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the world sucks


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    What I'm about to say might be a little disturbing, but I need to get this out somewhere. Please bear with me.

    There's a man named Ken. He's from Arizona, and he lives in the Philippines now. We're very close friends.

    Just yesterday, his 17 year-old next-door neighbor, Karen, was raped and killed, right in front of him.

    The nation of Philippines is in an uproar.

    Here's an article.

    In her remembrance.

    It weighs really heavily on me. Since he's a close friend, and she was a close friend of his. His daughter Kathryn, also 17, was Karen's best friend. It hurts a lot.

    Just an hour ago, Karen's father committed suicide. The news isn't out yet, but Ken saw it.

    It hurts even more, being the only person who actually knows about it. It hurts to imagine the pain that everyone will experience when it's revealed to the world.

    And this is one of the few times in my life that I've possibly cried.

    The pain is surreal -- it's like your chest has been smashed to pieces and it's really hard to breathe.

    I can't focus on my work.

    I'm lost.


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    The last thing you need to be worrying about right now is work.

    Give yourself some time and don't try to bottle up whatever you're feeling. That fact that you're talking about it with us is a good thing in itself.

    And...considering the magnitude of the issue this may be a bit forward of me, but contact your friend. Let him know that you're thoughts are with him, because at times like this knowing that you're not alone really helps.

    I really feel bad that the most I can say about the whole thing is sorry. But, Sync, just remember that you've got a lot of people here on PC who are thinking about you, as well as in your own life. You're not alone, either, so don't be afraid to talk to us about it.


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    Yeah, I've been in constant contact with him ever since. And Kathryn too. She's still crying.

    It's really heartbreaking.

    Ken is really tough. Here's something he sent me:
    You will cry like a river. And when you think it will stop, it starts all over again. You don't see any lights in the darkness. Everything is dark, and you feel anger. And slowly you lose your control and your mind and in that moment you have to be careful so you don't cross the line and become equal to your enemy.

    Thanks, macho.


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    I'm sorry. I know there isn't much I can do, but it's okay to cry and feel bad about it. As Macho said, we are here to listen, at the very least. You are our friend and we support you. Again, I'm so sorry. Life isn't fair sometimes.


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    This is so fucked up. I have a sister too. And hearing about stuff like this makes me insecure. Its like...you can't be at peace because there are monsters all over the place and no one knows when they might attack you and rob you of all the happiness and joy that you might be experiencing at any point in life.

    Those "things"...I wonder how they even manage to forgive themselves after committing such acts? Filthy pieces of shit.

    I'm sorry for their loss. Just stay strong. Somehow.