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Want to See How Many Pokemon I Can Name?


some things are that simple
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    • Seen Apr 16, 2022
    My Pokemon Experiences:
    Pokemon and Love

    I: The Boy Who Accidentally Introduced Me to Pokemon
    Girl is 8 years-old. Girl goes to daycare where she meets a boy named Tommy. Tommy is cutie who currently likes two things: Pokemon, and a girl named Jessica. Unfortunately, my sad little clay animals I made during art weren't enough to entice him, so I decided to get his attention another way: impress him with my Pokemon knowledge. I went home one weekend and started watching the show and tried memorizing as many Pokemon as I could from the Pokerap. I came back to daycare that next Monday, strode right up to him and asked "want to see how many Pokemon I can name??" After naming off more than five, that Jessica girl was history and Tommy became my first little boyfriend.

    We played Pokemon together all summer that year. Mostly we'd run around the playground chasing an imaginary Pikachu, stopping every five minutes or so to jump up on something, stand back to back, and recite Team Rocket's motto over and over again but it never got boring, I loved playing Team Rocket with him. He moved away after that summer and I never saw him again, but Pokemon ended up staying with me. Nowadays, I can name more than five.​


    II: Pokeshipping Fanfiction
    I loved the anime, especially the first few seasons (Kanto to Master Quest) and my favorite part about watching was the relationship between Ash and Misty. I loved looking for little signs that they liked each other and eventually decided one day to look it up online. I have no idea what I typed, but the results brought me to SPPF's fanfiction subforum: Shipping Fics. It was there that I came across the story: The Fate & Destiny of Friends by Water Spirit. I couldn't get enough of the story, I read every chapter she had up in one sitting and enjoyed it so much that I signed up for SPPF just so I could comment on how much I loved it.

    Seeing Water Spirit's story inspired me to do my own writing on this topic I learned was called "Pokeshipping". I wrote quite a few one-shots and THEY WERE TERRIBLE. But we were all around 14 years-old and ate that stuff up. These gems included:

    I love You More Each and Every Day (published 3/3/2006)
    Don't Forget About Us (3/4/2006)
    Roses Have Thorns Too (4/13/2006)
    Don't Want to Say Goodbye (5/2/2006)
    True Love or Perfection (6/28/2006)
    My Heart Will Mend (7/3/2006)
    Time Will Tell (8/27/2006)
    Twenty-Five Letters to Home (12/11/2007)
    It's Always Been Enough (3/3/2011)

    I was like the Pokeshipping Danielle Steele, pumping out god awful romantic stories every other week. But it was so much fun. I made so many friends on SPPF from these fics and even won a Shipping Oscar during some awards event we had going on. We had PM lists where people would ask for a PM when you had a new story come out, it was so interactive and I wanted more of that. So I looked for another pokeshipping fanfiction site and was brought.... you guessed it: here! I signed up for PC with the intention of getting really involved with the fanfiction community only to write maybe one more one-shot and never step foot in the section again *sigh*.

    Even though I haven't properly written a fanfic in a long time (and boy am I tempted to for old time's sake) fanfiction always has a big place in my heart along with Pokeshipping. It brought me here.

    Sidenote: my boyfriend thought it was hysterically awesome that I wrote these shipping fics and wanted to read them. So I printed them out and gave them to him to read over break one year. He took them to his house and left them on the kitchen table where his mom found them. And read them. ALL OF THEM. My boyfriend's mom r e a d my 14 year-old pokeshipping fanfiction. Welcome to my life.​

    III: PokeCommunity
    Finally, my favorite source of Pokemon love is this forum. I'm not very active with Pokemon anymore, I can hardly get through the games - even the ones I like, and I'm not particularly interested in Pokemon Go. But this place has been my internet home for the last 10 years. I've made so many amazing friendships that I couldn't possibly name them all. Some have been inactive for years, some are still around, but the friendships I made here mean more to me than a lot of the other relationships in my life. I remember big group chats, racking up ridiculous phone bills over long distance calls before Skype existed. Then once Skype actually existed, sitting and listening happily while my friend played the guitar for me, and actually getting the chance to meet some of you over the years.

    I was inactive for a good chunk of time but came back around in 2015 and wasn't sure I really had a place to fit in anymore, but I was wrong. I'm glad I'm still able to sign on and feel at home. I love all the new people that have come into my life more recently because of this site. I'm forever grateful for Pokemon because it gave me all of you.

    Through all the games, all the battles with my brother, all the episodes and movies I watched, the fanfiction stories I've written, forums I've joined, and friends I've made - none of it may have happened had I not met a boy at daycare who was obsessed with a series called Pokemon.