at least Ryan would attempt to start one- the guy didn't actually look particularly fighty. So he'd lose that, and maybe she'd feel vindicated in some way.

    Either way, the metaphor was getting away from her.

    And so would this match, if she kept thinking like that! Even if it wasn't her format, her advantage, she'd been making it work so far! Sure, some of her Pokémon were essentially down a move or two as compared to their opponents, but the disadvantage hadn't put them out yet. And sure, maybe Henriette had been carrying them much more than was usual, but with plenty of rest between matches, she was doing just fine. She'd always wanted to be the team powerhouse, anyway. So it was all good!


    Ryan's lead- no, choice, only one- of the aforementioned Henriette was gratifyingly favorable. A Meowstic against a Chesnaught- okay, yeah, something that resisted half of Henriette's moves, sure, but really, ultimately- a decent advantage to Ryan, to have Henriette unfold her ears skyward and pummel their opponent with a strong psychokinetic blast right off the bat. The Chesnaught's distress was only a momentary flinching pause in its digging, and before Henriette could regroup for another psychic attack, the beast had hidden itself under the venue's grassy earth.

    Well, they could counter that!

    "Etta, get off the ground!"

    Translucent horizontal platforms shimmered into existence, stepping up and across the designated battlefield. With a roll and a handspring, the Meowstic began her ascent, little bursts of psychic energy at her feet buffering against the conjured panels like opposite poles of a magnet. It was limited, still: Henriette at the final platform was required to constantly move, lest she fall through, but Ryan risked a taunting grin at the trainer opposite. How d'you like them Light Screens?!

    Her grin faded slightly, because the guy actually did seem to like them. Or as much as an unfazed consideration and an approving nod could be considered 'liking'. And his next command completely wiped the smug joy from her face and replaced it with open-mouthed shock.

    Bursting from the grassy field came spiny twigs quickly morphing into reaching branches twisting into a warped and knotted trunk climbing high into the sky, coming down on the vaulting Meowstic like a gnarled old hand swatting a persistent fly and slamming it down into the ravaged turf, stiff and bent and haggard but with the weight of well-timed wisdom holding the struggling creature in place. With Henriette pinned and her usual fallback of psychokinesis failing her, Ryan shoved her jaw back in place with a click and called upon razor-sharp leaves to slice through the newborn thicket. Freedom was quick, but the joy of it not long-lived, for the earth heaved once more as the Chesnaught punched up into the scrambling Meowstic. Long ears flipped up towards the heavens only for the heavy psychic bloom to be deflected by a quick-drawn spiny cover over the Chesnaught's hole, and for such a large creature it seemed to have no problem executing a rapid disappearance. Enraged, Henriette kicked aside the crumbling shield and screamed into the tunnel- the distorted, warbling echo the only indication of it being a true technique rather than an emotional release. And Ryan should have expected it by then, should have called Henriette back to regroup, but the earth split again to make way for spiking spears of rock that caught Henriette and sent her flying heavenward, breaking through the bowed tree and scattering debris across the field.

    "Light Screen!"

    A panel above to halt her ascent, a platform just below to catch her, and in that time the Chesnaught rose to meet her, lower body encased in the layered trunk of another tree, rising even through Henriette's attempt at a psychic knockback. Large hands clutched a heavy broken branch and in the end, it was only the Chesnaught's natural strength that sent Henriette crashing into the rocky outcropping bordering the field.

    And thus, Ryan Hahn hit her wall.

    featured in this battle ✦

    Chesnaught - Bulletproof
    Frenzy Plant / Spiky Shield / Dig
    Grass Knot / Taunt / Stone Edge


    22 ✦ she/her ✦ Fuchsia City, Kanto

    Meowstic - Own Tempo
    Psychic / Dark Pulse / Light Screen
    Magical Leaf / Charge Beam / Disarming Voice

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    Hi I'm Cube
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    • Age 24
    • She / They
    • Seen May 21, 2024

    Pirate Queen

    Deborah Cormac
    21 ✦ she/her ✦ The Sea

    Hearthome Stadium - Waiting Room 2

    "It's almost time. Are you awake?" Bruno sits on the couch of Waiting Room 2, staring at the clock on the wall.

    "Nope," Debbie jokes, resting her head on his shoulder, letting him play with her hair.

    "You should get ready," he says.

    She groans and stares up at him for a few seconds, then smiles. "I'm ready. And Ducko still asleep," she says, looking at the Psyduck that's between her arms. "You're not even battling, don't get nervous."

    "I'm not nervous."

    "Yes you are," she laughs, teasingly slapping him with one of her braids. Bruno chuckles after failing to dodge the hair whip directed towards his face.

    "You don't even have your bandana on."

    "Wait, what?" Debbie snaps, immediately sitting back properly, and puts her hands over her head, waking up her Psyduck in the process. "Shoot, you're right! Did you take it? You know I can't be Pirate Queen without it!"

    "I didn't take it, you tossed it aside when you came to sit here."

    "Ohh?" she kneels on top of the couch and turns around, there she sees the red bandana lying on the ground. Debbie looks back at Bruno and grins. "Ohh! Teehee, there it…" She puts one foot on the seat and the other on top of the backrest. Bruno rolls his eyes and covers his face when he sees the girl try to roll behind the couch. "... is!"

    "Pirate… Queen?" asks a confused short woman from staff, who gets there just in time to hear the loud thud of Debbie falling down.

    "Aye!" she snaps, poking her head out from behind the couch.

    "Don't step on the couch, please," the woman says. "It's your turn. Visitors are also not allowed in the Waiting Room."

    "O-oh, that's just my first mate," she cheerfully explains, looking at Bruno.

    "I came here to get the captain's Psyduck. Will leave in a second," Bruno adds, grabbing Ducko in his arms.

    "Wait, you're taking Ducko?"

    "I mean, you didn't register him for this. We'll see you from the audience, don't worry."

    "Teehee, fine! I'll get going then," Debbie grins, and takes a leap towards the gate.

    "Debbie!" Bruno calls before she leaves, and she freezes and turns around exaggerating her pose. "Don't lose."

    The girl chuckles, putting on a huge smile with her fists on her waist. "Yeah, I know!"
    Hearthome Stadium - Battlefield

    She stands at the exit of the gate, tying the knot of the red bandana around her head. She can hear the crowd's excitement and see the flashing lights of the cameras, and it pumps her up. Debbie laughs, puts on her best smile and rushes towards the entrance. Exit Debbie, enter…

    "Pirate Queen!"

    Pirate Queen jumps into the battlefield, laughing out loud with her arms raised in a 'v' as the spectators call for their Captain. She can see some people from TV, but also Bruno, who snuck his way to the front rows like he always does. He holds Ducko in his arms, who gently waves her way.

    She looks at her opponent, a bald man with a pair of small round red sunglasses and a long beard. The referee called him Robbie Claymore. Never heard of him.

    A pair of PokéBalls open at the same time from both sides of the battlefield, and a pair of almost equally sized beasts rise. From Robbie's side, an average sized Golurk named Moulder stands firm. From Pirate Queen's side, Chess appears, a bigger than average Chesnaught with longer fur on his chin than usual; he immediately gets in his fighting position the moment he enters, and mimics his trainer's grin once he sees Moulder spin her torso around before adopting hers, her eyes flashing a white light.

    The battle begins! Chess sticks his claws to the ground and charges at full speed towards Moulder. The Golurk aims an arm upwards and her fist rockets towards the ceiling, engulfing itself in flames.

    The Chesnaught gets closer and launches himself over Moulder covering himself with his left arm, from which a large spiny shield takes form. He hardens it as he falls on the Golurk's head, putting all of his weight on the attack.

    Chess retrieves his shield and swings his right forearm to strike Moulder directly with Wood Hammer, but at that instant the fire fist from before blows the Chessnaught's back. He looks back, turning his huge grin upside down. This gives time for Moulder to get up, adjust her right hand back and prepare another punch.

    "Chess, watch out behind you!"

    He has barely any time to react, managing just by chance to somewhat block his rival's Mega Punch with Iron Defense. The attack has enough strength for it to push the Chesnaught back, but when Moulder goes into cooldown, Pirate Queen uses that opening to have Chess land a perfectly aimed wooden hook to bring Moulder to the ground once again.

    Pirate Queen's Pokémon violently jumps over Moulder, slamming her head against the ground with the use of his shield and starts building up strength for a finishing blow. Moulder desperately grabs Chess's face with her right arm, and the Chesnaught tries to wipe it off by hitting it with his shield, however at that moment Moulder withdraws her other hand, transforming her left arm into a cannon. Her eyes glow a bright red and she starts beeping as energy starts flowing into her arm while Chess cluelessly keeps fighting Moulder's arm, leaving him no room to react when her Hyper Beam blows him away.

    Chess gets up slowly, one knee at a time and looks at the burn mark left by Moulder's attack. He grins, and gets in position to race towards Moulder once more, swiftly sliding across the same path he created at the beginning of the battle. His speed is so great, that Moulder has no time to recover from her last attack and shoot her fist at the sky again, instead she opts to stand firmly and prepare to receive what she knows is about to come, blocking the full-weight Spiky Shield with a weakened left arm infused in iron from which a pair of Shadow Balls come out, immediately changing their trajectory to hit Chess, but the explosions do nothing to him.

    Pirate Queen chuckles as Chess keeps pressing forward, trying to take the defensive Golurk to the ground a third time in some kind of immovable object against unstoppable force fashion, until Moulder's numb arm finally has her concede. Chess lands on top of her, this time locking Moulder's punching arm under his defense arm, as a full force Wood Hammer knocks his opponent out.

    With that, it's time to set sail to Driftveil City.

    Chesnaught - he/him - Bulletproof - Pirate Queen

    Iron Defense / Spiky Shield / Body Slam / Body Press / Wood Hammer / Trailblaze
    Golurk- she/they - No Guard - Robbie Claymore

    Fire Punch / Mega Punch / Dynamic Punch / Iron Defense / Shadow Ball / Hyper Beam
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    Wysteria Boucheron

    24 ❀ She/Her ❀ Rich Preppie Jerk


    Togekiss♀ Opal ❀ Froslass♀ Diamond ❀ Mimikyu♀ Topaz ❀ Tsareena♀ Jade ❀ Sylveon♀ Lazuli ❀ Pawmott♀ Amber

    ❀ Qualifying Round ❀

    Quiet settled among the stadium as the two trainers prepared for a fight, Pokeballs in hand. One was an adult female, blonde hair that was somewhat messy. The other, a young adult woman with bright pink hair styled to look like Skitty ears.

    The older of the two tossed up a friend ball. "Looking forward to our battle, Wysteria! Good luck!" She shouted as she called out a Dragapult. He let out a cry and lightly lashed his tail. Two little Dreepy peeking out from his head crest.

    The other girl scoffed and rolled her eyes. "Yeah, no I am definitely going to win this, and it will be a piece of cake." She tossed out a Luxury ball, a Froslass appearing from the red beam. It regarded the opposing Dragapult with a cold steely stare. "Even Diamond thinks this will be easy."

    "Well no matter who wins I hope you have as much fun as I will!" The other trainer called out. "Okay Jettison, we got this! I believe in you!"

    "You better win this, Diamond. We've got a name to uphold."

    The two trainers studied one another for a bit before calling out to their partners at the same time.

    "Sucker Punch!"


    The Dragapult launched forward with a burst of speed, lashing out with his tail as the Froslass drifted back and dodged it, her eyes glowing bright and causing the air in the arena to freeze and turn to snow, a sudden wind causing it to be blown about, making it hard to see in the arena.

    "Seriously? Not expecting a Froslass to set up immediately? What are you like- A newbie? This is the big leagues you Dunsparce." Wisteria had to hold back a laugh, if only to keep her dignified appearance.

    The other trainer shrugged off her remarks, "Okay, Jettison! Phantom Force!"

    "Double Team." She was forced to set up a bit more. She suspected the ghostly dragon had that move and was hoping to attack quickly, especially since this trainer seemed to be garbage. How did they even get into the tournament?

    Jettison's form became more and more transparent, quickly vanishing from sight. Diamond on the other hand, gained a sudden burst in speed, making her look a little blurrier than before. Paired with her form being hard to see in the snowstorm, she was going to be much harder to hit. Wysteria gave a smug grin to the other trainer. This battle was already won.

    "The moment you see that dragon, hit it with a Blizzard." She called out to her Froslass. Diamond looked back to her and nodded before focusing back on the field.

    It was quiet, save for the wind. Hard to see through the blowing snow. Diamond didn't see the hit coming, the Dragapult becoming visible only once he launched himself full force at the Froslass. She winced and cried out, but with all of her strength, launched a powerful Blizzard at Jettison. A direct hit, the two Pokemon were now both in a rather fragile state, one more hit like that to either of them would be the end of the fight. Jettison moved back. The two Pokemon staring, trying to catch their breaths. The Froslass floated nervously under her trainer's judging gaze, constantly looking back to her for approval.

    After a few moments both trainers called out to their Pokemon.

    "Dragon Dance!"


    Was this girl dense? Wysteria couldn't help but think that was the case. Getting greedy with a Dragon Dance when they were already faster and- well no. Diamond was even remotely close to being out of this. Whatever. Easy win for her.

    Jettison moved around Diamond in a fascinating display, the Dragon Dance quite a mystifying thing when the one using it was also part ghost with a transparent tail. Diamond raised her small arms and closed her eyes as she caused the snowstorm around her to focus in and hit the Dragapult full force. The dance cut short as Jettison collapsed to the ground. The snowstorm settled down after a few tense moments to reveal to the crowd that the Dragapult had fainted.

    "And the winner is Wysteria Bouchereon!" The referee declared. The trainers both recalled their Pokemon. The blonde told Jettison how great of a job he did as she returned him to his ball. Both stepped forward to shake hands, the blonde giving a forced smile as she spoke in a hushed whisper.

    "I hope you learn one day soon that if you keep treating your Pokemon like tools, they won't listen to you."

    "Ugh! Rude!" Wysteria huffed and let go of the blonde's hand.

    "Hope you enjoy the win I handed to you- or rather- Handed to your Froslass. She looks like she needs a win considering the trainer she has."

    Wysteria just watched dumbfounded as the blonde walked off. Wow, that trainer was a bitch and a sore loser.
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    • Seen Dec 11, 2023

    Hugo Calloway

    70 - He/Him - Mossdeep City, Hoenn

    CH1: Qualifying Round

    "On the left, we have the incredible rising star, Jenny Collins! On the right we have a legend in the scene, back from retirement we have Hugo Calloway!"

    Hugo and Jenny walked to their respective corners, and turned and faced each other, ready to fight for a world series spot. Jennifer 'Jenny' Collins was a young trainer, Hugo estimated early twenties who was becoming quite talked about. She had strung together an impressive run of victories to her name, and was aiming to add a win over Hugo to her list.

    Wasn't going to be easy for her though, Hugo thought to himself, as he let out his lead for this fight, Ludicolo, while Jenny sent out Milotic, advantage to Hugo right off the bat due to Ludicolo's grass typing.

    The battle started off slow, the two trainers still trying to figure the other one out. Hugo had Ludicolo set up Leech Seed, planting small seeds into Milotic that would drain its energy and transfer it to Ludicolo, while Milotic set up Aqua Ring, a veil of water surrounding Milotic that would heal the Pokemon. Milotic struck first, using the move Swift, shooting a barrage of star shaped rays, hitting Ludicolo head on. Ludicolo held strong, and responded with a Teeter Dance, a move that left Milotic, and most of the crowd confused.

    From there the momentum switched towards Hugo's favor. A Giga Drain attack landed successfully, draining energy from Milotic over to Ludicolo. Milotic was unable to shake off the confusion and managed to hurt itself. Jenny had to think quickly, she had Milotic learn Ice Beam to counter grass users, but Ludicolo's water typing cancels that out. Seeing as it was still Jenny's best option, she had Milotic use Ice Beam, landing a clean hit on Ludicolo.

    Ludicolo's next Giga Drain landed, hitting Milotic harder than the Ice Beam hit Ludicolo, and the drained energy kept Ludicolo at the top of his game. It was just a matter of whittling Milotic down at this point, while simultaneously Ludicolo was healing himself as the battle went on. As things continued, Ludicolo held firm while Milotic was losing strength fast. Sensing her time had come, Jenny returned her Pokemon to its ball, signalling her defeat.

    "Tonight's winner, Hugo Calloway!"

    Hugo and Jenny approached the center of the circle, and shook hands.

    "You'll be back here again, I'm sure of it," Hugo said, comforting the girl.

    "Thanks," the exasperated Jenny replied back.

    Hugo walked off after that quick exchange, there was no turning back now, it was go time.

    Following the end of the qualifying round, Hugo met up with an old friend for dinner, Mark Howell, a member of the Hoenn League Committee, which were the ones responsible for setting the rules for official battles.

    "Can't say I'm surprised to see you back in action Hugo," Mark began,

    "Could have taken it easier on them in the qualifying tournament, closer battles are always get more eyeballs."

    "They won't learn that way Mark, you know that," Hugo answered.

    "Must be exciting for you, back on the big stage once again," Mark chimed in,

    "Having Hugo Calloway on the ticket will certainly bring the prestige back to the world series."

    That's the Mark Howell Hugo knew all these years, always thinking about the business. While it's true his ideas have helped the growth of Hoenn's Pokemon battling community tremendously, Hugo wished Mark focused a little more on the love for the sport instead of the business side of it.

    " This isn't about viewers or dollars to some of us Mark, it's about trainers putting their skills to the test."

    "And I want to showcase those skills to millions of people Hugo," Mark answered back.

    "Well I don't think me in particular is going to help with that Mark, I'm just an old guy who wants to feel that rush again, put your time into the next generation," Hugo explained.

    The two continued on with dinner, Hugo half listening to Mark's ideas while plotting his own strategies for the upcoming tournament.
  • 25,614
    Round One
    With the opening ceremony of the finals behind you, you now get to take the stage in Driftveil City's famed stadium. This is where it all began for the World Series and where you too will hopefully leave your mark on the history books as the new world champion. The crowds watch and cheer with anticipation as the line-ups for the first round are revealed and trainer prepare their teams for battle.

    Lemon Lime vs Wysteria Boucheron
    Deborah Cormac vs Hugo Calloway​

    Meanwhile, Courtney Nair has the first bye round to spend observing her opponents, preparing herself or otherwise getting up to other stuff if she so chooses. Essentially, Eleanor has a free week without a mandatory battle post and is welcome to post whatever else she chooses, if she chooses to post. As for everyone else, you have one week to complete a joint post of your battle. As always, a more accurate time stamp will be posted in the Discord.

    Battle Format: 3 v 3 Single Battle
  • 14

    Wysteria Boucheron || Lemon Lime

    24 || 36 ❀ She/Her || They/he


    Togekiss♀ Opal ❀ Froslass♀ Diamond ❀ Pawmott♀ Amber ✦ Trevenant ✦ Hattrene ✦ Galarian Stunfisk

    ❀ Week 1 ✦

    Lemon brushed their fingers over the PokéBalls at their belt, checking the engraved markings as they studied their opponent. A certain amount of strategy went into these choices, of course, but they had rather dropped the ball on their research this time. Their relationship trajectory was far less predictable than tournament dates, and the overlap of wedding planning with tournaments was inevitably a consequence.

    No matter. They were adaptable.

    Lemon chose a PokéBall.

    Wysteria looked over to her opponent. She felt confident that this battle wouldn't be too difficult. The Pokemon she had chosen were tailored to best go against whatever her opponent might choose. She grasped her luxury ball tight and gave her opponent a wide grin.

    "You know. You should probably just forfeit. I'm a way better trainer than anyone here."

    She tossed out her Pokémon, a large Togekiss. The effects from the Luxury ball caused it to almost glimmer in the stadium light.

    "Opal is one of my best 'mons too." She spoke with a sneer.

    Ah. Vicious Mockery, or something akin. Lemon clicked the release on their chosen PokéBall, allowing their Trevenant to take the field. They wouldn't be able to execute the usual plan, but that was fine. A challenge was always good for the mind.

    Oh, and they had been challenged verbally as well. Right. It would be rude to ignore the girl.

    "Best foot forward? Seems like a good plan to me," they responded mildly. Simply. Boring-ly. What more could they say?

    Wysteria snickered as she looked at her opponent's Pokemon. Really? A grass type against a flying? People here really were new weren't they? Alright. Time for her favorite strategy.

    "Of course. All of the steps I make are the best foot forward. Speaking of, Opal, Thunder Wave."

    The Togekiss moved towards the Trevenant sweetly and gently, a small spark on the wings the only giveaway of the electric charge behind them.

    Which was fine. Lemon waved a sweeping hand at navel-level and with a creaky sigh from their Pokémon, a rolling sea of green energy unfurled across the field, chased by thick, leafy ground cover. In the midst of it all, the Thunder Wave sparked from Togekiss to Trevenant, the tell-tale shuddering static racing across branching limbs.

    "Good! You've paralyzed them! Now go for Air Slash!" Wisteria pumped her fist as she saw the sparks coming off of Trevenant.

    Opal drifted up a bit slightly, her wings drawing back in a wide arc, before coming down with a sharp, powerful blast of air.

    A swift drop of Lemon's hand summoned a rocky cascade between the two Pokémon- not nearly enough to fully block the tearing wind but enough to reduce its impact, and enough to provide a new shelter for Trevenant. Creeping, leafy vines crawled across the rocky hill via a much smaller burst of energy, one that also traveled up through root-like legs and into Trevenant's own leafy cover. Avoiding that move again would be a priority, certainly. Lemon's hand dropped once more, and Trevenant geared up to respond to the command.

    "Alright, Opal. Get those rocks out of the way using Ancient Power! Leave no stone for it to hide behind."

    Opal flapped her wings a few times, closing her eyes. The stones around Trevenant shook lightly until she opened her eyes. They glowed an eerie purple and the same purple surrounded the rocks. With minimal effort she swiveled her body and tossed the pile of rocks off to the side, leaving her back exposed to the opponent. Her wings beating gently as she did so.

    To Lemon, that seemed entirely convenient. Trevenant's goal should have been to add to the wall, but to strike at the opponent directly wasn't a bad consolation. Chunky boulders rained down once more, Trevenant stealing away as they began to thud into the softened ground.

    Opal squeaked out in pain as a rock hit her square between the wings. She faltered for a moment before regaining her composure.

    "Alright, new plan. Fly in close and hit it with another Air Slash."

    Opal looked back for a moment before complying, sweeping past the rocks and sidling just behind Trevenant. Her wings move in a quick nervous beat, hoping to Air Slash and get out of the rocky situation.

    It was a punch-like gesture that preceded a surprise: the Trevenant leapt towards its opponent, green glowing branches losing leaves to the cutting winds but pushing upward still, aiming to graze the Togekiss in retaliation. Opal cried out in pain and surprise, her wingbeats faltering for a moment after the hit. With newfound speed, the ghostly tree darted into the shelter of its rocky creations.

    Wysteria crossed her arms and looked at the scene before her. She called out to Opal.

    "Ancient Power the rocks and squeeze the Trevenant."

    The Togekiss looked a bit incredulous to the order, even pausing for a moment. She eventually complied though, using that strange kinetic ability to push the rocks into the Trevenant. The tree creaked and groaned under the pressure, Lemon's commands going unheeded between such an onslaught and the lingering, crackling paralysis.

    Well, it wasn't the largest inconvenience.

    The switch was quick: the recall light darted between the rocks to pull the squished Trevenant to safety even as a much taller Pokémon took shape on the field. Hatterene surveyed the battlefield, the now-inert leaf cover crawling across a smattering of boulders and the Togekiss floating above, dropping crumbling boulders from her hold. Lemon opened one hand with a flourish and watched their Pokémon acknowledge the request.

    "Thunder Wave." Wysteria was keeping the commands short, getting slightly impatient with her Pokemon.

    Opal took a moment to collect herself after the energy that took to use and drifted towards the Hattrene cautiously. Crackling energy gathering on the soft downy wings.

    Hatterene tittered.

    The pulse of electric energy jumped to the tall Pokémon, caught in a hand filled with fine powder. Hatterene twisted her wrist and flung handfuls of sparking dust right into the Togekiss. Despite the disadvantage, Wysteria didn't call back her Pokemon. She looked at the Hattrene and thought for a moment.

    "Ancient Power." She knew she was running out of them. Opal could only do it so many times before she couldn't anymore, but the chance it powered Opal up was too good to resist. Opal pushed through the paralysis for this attack, grabbing nearby rocks and hurling them at the Hattrene. The large feathered Pokemon hoped to push the Hattrene away with the rocks. A rock caught the other Pokémon in her center of gravity and the impact shoved Hatterene toward her trainer, who swept a palm-up arm in a horizontal line. Pink mist rolled across the leaf-strewn field, crawled over the scattered rocky formations, fogged over and muddled details. Hatterene stepped up onto the boulder in front of her.

    "Stay low. Blend in. Roost." Wysteria considered switching out, but her turn would be better used chipping as much health away as she could. She felt Opal, being a tanky 'mon, could also whittle down the Hattrene's resources.

    Opal dived down into the mist, crouching down low as she tucked her wings in close. She hopped away from the spot she originally landed, hoping that would be enough for her to get a moment's rest and recover some strength.

    Roost was annoying. And now this was not as exciting, but still an opportunity. So Lemon clapped one hand down on the back of their other, and heard the grinding and settling of boulders across the field as Hatterene jumped into the low mist and disappeared from view. Gravity pulled at them, too, at the edge of the field, but they were quite used to it at this point. The more important thing would be how the Togekiss reacted.

    Opal opened her wings to try and take off again but found she couldn't. She gave a couple of small hops, trying to take flight, but as she found she couldn't she forced herself still. She wanted to keep low but a call told her otherwise.

    "Air Slash!"

    Opal opened her wings wide and pushed a sharp gust of air towards where she last saw the Hattrene. The mist parted with the blast, briefly revealing a low, tumbling figure, but quickly rolled back in to conceal the Hatterene's response to Lemon's simply-enunciated "Strike."

    Opal was unable to move out of the Shadow Claw's reach. She tumbled over, the energy regained from her last Roost gone. The Togekiss called out for help from Wysteria. Maybe she'd see keeping her in wasn't the best idea?

    "Ancient Power." Wysteria's words felt cold to the Togekiss, but once more Opal complied. She launched the rocks toward where she thought she saw the Hattrene.

    The shadow that was Hatterene sprang up to her full height, spinning with the glancing impact of multiple thrown rocks, but pressed in towards the grounded Togekiss. Spectral claws grew from her hand-like tentacle as it raked its way toward Opal. As the ghostly claws dug into Opal's side, she lost her balance and tumbled over. She tried to get up a few times before she lay still. Wysteria called her back before she gave Lemon a grin.

    "Is that all you got? Honestly." She pulled out another luxury ball and tossed it out. A Froslass drifted just above the mist as Lemon opened a hand and Hatterene melted back into the rolling haze. A breathy laugh escaped Lemon.

    "Am I the one down a Pokémon?" they wondered. Despite Trevenant being weakened, the standings were quite clear.

    Wysteria raised a brow, "Oh, you'll see that I am plenty fine. Diamond. Snowscape."

    The Froslass raised her arms, the eyes glowing a soft white for a brief moment. A cold wind stirred and at first a few snowflakes began to fall, and soon the battlefield became a dance of white flakes. The ground quickly became covered in a blanket of snow. The Froslass became hard to see in the flying, swirling flakes. Still, Hatterene rose from fading mist to strong snow with a smirk and a flick of her wrist into the swirling wind, fine powder drifting to settle onto Froslass.

    "Double Team! Don't let that Hattrene hit you!"

    The Froslass started to zip around the arena, its form becoming blurry and harder to see. The ambient drag on Lemon's motions was lightening- a reset, soon, but first: a wave through the air, which Hatterene responded to by lobbing a gently crackling ball of electricity towards the Froslass.

    The Froslass paused momentarily, the crackling sparking across her body. She pushed herself to keep moving though.

    "Keep moving, Get close. Use Blizzard." Wysteria crossed her arms. Her foot tapped impatiently at her Froslass. How could she be hit so easily by a Thunder Wave like that?

    Diamond zipped about the field, using the snow as cover to get in close to the Hattrene. Her arms raised above her head as the temperature dropped sharply and the snow and wind stabbed into the Hattrene with force and intensity. The witchy Pokémon shuddered, curling in herself, but at the same time responded to Lemon's audible cue. The flurries fell faster and the sudden compaction of snow turned the ground to an icy rink, and Hatterene collapsed into a blanket of silky hair.

    Lemon watched the other trainer.

    "Blizzard again. Keep hitting hard and don't let up." Wysteria kept herself indifferent. She was frustrated, but she still had an ace up her sleeve. It was her favorite trick in her book. If this didn't go well, it wouldn't matter, she still had that.

    Diamond tried to repeat the process but froze in her tracks. She was much closer to the ground now, but still hard to see. The crackles on her body revealing the paralysis had stopped her from attacking this turn. Hatterene's form scuttled across the icy surface and when Lemon slashed through the air with their own hand, it was mimicked immediately by Hatterene's single ghostly claw flying out to rake Froslass.

    The Froslass tensed up as the move raked across her body. She wrenched her eyes shut and raised her arms to the Hattrene, the air condensing once again into subzero temperatures and the snow and wind biting at the Hattrene. Lemon nodded, recalled their downed Pokémon, and thought.

    The mist had faded, the snow drifted on. Under a layer of ice rested brittle, leafy vines and several strewn boulders. Gravity still tugged at the Froslass, and at the corners of Lemon's mouth.

    They haven't made much of a mess yet, really.

    Lemon released their chosen replacement into the shadow of a boulder, interlocked their fingers, and then wrenched their arms apart.

    The ground began to rumble.

    Wysteria looked about and decided to play more on the defensive. The snowstorm was about to go down after the opponent moved and Wysteria wanted to stay out of hit range. "Double Team." Keeping Froslass in the fight for as long as she could would be best, but no big deal if she went down.

    The Froslass, who was very worn out at this point, moved as best as she could through the Gravity and the Paralysis. Her form was rather blurry at this point.

    With a grinding roar akin to an avalanche, the ground split open into a jagged canyon, ice and vine and rock shattering and being dragged into its depths with shocking speed under the heavy pressure of Gravity. Lemon snapped their fingers, and the Pokémon responsible for the mess stayed hidden.

    "Try to freeze the ground over with a Blizzard!" Wysteria called out.

    Diamond briefly drifted up for a moment before the paralysis won out and Gravity pulled her back to the ground. Wysteria gripped her arms tight in frustration as her Froslass was unable to move for the time being.


    A silt-heavy wave raised a flat shape from the shelter of the boulders and flowed quickly along the ice, slamming into and collecting the weakened Froslass along the way to their destination: the edge of the open canyon. The wave cascaded over the cliff, dragging debris and two Pokémon with it.

    Wysteria watched as her Pokemon passed out from the attack and called her back. She stretched out her tense limbs, looking almost laid back about being down two Pokemon. She seemed to be taking her sweet time letting out her final Pokemon as she stretched and took a moment to collect herself.

    The Galarian Stunfisk- for that was the Pokémon, visible now to both Wysteria and their audience- took its own time to drift in a casual zig-zag through the middle of the canyon, eventually nestling into a jagged outcropping. Lemon, like their Pokémon, waited patiently.

    Wysteria finished stretching and pulled the last Luxury ball out, "Alright. Amber. Revival Blessing."

    She tossed the ball out and a fluffy, big armed rodent popped out. She squeaked and waved to the crowd before she closed her eyes and brought her big arms together, focusing her energy to heal one of the fallen Pokemon. After a bit she looked back to Wysteria and gave a small cheer before turning back to her opponent and putting up her fists, her cheeks sparked with energy. Her tail wagged with excitement.

    Lemon sighed. What an inconvenience. Stunfisk remained in place, flat against the rock, fins perfectly poised. Without gravity, perhaps the Pawmot would be more inclined to venture downward.

    Wysteria gave a hand wave to Amber, "Knock yourself out. Do what you want to do. Stick to fighting moves, no electric ones." As far as Wysteria was concerned. Amber had already done her job.

    Amber excitedly peeked over the edge of the chasm to locate her opponent. Her tail wagged furiously and her ears perked forward. She thought she may have caught movement somewhere down below and excitedly leapt down into the chasm, her arm out to chop down at whatever she saw move.

    The arm chopped, alright. Chopped right into a trap.

    Teeth-like fins latched onto the Pawmot's arm, Amber flinched and tried to tug her arm out. Her cheeks sparked briefly before she stopped and drew her other arm back, paw closed into a fist. Ice crystalized on the still-bitten arm, frost catching in fur. The pain from the frost caused the Pawmot to try tugging her arm out again, losing focus on the attack she had been about to make. She quickly gathered herself though and made a swift chop at the Galarian Stunfisk, attempting to get it to briefly let go.

    It didn't. Instead it slammed the ground with its side fins and with shocking strength, launched both Pokémon into the air above the canyon. Amber squeaked with surprise and braced both her feet to try and pull her arm out as they went up. After a few moments of that not working she resigned herself and used her free arm to once more chop at the Pokemon clasped around her arm.

    All the struggling and smacking may have been bruising up the Stunfisk, but it was a Pokémon built to do exactly what it was doing. Perhaps not the part where it was hurtling toward the bottom of a canyon, the momentum and its own weight and the weight of its captive only accentuating the inevitable impact, but even through all of that- it held on, only letting go to flop away from the settling dust.

    Amber laid there for a moment, struggling to get up, before she struggled back to her feet. She stumbled for a bit before moving to do a quick, most likely final, jab at the Stunfisk. Murky water matched her jab, and as Amber connected her hit, she fell over, completely knocked out of the fight. Wysteria called her back and tossed up her final ball, surveying how her competitor looked before she was to send them out.

    Lemon was as unfazed as ever. The Stunfisk was difficult to read.

    Wysteria kept her gaze where she could see the Stunfisk and tossed up her last Pokemon, the revived Opal.

    "Use Aura Sphere, stay out of its reach." She pointed to the Stunfisk.

    Opal flapped her wings and opened her mouth, a ball of blue energy grew to a decent size before she launched it where her trainer pointed. The Stunfisk, skittering off into a corner, flashed a delicate pearly pink right before taking the hit and continued on to its hiding place at the bottom of the canyon with barely a flinch.

    The type must have changed. Wysteria thought, noticing that it had barely flinched from the Aura Sphere. So it likely might have mimicked Opal's typing.

    "Ancient Power."

    Opal complied and launched more recently exposed rocks at the Stunfisk.

    Lemon's main predicament was range at this juncture. Stunfisk bolstering its own defenses by rapidly cycling type at the bottom of a hole wasn't necessarily a great strategy, especially since the backup was a weak Trevenant.

    Risky does it, sometimes.

    Even pinned by a boulder, Stunfisk had enough power in its flat body to spring well clear of the broken ground, little fins catching rising thermals and angling toward its opponent. Wysteria watched it bounce up into the sky and just smirked. A free turn for healing. "Opal, Roost. When it hits, Thunder Wave."

    The Togekiss nestled down to the ground, nervous about the hit that was about to impact it, but took the moment to rest up.

    And… impact, face-first into the fluffy tail feathers.




    Opal loosed a small electric charge onto the Stunfisk as it impacted her. She cried out from the pain of the trap slamming down around her tail. The electricity skittered across the Stunfisk, not currently a type protected from such an affliction. But though slowed, it didn't stop the creature from performing the same trick it had on the earlier Pawmot: a surging shell of ice sprung forth, weighing down the Togekiss.

    Lemon stuck a finger in their hollowed cheek.


    Opal completely froze over, becoming unable to attack for the turn, and possibly several others. Still Wysteria did not call her Togekiss back, confident it would break free.

    Lemon shook their head. A sensible trainer would forfeit here, instead of let their opponent grind icy fins into their Pokémon's body. The shell thickened with another icy wave.

    After watching for several moments, Wysteria realized that her Pokemon was not going to break free from the ice. She had fainted. She sighed and finally called back the frozen Togekiss and crossed her arms.

    "You got lucky with that freeze. You wouldn't have won otherwise."

    Lemon shrugged, recalling Stunfisk from the ravaged field. "Might not have."

    Wysteria offered out her hand as the winner was called, not moving any closer to Lemon to make it easier for him to shake hands. Graciously enough, Lemon put out the effort to meet her.

    "You weren't wrong to say the Togekiss was one of your best."

    "Not good enough it seems." Wysteria muttered. "Well the next time we battle, you won't soon forget it." She dropped his hand and walked off the arena, pulling out her phone and immediately texting on it.

    Wysteria was frustrated beyond belief. Her pokemon were incredibly well trained and strong. Well, apparently not trained enough. She'd have to push them harder, she guessed. They failed her in this fight, and that wasn't acceptable
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    Hugo Calloway

    70 - He/Him - Mossdeep City, Hoenn

    Round 1: Hugo Calloway vs The Pirate Queen

    It was a loud morning in Driftveil Stadium. Full of emotion as the spectators cheer and the two challengers take the stage. On the one side, the eccentric Pirate Queen stretched her muscles with a huge smile on her face that hadn't faded away since she made her entrance; on the other side, veteran Hugo Calloway gave the crowd a wave as the two trainers made their way to the center of the stadium. This was the largest crowd Hugo's seen in years, and he was eager to put on a show for them.

    "Teehee, you look like you been at this for a while. Arr, this looks like fun already!" Pirate Queen cheered, preparing to throw her first PokéBall to the battlefield. "Head-to-wind, Pom-Pom, let's do this!"

    "Not my first battle, let's give the people what they paid for, Aerodactyl you're up," Hugo replied, throwing the Pokeball containing Aerodactyl into the battlefield. Aerodactyl came out of the ball, hovering in flight in front of Hugo, ready to follow out his trainer's command.

    "You know the drill, start out with a Stealth Rock," Hugo said. Aerodactyl obliged, and deployed a bunch of pointed rocks around the battlefield, ready to hit any Pokemon switching into battle.

    "Pom-Pom, Quiver Dance!" The yellow Oricorio started dancing in her own place, fluttering her wings with grace as static started forming around her feathers. Once she finished dancing, Pirate Queen didn't order Pom-Pom to stop, opting to have the bird boost herself even more, but focusing on Hugo's Aerodactyl, waiting for him to make his move.

    "Aerodactyl, Stone Edge." The Aerodactyl flew up in the air, before aiming in the direction of the Oricorio, flying down at full speed, head first before reaching impact, barreling into the smaller bird.

    "Aerodactyl, Fly." Aerodactyl received the message, and took off high up in the arena, circling overhead the battle.

    Pirate Queen smiled, looking down at the Oricorio, who swiftly got up from the ground.

    "Go up!" she said.

    The bird nodded, swinging her wings above her head as a strong wind picked her up. She started spinning at great speed, making the Tailwind she just summoned transform into a Hurricane, which propelled her upwards. Using the force of the wind, she managed to get closer to Aerodactyl, barely clinging to his tail, with static electricity still coming out of her feathers.

    "C'mon, time to shake her off," Hugo said, looking at Aerodactyl, who looked down at his trainer then flew up further, gaining speed as he did so. Pom-Pom maneuvered and circled both of her legs around Aerodactyl's tail to become able to move her wings freely, and started rustling together the fluffier ends of them, generating more electricity and discharging it on Aerodactyl as she let go off the tail.

    Pom-Pom somersaulted away from Aerodactyl's possible falling spot, and back to her trainer, taking the time to boost herself once more with Quiver Dance before backflipping back to her PokéBall, leaving a ball of energy behind which was then absorbed by Dott the Shiftry, who stepped on the Stealth Rock on entrance. She didn't seem to mind the damage much, though.

    Dott picked up the wind from the Oricorio's Tailwind and formed another Hurricane with it, which was violently thrown towards Aerodactyl.

    "Fly back down." Hugo kept his cool, still a lot of time left. Aerodactyl came crashing down, the speedy Aerodactyl able to close the gap and both Pokemon colliding in the air, altering both Pokemon's flight path. Aerodactyl was able to recover control without slamming into the ground. Aerodactyl turned to face Dott, who had also managed to land back onto the ground.

    "Fly some more," Hugo said, and his Aerodactyl listened, taking back off high into the sky.

    Dott swiped her hands upwards, altering the course of the wind once more and making the air temperature rise. She used that change of trajectory to her favor, kicking the air at great speed to literally ride the wind and lift herself up until she got close enough to Aerodactyl and blasted another powerful Heat Wave at the flying Pokémon, this time with offensive purposes.

    Aerodactyl was able to shake off the Heat Wave, and flew up higher to gain the aerial advantage, before flying back down into Dott, pushing the Shiftry back down towards the ground. Hugo directed his Aerodacytl to attack again, this time with Stone Edge, hardening the stone on his head before slamming into Dott, knocking the Pokemon further back down to the surface, not without Dott striking the Aerodactyl with Sucker Punch first to take the Pokémon to the ground with her.

    Dott got up from the ground, the wind from her side had already calmed down, but it didn't matter anymore. The Shiftry looked worn down, but had enough energy for a final blow at Aerodactyl. She started rising wind around herself, with a bunch of leaves coming out of her wooden body. Dott leaped backwards, aiming her attack at the Aerodactyl in front of her and blasting him off with a full power Leaf Storm.

    Aerodactyl was hit by a barrage of leaves, bringing the flying pokemon down to the ground, breathing heavily while on the ground. "Aerodactyl, Roost." Aerodacytl sat on the ground, a faint light blue aura forming around him, and Hugo could see the Pokemon's regain its composure, but it also left Aerodactyl exposed to an attack.

    Pirate Queen grinned. "Dott, set sails!" The Shiftry cackled, opened her arms, and flittered the fans on her hands, making the added Tailwind revitalize her energy a little bit. The fallen leaves started rising and moving forward as the wind picked them up, and Dott waited for her signal.


    A final wind-powered Leaf Storm swallowed Aerodactyl, making it impossible for him to fully recover. Dott got on her knees, visibly weakened by that attack, but then she shook her white mane. She still had it in her to keep fighting. Aerodacytl was unable to get back in the air, clearly weakened by the Leaf Storms, so Hugo had no choice but to recall Aerodactyl. But the Shiftry should be quick work for his next choice, Camerupt. The large fire type was released from his ball, ready to battle.

    "Sunny Day," was the first move Hugo wanted Camerupt to use. A ball of yellow light surrounded Camerupt, and then the ball spread outwards, the end result being the sun beaming down on the battlefield much more intensely than it had before.

    Pirate Queen saw that as an opportunity to have Dott blast a Heat Wave at the Camerupt. She didn't expect to see Dott using said Heat Wave to both attack and get closer to Hugo's Pokémon, however.

    Predicting an incoming attack, the Shiftry lunged forward, covering herself in Dark type energy, using the wind on her favor to strike Camerupt directly with Sucker Punch. She clung herself to the protrusions on Camerupt's back and started heating her body up.

    "Eruption." Camerupt started heating up himself, before letting out a large volume of molten lava out of his back, knocking the Shiftry off with the lava, but Shiftry managed to still get its explosion back, releasing a large blast of energy, the shock wave knocking Camerupt off balance, not quite a full cow tipping as Camerupt was able to settle back in, but enough to leave a mark. Dott however, ended up in worse shape than Camerupt.

    As the smoke went down, another PokéBall opened on Pirate Queen's side and the silhouette of a Perrserker appeared on the battlefield.

    Purrserker intentionally stepped on the Stealth Rock, as he charged at blinding speed towards Camerupt, enduring the heat from the burning floor and flashing his claws at Camerupt's face, using the time during which his opponent flinched to Dig a hole underground. Camerupt used this time to set up Fire Spin, a spinning vortex of flames that will move around the field, which will find its way to Purrserker. Hugo just had to wait for Purrserker to surface again to use Eruption again.

    Purrserker came out from hiding, appearing behind Camerupt. Once he saw the Fire Spin approaching from far away, he dived back underground to dig another tunnel and approach the attack directly from below. Purrserker stood firm, barely moving an inch as Camerupt's attack swirled around him, Enduring all the damage he's gotten. Then suddenly, he opened his mouth wide and he started glowing a bright red, aiming and firing a beam as strong as the combined damage he's taken since stepping on the battlefield to then go back to hide underground.

    "Earth Power," Hugo commanded his Pokemon. Camerupt stomped on the ground with significant force, ripping up the ground towards where Purrserker was burrowing, the travelling disruption ripping up the ground Purrserker was burrowing through, launching the Pokemon back to the surface, and face planted on the ground. From there Camerupt launched another Eruption, the second one weaker than the first but enough lava was still pushed out to surround the field, landing on Purrserker, hitting the hardy steel type with a ripping hot batch of lava.

    Purrserker managed to use Endure just in time to receive Camerupt's Eruption. He got half of his body up from the ground, growling as he scratched his head. He hissed at the Camerupt and started charging another Metal Burst, firing a beam with even more destructive power now, that even the Perrserker was sent backwards due to knockback. He slowly got up and started approaching the Camerupt as fast as he could, but he ended up going underground once more.

    As Purrserker went back underground, Camerupt went to work in order to bring Purrserker back out. Camerupt used Earth Power again, ripping up the battlefield even more towards the tunneling Purrserker. Purrserker was brought up from the ground again, but using Endure he was able to stick the landing perfectly, and responded by using the move flail. Purrserker charged at Camerupt full speed, swinging his claws at Camerupt. Camerupt was getting weakened by the flailing, staggering and stumbling on the field.

    Hugo had Camerupt use Eruption again, less lava came out than the previous two Eruptions, but it was more than enough to push Purrserker off of him, sending the cat like Pokemon flying back.

    Purrserker was visibly weakened now. He dug underground a final time, but this time almost immediately coming back up, attacking Camerupt from below. The moment his claws reached Hugo's Pokémon, he turned himself into a ball of energy and returned back to his PokéBall.

    Pirate Queen had one Pokémon left now and the Tailwind had dissipated once again. Pom-Pom landed on the battlefield once more, grimacing and chirping in pain once she stepped on the Stealth Rock. She stopped for a second to take a good look at the battlefield, processing the mess before her, but then she just nodded and jumped inside one of Purrserker's holes. A second later, a Hurricane attack came out from the hole under Camerupt.

    Camerupt was knocked back by the hurricane, rolling down onto his side. Camerupt struggled to get back up but was still able to stand upright. Hugo had his Pokemon switch it up, delivering a Flamethrower attack, breathing a large gust of flames back through the same hole in the ground where the hurricane came out, flushing Pom-Pom out of the hole, singeing the Oricorio's feathers. Hugo had to be quick, Camerupt didn't have much left.

    The Oricorio managed to get back up and started boosting herself with Quiver Dance once again before shooting another Hurricane Camerupt's way. The Camerupt was blown back by the attack, being knocked to the ground, this time not being able to get back up. Hugo was forced to recall his Camerupt, as he was no longer fit to fight, and send in his last Pokemon, Raichu.

    "Let's start off with a Thunderbolt," Hugo said, motioning his hand towards Oricorio. Raichu clenched her body, charging up electric power before dispersing a bolt of electricity at Pom-Pom. The attack was a direct hit, knocking Pom-Pom out of the air and down to the ground.

    Pom-Pom got back up and used Quiver Dance once again. Using the added speed to get closer to Raichu, rustling her wings together before discharging a Revelation Dance attack on her before moving underground once more, where she attempted to attack once again with Hurricane. The attack came through one of the exits to the underground, and Raichu was not able to get out of the way in time, getting thrust into the air by the Hurricane.

    Raichu was able to recover from the attack, floating in the air scanning the arena for her opponent, who was stuck underground. Not being able to see Pom-Pom, Raichu used Psychic, channeling into her psychic powers to find and inflict damage on Pom-Pom. It worked, although Pom-Pom was barely able to dodge the attack in time to not receive too much damage. She flew her way out of another hole, barely staying on her feet and used Revelation Dance once more on Raichu.

    She used her last attack as a distraction to fly back to her trainer once she called her name, dodging the Stealth Rock with a clumsy maneuver that had her trip to the ground.

    Before Hugo could call for the next attack, Pirate Queen stepped into the battlefield and took the weakened Oricorio in her hands.

    "Teehee, I lose," she smiled. "I knew you were strong, that was a close one!"

    "Thank you for the battle miss, I was very impressed, you trained your team well. Good luck with your next battle," Hugo replied, shaking the Pirate Queen's hand, before the two went their separate ways into the dressing rooms.

    Teams Used:

    Hugo Calloway:

    The Pirate Queen:

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    Round Two
    The audience cheers subside as their anticipation starts to build again. The wait between the first two rounds isn't that long really. They barely even notice the between-rounds entertainment as they chatter and whisper between themselves about victories, losses and what will come next.

    Lemon Lime vs Hugo Calloway
    Pirate Queen vs Courtney Nair​

    In the meantime, Wysteria has a bye round to observe, rest and prepare.

    Battle Format: 3 v 3 Single Battle


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    Pirate Queen
    ft. Eleanor as Courtney Nair
    21 ✦ she/her ✦ The Sea

    It's time for another battle. The spectators are as excited as always, and the two participants are already on the battlefield. Pirate Queen is ready for her second battle of the tournament, waving at the crowd with just as much energy as before, while Courtney is staring at her intently. Maybe with a little less fire in her eyes than usual. She smirks, but nothing more, as she reaches for her Pokéball. Pirate Queen, uh? Name doesn't help here…. Pirate Queen follows her, throwing her first PokéBall to the battlefield without a second thought.

    Two Pokémon appear in the field, Chess the Chesnaught and Cinnamon the Magmortar. As soon as the referee calls for the battle to begin, Chess puts on a grin and charges towards his opponent at increased speed, covering himself with his left arm and expanding it to form a Spiky Shield to attack directly at the Magmortar, but the ground below him becomes wobbly, unsteady, and more and more hot. Cinnamon, her arms pointed straight at the ground, smirks in sync with her trainer. That doesn't stop Chess, however. Even when his expression shifts because of the heat, the speed at which he's going makes it impossible for him to turn back, smashing Cinnamon directly with his shield.

    Getting past Scorching Sands and hitting Magmortar like that is impressive, Courtney knows it. But her Pokémon can take a few hits. And having her opponent close up is an advantage sometimes. Fire from Cinnamon's arms wraps around the Spiky Shield and surrounds Chess in an instant, as Courtney gets fired up as well. "What did you expect?"

    "Teehee," Pirate Queen simply chuckles in response. There's really only one way to keep it going here, and both Chess and herself know that. The Chesnaught parries by hitting Cinnamon once more with his left arm. While she's stunned, Chess takes that second to fall with all of his weight on top of her and pins her to the ground. Cinnamon can't do much but taunt her opponent, laughing through her metaphorical clenched teeth, but as if on cue, burn.

    Chess quickly gets up, grimacing in pain as the flames around his body die out. He holds his hurt left arm and before Cinnamon starts getting up from the ground, he looks behind him and Trailblazes back to his trainer, going back inside his PokéBall.

    Pirate Queen already has the next Pokémon ready, throwing the next ball immediately. The Baxcalibur that rises on the battlefield Dragon Dances as soon as she makes her entrance, staring at Cinnamon waiting for her next move. Courtney has to hold back from attacking, though. To avoid more problems later on, she has her Pokémon use Taunt again - her flames dancing faster and faster as she takes time to recover from the previous hits.

    However, Courtney didn't consider that was part of the plan. Pirate Queen grins, as being taunted rages Baxy. She stomps the ground and smashes the ground with her tail, starting an Earthquake. The ground starts breaking under Baxy's feet, following the shockwave directed towards Cinnamon. Something unlocks in the redhead's brain, though. Magmortar is out, as soon as she can get to her Pokéball, and in comes Basil the Victreebel. "Encore, quick!" she yells, with fire in her eyes. The Grass-type immediately complies, and soon a beam of white light shines down on Baxy.

    Baxy angrily roars at the sky, then smashes the ground once more, sending another strong shockwave to Courtney's side, whose smile gets wider and wider. "Pft, we've been dodging Earthquakes for eight years now." Basil hits the ground himself, using Power Whip, and springs upwards… and at the highest point of his jump, he places a warm, bright miniature sun.

    "Whatcha doing with that sun? Fall faster?" Pirate Queen laughs, before having Baxy follow the Victreebel to where the sun marks his shadow. Before Basil touches the ground, a swipe from her tail sends the Victreebel flying to one of the lifted parts of the broken ground, breaking it with the Earthquake's shockwave. But Basil can move much faster now, and the same is true for his vines. As soon as he recovers, a Power Whip sweeps the field in front of him, aiming for Baxy's legs and trying to make her trip.

    "One more…," Pirate Queen smiles, seeing the white light on top of Baxy fading away. She's had her Pokémon being taken down by whips and vines and whatever before, she has things under control.

    Baxy allows Basil's vines to tangle her legs, but also wraps her tail around them as much as she can, which is enough to pull Basil towards her, slamming the ground with her tail, and falling on her right side. The shockwave isn't enough to damage Basil, but probably enough to stun him for a bit. Before the Victreebel can react, ice spikes start forming from thin air above Basil, crashing down over him, but more importantly on the vines. The Grass-type can only bounce back haphazardly, while Courtney for once puts her worries on full display. "Alright, Growth for now." she calls out, preparing herself for another quick switch if necessary.

    Baxy uses that time to boost herself as well with Dragon Dance, then concentrates draconic energy on the protrusion on her back before launching herself at Basil with a quick somersault, breaking the icicles and the ground. This leaves her back nailed to the ground for a bit, making her vulnerable to attacks. But even then, Courtney sticks to her plan. A very hurt Basil is out, and Cumin is in. The Archeops smells the prey as soon as he's on the field, and slams his wings on the ground to raise jagged stone spikes from under Baxy. "We got this! We got this! We got this!"

    Baxy flies upwards, falling on all fours with the rock stuck to her back falling apart. The tip of her tail freezes, and she aims a quick Ice Shard at the Archeops' tail before fully getting on her two feet. Cumin jumps over the attack though, hitting the ground below him to get a boost. Taking hits is out of the question for him. Stone Edge now creates perches for Archeops to jump on and look down at Baxy, ready to strike.

    The air above the two Pokémon starts to freeze, forming another set of icicles on the ceiling, before they start falling, Baxy smashes the stones Cumin is standing on with her tail, making them break with the shockwave and shoots another Ice Shard towards the Archeops' wing this time. With a few careful dodges and jumps, however, Cumin gets right onto his opponent and smacks her right on with his glowing tail. That forces her into her Pokéball.

    Without hesitation, Pirate Queen picks her next Pokémon. The best way to battle a flying Pokémon is by attacking the wind. "Aye, Dott! Set sails down!"

    Dott the Shiftry lands on the battlefield, instantly blowing a breeze behind her in the opposite direction as the Archeops. Pirate Queen looks upwards, the sun is starting to fade away, but there's still time. Dott swings her hands upwards and the breeze behind her grows both in strength and temperature, blowing the Archeops away with Heat Wave.

    "Stone Edge again!" Courtney calls out, and more stones break up the integrity of the field. This time Cumin uses them as a wall and ducks behind them, avoiding most of the damage from Heat Wave, before having more spikes appear all around the field to break the flow of the wind. "It's getting hot in here, I can't dress any lighter than this!" the crop-top-wearing redhead chuckles, keeping an eye on Pirate Queen to spot any reaction.

    Pirate Queen scratches her head. "Oh, sorry. Dott?" She moves her hands downwards, signaling the Shiftry to turn the temperature down. Dott does the same gesture, lowering the heat from the battlefield but concentrating the air to a single spot as a disappointed "Grr! That's not what I meant!" is heard in the distance. "Now, fire!"

    Dott unleashes her next attack, barraging the stone Cumin hides behind with a stream of air and leaves at great pressure that pierce right through. But Archeops is already behind another rock, peeking out just to taunt Dott and trying to make her lose focus.

    In retaliation, Dott walks to the center of the battlefield. She swipes her hands to her left side and a whirlwind forms around her, picking up strength and height, and Dott uses it to lift herself above the rocks. She stares down at the rock from which Cumin is hiding now and kicks the air to leap at the Archeops at blinding speed with Sucker Punch, as the Hurricane picks up speed, smashing the rock.

    "Endeavor!" The Rock-type hits back frantically, trying to catch Dott. It's a matter of pride now. The ground moves and shakes around them as Archeops keeps up the pressure on Shiftry by trying to keep her as close to the ground as possible.

    Dott grabs the Archeops with both arms, with one of her hands storing dark energy, landing another Sucker Punch against him. He replies with Dual Wingbeat, this time trying to knock Shiftry away from him. Then he looks towards a fired up Courtney with pleading eyes, instead of attacking again. He puts up a few rocks between himself and Dott, and tries to Roost.

    Dott slowly gets up from the attack, and looks back at her trainer. Pirate Queen stops to think for a second before taking her PokéBall out and returning her back inside just to send her Chesnaught back to the battlefield.

    Chess puts a knee on the ground and starts boosting his defenses by infusing himself in iron while the Archeops is recovering. He then starts running across the battlefield with Trailblaze, picking up speed as he tears down every single rock wall on the field by crashing onto them with Body Press just so Cumin has no place to hide next.

    "You know, Archeops can fly, too."

    Now feeling more confident, the Rock-type starts to run himself, creating an ascending line of rocks to jump onto until he's high enough to jump into the void. But with all the speed he's gained, he can now fly around the field. He taunts Chess for good measure, as the Tailwind from before gets weaker and gives him more maneuverability.

    "Aye, I know that," Pirate Queen replies back cheerfully. She gets pumped up and starts jumping in her place with excitement as a fun idea crosses her mind. The trainer has Chess pick up a stone from the ground and throw it above his head to swing Wood Hammer against it and send it flying Archeops' way. It doesn't really work as well as she wanted, though, and Pirate Queen pouts with disappointment once the rock breaks into smaller pieces as it flies towards the ceiling, with the rubble that gets to hit Cumin not doing the destructive damage she wished.

    "You're still burned, aren't you?" Courtney taunts her opponent this time. "Bulldoze now!" Archeops dives down, the impact with the battlefield creating shockwaves. "Keep at it…"

    "Aye, a bit. We can take it," the young sailor replies back, completely unaware of Courtney's teasing. "Chess, Trailblaze! And pick a rock in the way!"

    Chess picks up a fallen rock laying in front of him and speeds across the battlefield directly approaching the Archeops.

    Cumin waits until Chess is close, then springs up, hitting the ground with his wing. As the rock is thrown at him, he manages to hit Chess with his tail from below, an uppercut that like before, sends him back to his Pokéball.

    Pirate Queen pouts, this is starting to get boring. She picks Baxy's PokéBall and sends her out, using Dragon Dance on entrance and dropping icicles in a row behind Cumin to make him fly closer. Courtney notices. She grins, and lets Cumin get almost in Baxy's face, before having him try to knock her upwards with a Stone Edge suddenly rising from under the Dragon-type. He grabs onto her and shockwaves form all around the two Pokémon as they fall back onto the battlefield.

    A weakened Baxcalibur grabs the Archeops and turns around, using the strength she has left to bury the blade on her back to the ground. Another set of icicles appears above the two Pokémon and crashes over them with force.

    "What are you even…" Courtney stares wide-eyed at the two Pokémon. "Endeavor I think?"

    Archeops lands a few quick desperate hits on Baxy, but it doesn't take much longer for him to faint due to the ice spikes. The redhead is one Pokémon down and so is her rival.

    Pirate Queen brings Baxy back to her PokéBall and throws Dott's to the battlefield. "Nuh-uh!" Courtney immediately follows up with Cinnamon, who taunts the Shiftry as soon as she's on the field.

    Dott doesn't waste any time, though. Even without the extra mobility Tailwind brings her, she swipes her hands sideways and forms a whirlwind around her, blasting a Hurricane directly at the Magmortar. Fire Blast partially shields her, colliding with the incoming attack. It's straightforward, but effective. Aiming her arms at the sky, Cinnamon sets up Sunny Day next. "Feels good, this is how I used to battle years ago!" Courtney smiles.

    The Shiftry swipes upwards, the temperature starts going up, and a Heat Wave intensified by the sun travels to Courtney's side of the field, with Dott allowing herself to be pulled by it as she prepares dark energy to physically approach Cinnamon.

    "Are you old? How long have you been battling?" Pirate Queen asks, confused at Courtney's remark.

    "Do I look old? Grrr." Courtney replies, unamused, not before telling Cinnamon to blast fire towards the ground and surround herself in the flames.

    Pirate Queen tilts her head, looking at Courtney. "Hmm, I mean not really but maybe. You're grumpy." At this point she stops giving orders to her Pokémon, getting more invested in her conversation with Courtney, and allows Dott to do whatever she wants. After hitting the Magmortar, Dott retreats and keeps her distance again, jumping backwards as the Heat Wave subsides, throwing another Hurricane her way.

    This time, Cinnamon stops it with a well placed wall of rocks. Grumpy? Really? Maybe… "I'm a Pokémon down already!"

    "Nah, I have one down too, you're just grumpy," Pirate Queen replies back to tease her and then grins. "Don't worry though, my vice-captain is a bit grumpy too, and he's about my age!"

    Dott stares back to her trainer, rolling her eyes but still doing as she pleases since she's distracted. She moves her hands on a circle and wind starts picking up from behind, with some of the leaves from her body detaching. Dott blows a full power Leaf Storm forward to break the stone wall protecting Cinnamon, using her own attack to approach headfirst towards the Magmortar with another Sucker Punch.

    As the leaves approach, Cinnamon lifts herself up over the wall, placing a Rock Tomb under herself. She jumps straight towards Shiftry, Fire Blast surrounding her again. Dott breaks through Cinnamon's flame barrier and strikes her with her dark-type attack, falling backwards from the impact and with some flames around her.

    She slowly gets up, ready to retaliate with another Sucker Punch, but this time just to get closer and grab the Magmortar from one of her arms as Dott's body starts glowing, ready to blow up. "Burn already, you…"

    It's a fireworks show on the field, all accompanied by a gust of truly hot air reaching the two trainers. The sun subsides, and for the second time during the match, both Pokémon have fainted at the same time. Now it's Basil versus Chess.

    "Wow. You really went and did it. I like you."

    "Nah, I don't like doing it, she does." Pirate Queen looks at her Pokémon, Chess is already pretty worn out, but not as much as Basil. This part of the battle shouldn't take long. For once, she decides to wait and see what happens. But Courtney does the same, with Basil setting up yet another Sunny Day and then Growth. Not taking any chances is what Blaine taught her, after all.

    Chess gets up and puts himself in a defensive position, boosting himself once with Iron Defense once he sees Basil starts setting up the sun. When Basil starts boosting himself, he picks up two of the rocks closer to him, one with each hand and aims the one in his right hand towards Basil, narrowly missing by a few inches.

    Now Courtney is starting to smell victory. Even if her Pokémon is hurt. After quickly dodging the first rock, Basil gets closer to Chess and extends his vine towards him, trying to hit a Power Whip.

    "Teehee, gotcha," Courtney's opponent chuckles, with both her and Chess grinning simultaneously. The Chesnaught grabs the upcoming vine with his right arm and pulls Basil towards him, ready to receive the Victreebel with the extended Spiky Shield from his defensive arm. The redhead grins as well, Basil even helping out Chess by retracting the vine. "Leech Life," Courtney commands, and with some quick adjustments, Victreebel gets Chess's entire head within his mouth.

    "Hey, that's gross don't do that!" Pirate Queen yells. Chess manages with some effort to get the Victreebel off by introducing his own head inside his armor while simultaneously pulling Basil violently from his own vine, slamming him against the ground once he's off. Basil struggles to get away in time as he sees Chess' whole body falling over him as a final blow. The Chesnaught is the only one getting up from that, rubbing his left arm still in pain from the burns from earlier, and that is it for Courtney.

    "Nah, it was totally worth it." the redhead laughs. "Congrats for the win, I could learn from you."

    "Aye, you could be less grumpy." Pirate Queen laughs at her. "It was fun, though."

    "Wait, could it be…" Courtney blushes ever so slightly. "Have we met before?"

    She looks back at Courtney, staring at her intently but ultimately shrugs it off. "Nah, I don't think so."
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    Hugo Calloway

    70 - He/Him - Mossdeep City, Hoenn

    Round 2: Hugo Calloway vs Lemon Lime

    Another day, another battle, Hugo's mantra heading into the second match of the round robin. He was unable to witness his opponent's first matchup, but Hugo heard they won their opener. Should be a good fight then, Hugo thought to himself, as he walked out of the dressing room and into the arena. He gave the people a wave as the diminutive old man made his way out to the center of the stadium.

    Lemon followed dutifully.

    Hugo Calloway.

    A name never forgotten, a reputation far larger than the man himself. A legend Lemon had quite honestly forgotten was still alive. A man they had studied so long ago they had forgotten what lessons were his.

    Back in action.

    Lemon folded the cuffs of their jacket back with neat, meditative motions. Was it possible they were nervous? Perhaps. Calloway was just as likely an unknown quantity as a forgotten one. Who could possibly know what the man had come up with in his retirement, away from the public eye?

    Their hand found its way to their belt and slim fingers discreetly chose a PokéBall.

    Hugo took a quick second to decide which Pokemon he was using first. After the deliberation, he picked the Pokeball containing Slaking, took the ball off of his belt and sent his first Pokemon into the foray. Slaking appeared to not be all that interested in the upcoming festivities. It's a marathon, not a sprint.

    At the same time, Lemon released Trevenant. Always a solid lead, and against a Slaking a theoretical advantage. But they knew far better than to get ahead of themselves in such assessments. They swept a hand, and the usual wash of green rolled outward from the tree's roots, vines and brush bursting from the field.

    Well this was disconcerting for Hugo to see, Slaking wasn't able to do much here. Still, Hugo could still stall for time, which Slaking did very well. "Play Rough." Slaking obliged, and got up and made his way over to Trevenant, rolling around the tree Pokemon, getting hits in as he did so. The hits were hard, but Trevenant was standing up to them. After finishing the sequence, Slaking sat back down in the middle of the field, and rolled his eyes at Hugo.

    A shiver ran through Trevenant as it dug its roots into the green-carpeted ground. Stretching its influence across the field, the ground under Slaking bubbled and turned to a sizzling, swampy mush indicative of strong poison. The Slaking sunk into it, the weight of the creature far greater than the stability of the ground. True, the Grass-type energy running through the field benefited both Pokémon, but that wouldn't matter for long.

    Hugo knew this was less than ideal, not much he could do with Slaking in this matchup, but he had an idea to turn things around.

    "Rest." Slaking fell asleep, with an aura surrounding the lazy oaf as he fell asleep. With that, Hugo recalled the Slaking, swapping him for Camerupt.

    Fair enough. Lemon pushed forward with another squelchy puddle underfoot, and then immediately pulled Trevenant in exchange for something tiny enough to hide easily in the leafy underbrush.

    Hugo couldn't see what Pokemon Lemon switched into, but it was small enough to hide amongst the terrain. If only he had a way to clear the brush. "Camerupt, let's try Flamethrower." Camerupt obliged, conjuring a ferocious stream of red hot flames, sweeping the fire through the terrain, looking for the small pokemon that entered the field. The Pincurchin was spotted, fleeing the flames as they revealed its hiding spot before a whirling wave of water gushed forth to stop the razing of the terrain. Splashing through a few inches if water, the Pincurchin rolled into some of the remaining leafy cover.

    "Well let's try a more intrusive method," Hugo suggested,

    "Earth Power."

    Camerupt once again obliged, stomping down on the field, ripping up the field towards Pincurchin, disturbing the cover once again, sending the small spiky Pokemon flying through the air, landing back down in more of the remaining cover. Lemon tugged at their cuffs, a minute frown passing over their face.

    Once again, a wave of water crashed over the battlefield, mostly in the direction of the Camerupt but with the ultimate goal of raising the water level over the Pincurchin's head. Lemon nodded. That should properly dampen those seismic moves.

    Camerupt was battered by the waves, but ultimately held his resolve. Sunny Day was his next trick, he had Camerupt increase the power of the sun, creating a large ball of light in front of him before releasing it to the sky, raising the temperature of the arena, which caused steam to rise up off the pools of water. From there Hugo had Camerupt use another move, Solar Beam. Camerupt, aided by the intense sun conjured up a mass of solar energy, before releasing a green beam of powerful energy, cutting through the water and landing another hit on Pincurchin.


    Tumbling through the sloshing water while it rose again was never an issue, and Pincurchin's Hex on a poisoned foe was always a safe way to go. Hugo could tell, Camerupt was weakening, time to make a last ditch effort. Earth Power again, the battlefield was being torn to shreds yet again in the direction of Pincurchin, combining with the water to send Pincurchin airborne yet again. With a splash, a last-ditch, shuddering Hex landed at the same time as Pincurchin. Even without the ability to see their Pokémon through the debris-strewn waters, Lemon knew it was over.

    But they waited. As did Hugo, neither trainer called back their Pokemon, even though both Pokemon were weakened. Hugo called for Camerupt to use Eruption, with Camerupt firing bits of lava out of the humps in his back. But due to Camerupt's low energy, the attack wasn't as effective as full force, amongst the wreckage in the field Hugo wasn't even sure if the move was a hit.

    Lemon was sure. Sure that it wasn't a hit, and sure that the poison was well settled into Camerupt's bones. So again they waited. Just a little longer. Hugo could tell, Camerupt was running out of time, he had to do the right thing. So he recalled Camerupt, and sent Gallade into action. From there, his first move was Swords Dance, preparing his blade-like arms for combat, in order to deal extra damage. Next was Psycho Cut, with Gallade swiping at Pincurchin with blades made from psychic energy.

    Lemon recalled their Pokémon.

    Trevenant reappeared, then quickly disappeared into the standing water as the Psychic blades grazed leafy limbs.

    "You want to disappear, well two can play that game, Teleport," Hugo said. Gallade obliged, vanishing into thin air and reappearing a good distance away from the ravaged battlefield. A reach for Trevenant, popping out of the murky shadows, and just as Gallade's blades had grazed it seconds before, so too did the phantasmal-coated branches graze Gallade. Gallade was shuddered by the hit, but stood strong. Gallade's next move was Night Slash. Coated in dark energy, Gallade rushed Trevenant, slicing the tree Pokemon with his blades covered in dark energy. With the last of its strength, Trevenant coated itself in toxic sludge that stuck to the Gallade at every point of contact.

    And fainted with a creaky splashing crash.

    Lemon, down to their last already. Hugo Calloway never was a joke.

    A tinny rattle announced the arrival of Klefki, who set about adding hazardous spikes to the well-littered field.

    Hugo stood calmly, assessing his current situation. He was up right now but that stood in precarious balance, as Gallade was starting to feel the effects of poisoning. He had to make things happen quickly. Sacred Sword, Gallade's blades were engulfed in a bright red aura, and attacked the Klefki with one strong strike, delivering a strong flourish before teleporting away from the opposing Pokemon. Klefki rattled in irritation, and more and more spikes appeared.

    And then the wind picked up.

    Sharp grains of sand whirled around the field, and as the storm picked up, it picked up… the field. Waterlogged vines and leaves, chunks of ravaged dirt and mud, and most importantly for Lemon – the collection of spikes. A wild mix of things designed perfectly to batter any Pokémon unlucky enough to be on the battlefield.

    Gallade returned to the foray, being battered by the collection of debris flying around the arena. He went for Sacred Sword once again, but due to the debris, Gallade went flying right past Klefki, missing with the attack. Gallade was still being roughed up by the storm, one chunk of mud in particular was particularly problematic, hitting Gallade square in the chest. Pink particulate joined the chaos, blending with the grainy sand.

    Gallade continued to struggle with the weather, but was able to bring himself together to use Sacred Sword again, closing the distance on Klefki, and swinging a clean strike on the key Pokemon once again, beating the small Pokemon back. Of course the distance Kleki was knocked back was enough for Gallade to lose sight of it, and the jangling of metal was lost to the roaring storm. The amount of flying bulky spikes increased, and the tinkling keys drifted along the air currents.

    Lemon folded the cuffs of their jacket back once more. Hugo had Gallade prepare his blades with Swords Dance once again, waiting for the moment he could see Klefki again, although Gallade was running out of time, the poisoning and the storm were enough to weaken the Pokemon consistently. The storm pinkened again.

    This was enough to bring Gallade to his knees, and Hugo had to pull him out of the battle. Up to you Slaking, who came out of the Pokeball sleeping. Hugo had to wait for Slaking to wake up, who was managing to sleep through the spikes, mud and other debris flying around in the arena. A shining beam blasted through the storm and into the hulking Pokémon, and the storm strengthened.

    That was enough for a rejuvenated Slaking to wake back up, looking angry from being so disturbed. In response, Hugo called out for the move Heavy Slam. Slaking nodded, and jumped up into the air, and slammed on top of Klefki, squishing the small Pokemon under its large mass, and Slaking, content with his attack, didn't feel like moving, and just laid there in the field, with Klefki stuck under him. A silvery blast shoved the Slaking off, and Klefki returned to the whirling storm with a jangle, propelled by pink particles that whipped at Slaking on the way by.

    After his required rest, Slaking finally got back up, and meandered his way over to Klefki, finally tracking the Pokemon down before throwing a punch at Klefki, connecting and sending the Pokemon further back into the storm, with Slaking receiving a bright white light off of the Klefki, which seemed to improve his condition. Losing the small Pokemon once again, Slaking sat back down in the middle of the field once again.

    Lemon sighed.

    Clicked a button.

    And the storm began to fade, dumping its contents all over the field.

    "I appreciate the match, Mr. Calloway," Lemon said, barely loud enough to be heard.

    "It was a pleasure, we'll have to do it again," Hugo replied, returning his Slaking back to his Pokeball. He followed that up by waving to the crowd, then shaking Lemon's hand.

    As they entered, so they left: with Lemon following the footsteps of a legendary man.

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    As the first day of entertainment and battles winds down, the stadium lights dim, the cheers fade away and soon the stadium itself sits abandoned. The energy from within moves elsewhere as those who came to watch return to homes, hotels and taverns to celebrate, commiserate or otherwise discuss the events of the tournaments first day. For our combatants though, the evening is not quite over.

    The ballroom at the nearby Diamond Veil hotel has been booked, as have catering services and the botanical gardens beyond. The finalists, a few select members of the league committee and tournament staff, major journalists and even a smattering of celebrities and other important people are all invited (and somewhat expected) to attend to schmooze around. Of course, people who are important enough - the finalists included - are also welcome to bring a couple of guests.

    There is no battling going on here, it's just an opportunity for you to get to know each other off the battlefield or to interact with other significant people around the tournament. You can choose to JP such interactions among yourselves or to do a solo post - or do both if you can fit such a thing in. You also technically don't have to attend the event at the hotel, it's just something that socially expected of you.

    As always, there's only a week to get these posts in, after that we're back to battling for the final two weeks.



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    Courtney Nair
    22 - ♀ - she/her
    Cinnabar Island, Kanto


    "I'm not grumpy." a grumpy Courtney repeats as Arianne helps her out with her makeup. "Pft, I know you," the black haired girl chuckles, "and you've never liked overly fancy parties. Just hang on a little more, you'll look amazing when I'm done and that's all you're gonna think about."

    "Thanks I guess. Actually you don't need to add so many different colors to the eyeshadow… stop now…" Arianne hushes her and keeps going. "Let me have my fun, I don't get to do this often!"

    The end result is, quite literally, fire. Flames of orange and red rising from the obligatory dark eyeliner that Courtney really wanted to use, complemented by the orange hair above and the black dress below. It looks different, youthful, maybe a bit overdone, but when compared to the looks of the celebrities, big names of Pokémon battling, and most of the other finalists, Courtney fits in just fine. Arianne does too, having a similar fit but swapping the orange for purples, blues, and whatever can remind people of water.

    And then there's Flannery, who does not need introductions and can show up with her hair going everywhere. That is Courtney's most important mentor at the moment, and the one that gifted her Cayenne the Blaziken. It only makes sense for the two to spend some time by themselves in the gardens, while for the most part Arianne handles anyone who might be looking for them and keeps them busy.

    "As a gym leader I'm the first to say, can't win them all. It's fine to find Pokémon that give you trouble and not know how to react, especially if you're balancing between different styles every match." Flannery keeps an arm around Courtney's shoulders. "What you're doing makes sense to me though - start off strong, put the opponent in a defensive position, make them worried… and then set up while they have to chase back the match, so you ensure the win against anything they might pull out. Just remember why you're doing it!"

    The finalist has heard all of this before, but repeating things a few times always helps. Especially from Flannery, who could easily pass for Courtney's twin if not for the age difference. The strategy check up continues for a while, while Arianne uses her leverage as "person beaten by Courtney" to answer a few questions about her before she comes back from her walk.

    "I mean, what's there to say, Cinnabar Island has got a volcano with the Fire gym and the sea with all the Water Pokémon. She chose Fire, I chose Water. But of course we mixed it up with time…" she tries to explain. But even years after their first journey, Arianne and Courtney represent water and fire in way more things than just their Pokémon teams.

    Courtney's picture is by 7dango7 from https://www.zerochan.net/2677165

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    Round Three

    As the new day has dawned, the audience returns to the stadiums, more enthusiastic than ever. The entertainment before and between battles is welcomed, but excitement and tension hangs in the air. It's not what they came here for. They came here to see the best of the best do battle, to see what this tournament will do to the international rankings. People want to see their favourites win it all and perceived villains fall. It's time to give them what they came for as the third round of battles kicks off.


    Wysteria vs Hugo Calloway

    Lemon Lime vs Courtney Nai

    In the meantime, Pirate Queen has a bye round to observe, rest and prepare.

    Battle Format: 3 v 3 Single Battle


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    Courtney Nair
    22 - ♀ - she/her
    Cinnabar Island, Kanto

    Round Three

    Vs. Lemon Lime - written with Aquacorde

    Lemon Lime to Courtney was a wild card, hard to predict, hard to handle. Just watching their battles eventually got her dizzy: but today, she wouldn't have allowed that to happen.

    Saffron the Heliolisk was out on the field and the temperature rose in the span of seconds, an orb of light appearing over the battlefield and watching over the two trainers. Her opponent was only a fraction of a second behind with their choice- a little spiny Pokémon that littered the field with what appeared to be inanimate, poison-coated clones of itself.

    "Not happening!" A white orb is released from Saffron's mouth, turns fiery orange on its way down and heats up the field, burning away most of the poison. The Heliolisk grimaces slightly as her collar takes in the light from above.

    The same light from above that is dampened by a large wave of water coming through towards Saffron. She jumps up and snipes the enemy Pokémon with Solar Beam as it rides the wave, but it's a matter of seconds as another wave washes down the field. Water laps at Lemon's knees and Courtney's thighs, the tight-packed earth field soaking up very little of the water.

    There's tons of reasons for Courtney to complain, but she already feels any such comment would fall on deaf ears, judging by how Lemon seems completely undisturbed by the water. In the meantime, Heliolisk ducks underwater in the hope of localizing her opponent, only to find that many more poisonous clones are floating all around it.

    "We got this!" An orb of electric energy appears above Saffron, and from it, a lightning bolt briefly cuts through the air to reach her opponent. Lemon's Pokémon seems to gladly accept the electricity, but is much less pleased to get immediately blasted with a follow up Solar Beam. But this cannot go on forever.

    Heliolisk's Parabolic Charge did no damage, therefore did not heal her. The miniature sun above her gives her more power but hurts her too. In the meantime, the urchin Pokémon scattered more poison traps across the water. Time to change Pokémon. But Lemon cannot be the one deciding the rules.

    "Perish Song!"

    Juniper the Mismagius is out, and immediately, her body darkens as she sings ominously. A faint purple aura surrounds both her and Lemon's Pokémon, who in the meantime raises the water level once again with another Surf. The Ghost-type vanishes right as the wave crashes down on her, while Courtney braces for the impact. Juniper's Pokéball is nonetheless at the ready, before Perish Song would be her own undoing.

    Lemon has no real choice but to swap as well, and in comes a familiar sight: a Chesnaught. It taunts Juniper as soon as she reappears, but Courtney knows that is her cue to recall her in the first place. Under pressure to settle on a third Pokémon or bring in Heliolisk, concerned by the toxic traps and Chesnaught's physical prowess, the girl waits. The miniature sun fades out, she starts shivering because of the water now reaching up to her waist.

    As the referee is about to call her out, she throws a Pokéball as high as she can, and out of it comes her ace. Large boulders rise up from the field in quick succession, waves of water all around them, and Cinnamon the Magmortar lands on top of them. She keeps building her mountain - Cinnabar island rising from the seafloor - while Courtney can feel the water reach her shoulders. Having all her clothes soaked is not ideal, but she has accepted her fate just so that she could have Cinnamon on the field. She feels truly unstoppable with her ace by her side, and her trust in her Pokémon is limitless.

    Thanks to Flame Body, Magmortar doesn't even need to be in the water to heat it up by a few degrees, as steam starts to form all around the submerged battlefield. But obviously, that's where Lemon wants her to be. More stones appear under Cinnamon, but it's not her. Chesnaught's Stone Edge breaks up the mountain from within, stabbing Magmortar, who can only create more boulders to barely hang on to with Rock Tomb and Scorching Sands.

    Chesnaught plants a firm stance and the ground shudders apart for twisting branches to surge forth, forcing a gnarly tree through the makeshift mountain. It's useless to continue with that plan as Cinnamon is thrown into the water for good and the poison traps finally claim their first victim. But it's just a matter of adjusting the position of her Rock Tombs.

    This time the ground shifts under Chesnaught's feet, a hoodoo of Rock Tombs lifts it up outside of the water, and a Fire Blast comes its way, fueled with all the desperation of Courtney and Cinnamon. A shield of stones is thrown between them, timing lagging after the exertion of instantaneously growing an entire tree, but some of the scorching flames are buffered. Behind the makeshift shield, a singed Chesnaught rolls into the warming surf and ducks into the cover of brambly branches.

    Even Magmortar's short time in the water has raised the temperature considerably and has created a wall of thick, white steam that gradually moves towards the ceiling of the stadium. She keeps up the heat by surrounding herself in fire, causing more water to evaporate and softening the tree's roots, while Courtney clumsily tries to find a boulder to crouch on top of, in order to not get cooked herself.

    It's difficult to see through the steam. The distinct, tinny sounds of PokéBall activation are the only indication to Courtney that her opponent has swapped Pokémon.

    The ground begins to shake and groan.

    Magmortar is switched out as the ground starts rumbling, avoiding the attack and the worst consequences of the poison. Courtney is alone on the field as she watches in disbelief: with a startling, heaving crack the ground tears itself asunder, swallowing all the water, rocks, roots, poison traps and whatever else is present. All done by a Pokémon she can't even see. Mismagius is out, this time with no hesitation. But for what purpose?

    A bolt of electricity travels through the canyon, to no effect whatsoever. Mismagius scans the field with her mental energy, but whatever she might have discovered, she can't report to Courtney. Everything is quiet- for what feels like hours, but is likely less than a minute- before Juniper uses Perish Song again while hiding in the steam. Lemon will have to send out a Pokémon that Courtney has seen with her eyes.

    Cinnamon can land strong hits against both of them, and the field is no longer submerged, so she's out right away, accompanied by another orb of light rising through the steam and settling above the battlefield. The steam scatters the light everywhere while Courtney tries to crouch down, getting her head to a level where the steam is less thick. What she sees is a wave of dirty, muddy water crashing onto the field and into the crevice, followed by the red light of a Pokémon being recalled. Cinnamon, still suffering from poison, gathers energy from the sun above to charge up a Fire Blast.

    She lets go, and a dark aura surrounds her right after. Courtney has seen that move before and can feel her pain. She has to put all of her energy into giving Cinnamon back some fighting spirit. On her last legs, cannon-arms aiming straight down at the canyon, the Magmortar charges a blast of hot sand that drags along everything it finds and pushes it towards her opponent. More steam rises from the field, mud is thrown in all directions, and most importantly, Cinnamon falls. As Courtney calls her back, she can hear more water rushing to fill the crevasse, some of it lapping at her ankles. This has got to be the urchin Pokémon.

    Juniper is out again, weaving in and out of the steam but unsure on what to do. Courtney is at a loss too, but surely, she doesn't need fancy strategies now. Lemon's Pokémon ought to be quite hurt now. The same dark aura appears around Mismagius while she retaliates with the same exact move - Hex. No aura on the other side of the field though: her opponent has to be underwater. Sunny Day expires, darkening the field.

    Mismagius focuses. Mental energy scans the field, trying to fish up her opponent. She finds it. She locks on. She thrusts it upwards. A faint chirp is heard in the distance, the steam has risen up enough to let Courtney see the silhouette of the small Pokémon falling down into the water once again. Is it down? It has to be, right?

    Juniper's eyes glow blue again, but then she floats towards Lemon instead of continuing the fight. Nothing else happens on the field, the water is calm. "Well!?" Courtney calls out a few times, to no avail, while Mismagius even plays peek-a-boo with Lemon and circles around them, only going back to her usual place above the center of the battlefield when Lemon clicks two buttons in quick succession.

    The ground rumbles.

    A new opponent is out, but not in a place where Courtney can see it. The crevice swallows some more water, the field turns more and more into a swamp. Jagged rocks burst from the canyon wall to chase Mismagius as soon as she floats down to peek into the crevice, forcing her to disappear instantly with Phantom Force. While she's unable to attack, the canyon wall shudders and shatters with the force of another twisting tree spreading its crooked branches across the gap and embedding its crown into the opposite cliff.

    Somewhere down there is Chesnaught.

    The redhead cannot let go of her battle style. Saffron is out, sharp points poking up through the swampy field still appear to poison her, but she still plants her tail into the ground below and gathers electricity. The whole field becomes conductive, sparks lighting it up here and there. Rings of electricity run through it, as Heliolisk attempts to localize her opponent, before Courtney resorts to Parabolic Charge. Like before, an orb appears above Heliolisk, a thunderbolt hits the roots… but now the frills around her neck open up and she gets some much needed healing.

    "Perfect… Oh no! Sunny Day, quick!"

    Leaves and vines grow around and onto Saffron, dragging her towards the bridge of roots. Weather Ball channels the energy of the miniature sun into a fiery orb and sets fire to the bundle and, by extension, the tree. One more time, something bursts from the canyon wall- Chesnaught, ripping a branch from the tree as it charges across the burning bridge toward the snared and struggling Heliolisk. The windup, the slam, the echoing crack of the snapping trunk all overpower the sizzle of the flames, the jittery zap of electricity, and the crumbling of a fragile shield as the two Pokémon fall in synch with a cascade of burning branches.

    The splashes go on for a while.

    Courtney gets no answer from her Pokémon when she calls her name. She's down to her last. And it's Juniper.

    Chesnaught's cry echoes from the bottom of the canyon, taunting her. Mismagius is more than happy to hit back, and does so with Hex, before her opponent's Frenzy Plant bursts into a giant tree in the middle of the battlefield. It looks like an obvious setup for Lemon's next Pokémon, because this way, Chesnaught essentially allows itself to be taken out by another Hex.

    It's the unknown Pokémon, and it's somewhere in the tree now. Mismagius finds it with Psychic, even if her mental energy is met with some resistance. Courtney can't really acknowledge that in the meantime, Lemon's Pokémon has sprung up to attack Juniper, and she's had to conceal herself with Phantom Force. But, as the only Pokémon left on the field glides down from where the steam is still thicker, the girl feels strange.

    Could it be… is this how she wins it?

    Her face gets paler as Mismagius reappears on the field, her eyes are not as fiery as they used to be. Isn't she winning?

    A wave of muddy water crashes down her thighs once again. It feels so cold this time… she's shivering. A snapping sound catches her attention, and she notices a chunk of ice forming around Juniper. She's fighting back, blue orbs of fire are spinning erratically around her, the black aura from Hex is there, but it's not enough.

    Defeat by freezing. Is this how it ends for the aspiring leader of a Fire-type gym?


    Courtney's picture is by 7dango7 from https://www.zerochan.net/2677165

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    Round Four

    There's a brief waiting period, but the next round of battles is soon underway. As we reach the penultimate round, the excitement of the crowd only builds as we get closer and closer to seeing how the rankings finally stand. The question is, how will round four shake things up?


    Wysteria vs Pirate Queen

    Hugo Calloway vs Courtney Nai

    In the meantime, Lemon Lime has a bye round to observe, rest and prepare.

    Battle Format: 3 v 3 Single Battle
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    Round Five

    The moment has arrived. The final set of battles is upon the audience and they couldn't be more excited to see who comes out victorious and who will take the top spot in the tournament league rankings. The crowd roars with excitement, a roar that is echoed internally in the minds of the competitors. The battlers prepare themselves to put on a show that will not soon be forgotten.


    Wysteria vs Courtney Nai

    Pirate Queen vs Lemon Lime

    Hugo Calloway has the final bye round.

    Battle Format: 3 v 3 Single Battle